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High school was done. It had been a great time, but once again we had moved and I found myself in a new town. My mother worked with a large firm and we frequently relocated to other locations every couple of years. I was like most teenagers I guess off in my own world. I knew my mother was a beautiful woman standing about five foot six, slender with a well endowed ass and not much up top. They say boys favor women built like their mother, perhaps that’s true. Though I find most women attractive I do favor large butts and small breasts.

My mother came home every evening after work and I thought nothing of it. She had dated some when I was younger, but nothing ever seemed to pan out. I remember asking her one time when I was in high school why she didn’t date and she said that she had a few times, but never met anyone that met her needs. Again I didn’t give it much thought. I had been with a few girls and they always seemed more than eager to “meet my needs” so I wasn’t sure what needs she was talking about. It never crossed my mind that she was referring to her sexual needs. Not that I didn’t find her insanely beautiful in a funky way. She always dressed demurely in skirts that went to about her knee and blouses always buttoned up.

Of course I had spent my youth trying to get a peek of her goodies, though glimpses were few and far between. To be exact by the time I had turned eighteen I had seen her in her underwear twice and once, a vision I will never forget, I saw her breasts. It was the first set of tits I had ever seen and they looked perfect. To be precise they were perky 34B’s, with two inch areolas and hardened nipples protruding a half inch. Actually it wasn’t until later that day when I checked her underwear drawer that I knew they were 34B’s.

This summer I was working for a landscaper, at least that’s what the firm claimed to be. In actuality the owner was pushing down eighty foot pine trees with his dozer and I would spend ten to twelve hours a day cutting them up with a chain saw and throwing the pieces into the back of a dump truck. My six foot two lanky frame seemed well suited to the work in the Florida sun and humidity. The salt stain on my belt and the all over tan from my waist up validated my commitment.

The first few weeks after work I would get home, shower, change, eat and stay out at the Blue Goat Pub, drinking beer, listening to live music, playing fussbol and making new friends or hooking up with old ones. One Sunday morning getting up late I was eating breakfast just after noon when my mother got home from church. As she walked by in one of her long demure skirts I was admiring her ass sway and the French cut panties outlining her full derriere as I had so many times before and felt that familiar arousal. A little later my mother came out in a cotton sun dress that I didn’t give much thought to until she went to stand in front of the glass patio doors. That got me going! Her protruding mound was clearly visible through the shear material. I was lost in my carnal thoughts when my mother suddenly turned around and I noticed that her lips were moving.

“Son are you OK?” she asked.

Shaking my head as if to clear the cob webs I said “What?”

“I said the French Open is on this afternoon, would you like to watch it with me?”

I had planned on swimming in the bayou with some friends, but changed my mind. “That sounds great Mom!” I noticed that she was somewhat surprised as I rarely spent time at home. As so often happened my cock was ruling my brain, and while my brain was saying what are you thinking, my body was saying, but she looks so hot! I was out running some chores and picked up some beer for the match.

Getting home I was putting the beer up and asked my mom if she wanted one and halkalı escort surprisingly she said yes. She was more of a wine drinker, and rarely that. I grabbed the beers and plopped myself down on the sofa with her. She looked at my quizzically and said “your not going to sit in your “man” chair”?

I replied “No, I feel like stretching out if you don’t mind?”

“Help yourself”.

As the match went on I slid further and further to a reclining position forcing her to the far end of the sofa until my insteps were cuddling her right ass cheek. I jiggled her ass with my feet and asked if she minded.

“No make yourself comfortable”, which I did.

About a half hour later I sat up, grabbed her arm and told her to slide over that I wanted to give her a back rub, something I had never done before, but she readily agreed.

The match was tied two to two and I knew that game would be over soon. As I massaged her shoulders and neck I heard her start to coo. Fifteen minutes into the cooing and I noticed that her nipples were standing proud under her bra, and that is when it started. I lifted her dress from her chest, bent over and noticeably peered underneath her dress “Are you getting aroused?”

She jumped up in a flash. “Steven Anthony! I know your reputation, but I am not one of your friends I am your mother! How dare you get frisky with me?”

I don’t know what possessed me, but as she turned to walk away in a huff I swung my arm out to give her a parting swat on her lovely derriere. For better or worse, the combination of not knowing my own strength and the thin cotton dress, I landed a solid shot. The sound was deafening. And then everything seemed to slow down to a surreal world. My brain was screaming that I was screwed, while simultaneously noting that my mother whom I at first thought was standing motionless was actually quivering and I heard a distinct moan. Time seemed to be frozen at that moment for hours, though in truth it was only the better part of a minute.

I tried to speak, but couldn’t. The next thing that registered that my mother was walking, no shuffling away, with what appeared to be her thighs squeezed tightly together. I sat there for the better part of an hour waiting for a tongue lashing from my mother, whom had retreated to her room and closed her door. I thought it best to make myself scarce and went off to the bayou. I swam for a while. As supper time grew near I headed home to take my medicine, hoping that I still had a house to go home to.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I entered the house to hear mom singing to one of her favorite albums. “Hi dear, I’m glad you’re home, dinner is ready.” As I walked into to the kitchen she gave me a big hug and asked where I’d been”.

I told her that I had been swimming. She acted as if nothing had happened, and while I was puzzled I was also greatly relieved. After dinner she went to the family room to read and I went to my room to play some computer games. Earlier than usual my mom came into my room gave me a big hug and said that she was off to bed. The hug was a little odd; going to bed an hour early was very odd.

The next morning I was awoken to my mom singing and in an unusually good mood. She placed a cup of coffee in front of me as I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes and said that she was off to work. At that instant two things registered, the first was that top two buttons of my mom’s blouse were not buttoned as she leaned down to give me a hug and the second more tantalizing fact was that the was a noticeable sway to her hips as she walked away and called out “think about me.”

And think about her I did.

“God damnit Steve, taksim escort where is your fucking mind? You almost cut your leg off.” I heard my boss screaming.

“The fuck if I know” I hollered back. But I did know. It was engulfed with thoughts of that ass that I had been ogling ever since I could remember and the solid blow that had seemed to miraculously bring it to life. What to do? What to do?

Of the few women that I had been with there was one that stood out head and shoulder above the others, Jill. Jill had introduced me to spanking and it had become my bane. I had spanked a few others, but it wasn’t the same. When I spanked Jill she became an insatiable fire hydrant. Once you started that engine there were no limits. I suppose it was logical. It wasn’t that I didn’t like titties, I did and I knew there purpose. There was just something about an ass! To watch it jiggle! I found butts mesmerizing! I also knew that the best way to start an engine was to start at the top and work down. The lips! I had learned that kissing was the key to the highway.

However my mom was not just any woman, and I was still perplexed if I was imagining it or had that hard slap on her derriere ignited her carnal desires. I went over and over it in my mind until quitting time. I decided to play it by ear. I loved my mom and I wasn’t going to ruin that. I also wasn’t going to walk away from the hottest ass I had fantasized about all my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about what one smack had done. What would happen if I put her over my knee and went to town?

I entered the house from the mud room as I always did after work, covered in dirt and sweat. My mother was singing to what sounded like some raunchy blues. “Get a shower before you come in here you dirty boy” she called out in a playful manner. So far, so good.

My cock was at full attention as I climbed into the shower. At first I thought I would take care of business, but decided not to hoping that I might be in for the luckiest day of my life. As I dressed in my Levi 501’s and a T shirt I was listening to the music and it was some raunchy 50’s blues that I had never heard my mother play before. Walking into the kitchen I almost fainted. My mother had her back to me and she was wearing a pleated skirt that showed more leg than I had ever seen when she was dressed. It wasn’t slutty by anyone else’s standards, but hers. Then she turned and her white blouse had the top three buttons undone, and I swear what looked to be a push up bra. Apparently my mother had cleavage, though I had never seen it before. She turned, ran into my arms and gave me a big hug, seemingly pressing her chest into mine. “I hope you’re hungry, I made flank steak, your favorite. I stood there with dumbfounded look on my face. She turned as if nothing was wrong, swaying to the music as she set the table. We ate dinner and talked as if everything was absolutely normal, though she kept having this coquettish school girl smile crossing her lips. After we ate we cleaned the kitchen and then she asked me if I would come to the family room with her. Hell, wild horses couldn’t drag me from her at that point. I had had a perpetual hard on since coming home, which she had been all but gawking at since I first entered the kitchen.

“Steve I haven’t danced in ages, will you dance with me one time?”

Usually fairly sophisticated with women my own age I was a fish out of water. I mumble incoherently for a second then managed “I’ve never danced to this kind of music before.”

“Oh it’s easy darling, you just move your hips to the music”, she said as she went to the turntable and bent over. WOW! I had seen a wet spot before, but never like this. At first I thought there were two shades of white şişli escort to her panties. As she was bent over she looked over her shoulder, again with that coquettish smile and asked in her little girl voice “is everything OK?” I nodded dumbly, and she batted her eyes. OH MY GOD! I was tempted to jerk those panties down and fuck her for all I was worth, but I wanted to let this play out. She obviously had a plan, and who was Stevie to fuck with mom’s plan. She stood up and stood about two feet from me as if she was ready to dance when the music started. When the music started, a slow grinding blues that started “When I take my little girl in my arms…”

A little pout formed on her lips. “Do you mind dancing a slow song with your mommy?” she cooed as she demurely looked down at my raging hard on. Mind? I thought I was going to cum right then and there. She dimmed the lights and came to me, wrapping her arms around me and started swaying. At that moment I was the nerd afraid to put his hands on the hot girl. “I won’t bite darling” she whimpered as she snuggled up against me. I held her tighter and was lost in the moment. As the music played I felt her perky titties pressed into my chest, feeling her nipples hard against my abdomen as her mound ground into my thighs. She drew my hands from her back down to her ass cheeks and shoved them roughly against her buttocks and cooed. I started to apply more pressure to her bum. I was delirious as she started to rub her coochy up and down my thigh. Loosing all inhibitions my fingers dug into her ass cheeks and pushed her against me for all that I was worth and she started to tremble and then began shaking uncontrollably as she dug her finger nails into my ass pulling me tight. It was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. I stood there holding her as the music stopped and she fell into my arms.

She looked up into my eyes and in her little girl voice asked “Daddy have I been a naughty girl?” It only took me a moment.

I clasped her face in my hands and kissed her like I had never kissed a woman before.

“You have been very naughty girl.” Taking her hand I led her to the sofa and roughly pulled her over my knee. I sat perfectly still for minutes taking in the moment listening intently to her erratic breathing. As slowly as I could I lifted the hem of her skirt up her thighs, watching her thighs twitch with the sensation taking in the beautiful curve of her ass. Hooking my fingers in the sides of her panties I slowly slid them over that derriere that I had coveted for so many years. In the dim light I saw her juices glimmering against her bush and her musky smell was overpowering.

I started out with light swats. Alternating between cheeks and rhythms, then a few to this globe and then a few to the next. Then with no discernable pattern other than the intensity increased over time. Her orgasms started shortly after I started. Twenty minutes into it she was squirming to get away, yelling “I’ll be a good girl Daddy, I’ll do anything you want.” I held her fast and continued pummeling her beautiful globes until my lap was wet with her juices.

With one arm I lifted her to her knees on the sofa, I could wait no longer. I dropped my pants and plunged into her. She screamed in both pain and ecstasy. I had thought that haven given birth that she would be loose, but such was not the case. I felt her tearing during the plunge, but was past caring. I fucked her with abandon. I noticed from the friction that another fluid was mixed with her juices that offered more friction intermittently, but it only enflamed my passions all the more. My fingers dug into her ass, using it as handles to impale that wanton pussy onto my shaft. I drove into that pussy with all my might as I started to spurt. My knees were shaking and her pussy felt delightful quivering along my shaft.

I fell to the sofa sucking in air. Looking into her eyes I had never seen such love. With the demurest of looks she took my cock to her lips and asked “may I?”

When she had finished cleaning my cock of our juices I took her hand and led her to the master bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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