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Author’s notes: As promised, Chapter 2 of the 8-part series in which Laurie discovers the truths about men, wild oats, condoms, and bimbos.

Thanks to Amela for editing the chapter and raising it to a higher level.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kenny, my younger brother, crudely but concisely summed our momentous night of discovery as “the shattering of his crystal balls and the cracking of my cherry.”

Having laid waste to me, his older sister, by repeatedly using my body for sex, it was readily obvious that there was no going back to the innocence of our sibling relationship.

Kenny was addicted to fucking me (God, isn’t it amazing way to describe the raw act of sex?). I, while struggling with my self-denials and the wrongness of incest, found myself resigned not to crying over the proverbial “spilled milk.” I had committed incest with my younger brother. Where do we go from here?

Kenny is a wild chaotic force to be reckoned with and I, therefore, had to resolve to be the force of common sense and firmness to avoid being impregnated by my horny younger sibling and thus disowned by our traditional Japanese parents.

However, this determination of mine quickly waivered and thoroughly collapsed in the throes of a gut-wrenching orgasm. But to keep myself sane, I persevered and learned the simple truths about my teenage incestuous lover.

First and foremost, I came to understand the proven truth about all men – the “little head” always trumps the “big head.” Even though he knew we had to be careful not to be discovered by our parents and older sister, Kenny simply couldn’t get enough of me.

That damn erection of his was a fleshy dowsing rod that always sought out my wet, juicy sex. I was in constant danger of being accosted by Kenny’s pussy ambushes canlı bahis şirketleri at the least expected moments.

The other truths about my younger brother became readily apparent: he could pop another boner immediately after coming; he had tremendous staying power; and he could come repeatedly. This was amply demonstrated when we were alone and Kenny vigorously pounded me into utter submission until I was sweaty, sore, and delirious. By the time Kenny exhausted himself, I was literally a collapsed heap of sweaty and spent flesh that oozed lewdly with his creamy spunk.

While I dearly love my brother and willingly cater to our erotic urges, it is up to me to control the situation and our fate. Sticky drenched panties were a graphic reminder of just how much Kenny hated using condoms and if he didn’t have any rubbers…oh, well. If I was to keep us out of trouble, I had to quickly learn how to take matters into my own hands (and mouth).

It was my willingness to suck off my younger brother that proved to be a blessing in disguise. Kenny was always primed to explode and it took very little to set him off. I became aware that when he was horny and on the prowl, he had this look on his face and a tell-tale tremble. The shaking irritated our Dad to no end and he would always tell Kenny to go do something to release his tension. What our father didn’t know was that this often resulted in Kenny shanghaiing and sexual assaulting me.

I learned, however, that if I was quick enough, I could give him head before he shoved his hard-on between my legs. I also discovered that if I talked dirty to him during the blowjob that Kenny would blast his load in a matter of minutes – much faster that our quickies and with no chance of me getting knocked up.

It was also a canlı kaçak iddaa lot more satisfying for me. I developed a taste for Kenny’s semen and an appetite to swallow as much as he could pump down my throat. It’s a good thing that sperm isn’t fattening or I would have been a really chubby college co-ed.

But a girl can only give so many blowjobs before she gets noticeably bruised knees that are hard to explain. Unfortunately, talks about me becoming pregnant and us being disowned were “big head” arguments that had little effect on Kenny. What really convinced my horny little brother was the “small head” threat that, if he knocked me up, I was going to cut off his dick and nuts. This graphic argument convinced Kenny to use rubbers.

Unfortunately, he did so by stealing condoms from our Dad.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kenny stood sheepishly before me as I paced angrily around the shed, failing miserably to calm myself down.

“Do you know that I was making breakfast while our folks carried on a conversation that I couldn’t help but overhear? Dad said, ‘Well, Mom, the damn rubbers keep disappearing. I bought a box of two dozen when we returned from the neighbor islands a week ago and now I only have five left.’

“Then Mom asked something and Dad’s voice raised, ‘What? Oh, come on, Mom! We’ve only got three kids and two of them are girls. You got to have a dick to wear a rubber!’ He sat down all upset., and then saw me at the stove trying to make myself invisible. ‘Laurie! Get over here,’ Dad barked.

“While I’m standing before him trying to control my trembling, he says, ‘Girl, you’re close to your younger brother, what girl is he hanging around?’ When I pretended that I didn’t know, Dad said, ‘Laurie, you’re older than your brother and close to him. It’s canlı kaçak bahis your responsibility to take care of your crazy younger brother. Now tell me if your brother is seeing any girl.’

“At this point I’m sweating. I said that I don’t know if you’re dating anyone but I ended up coughing up the names of a few of your classmates – the kind of slutty girls who would attract my cute horny brother. Like who? Like that skanky Cheri and her trashy friend Suzy who – don’t deny it – throw themselves at you. Jeez, if those two skirts got any shorter and their necklines any lower – ugh, disgusting! And Kenny, if I ever catch you screwing one of the sluts – well, one day when I’m giving you a blowjob, I’ll bite off your cock!”

“Laurie!” Kenny squealed like a little boy getting his nuts squeezed. “You wouldn’t, would you?” His thighs squished together in a reactionary attempt to protect his privates.

“And speaking of Dad, he’s going to leave you, my dear rascal younger brother, boxes of rubbers. He is so proud that you’re displaying your masculinity. I remember him bragging to Mom, ‘Well at least the boy is a stud who’s sowing his wild oats. I wonder what young bimbo he’s banging.’

“Little did Dad know that that ‘bimbo’ is me and all of the condoms that he bought saved his daughter from being knocked up …by his super-horny son. Don’t laugh, Kenny! It’s not funny! I’m not some cum-dump for my younger brother to ‘sow his wild oats in.’

“Kenny, stop that! Stop touching me! I’m mad at you! And I’m mad at me for letting you have your way. Ooh, Kenny, don’t touch me like that…you know what it does to me. Kenny, I’m supposed to be mad at you…ooh, damn, that feels good when you suck on my nipple. Huh? How did you undress me?

“Ooh, Kenny, don’t. Ooh, you’re making me all wet…ooh, someone’s really hard. Kenny, you’re terrible. Do you have a rubber? You do?”

Ooh, yeah…I’m such an easy slut.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the chapter to come, Laurie discovers the mysteries of Kenny’s infamous shed and herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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