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Silas lied in bed waiting for his Serene to get out of her shower and into her room. This was the highlight of his day. When his daughter walked down the hallway in her robe, legs glistening from her shower, her soaked brown hair with the faintest amount of blonde pulled over to one side. When she would get to her to room and let her robe slip down to floor, revealing the curves of her breasts and hips. How the lines from her hip bones made a trail that led to that beautiful smooth spot between her legs. When she would rub her lotion up and down her gorgeous legs, spreading them ever so often to reveal her young pink pussy. She was, in every sense of the word, beautiful. But she would never knowingly do this for her dad. He had to place very small surveillance cameras in her room to see her body.

He was contacted surveillance systems technician who generally worked with banks, major businesses and even certain military installations. Setting up cameras in an 18 year old girl’s room was easy work compared to that. He would watch her ever night he could, rubbing his thick, pulsating member. He would think of all the things he wanted to do to her and use every fiber of his being not to go into her room and makes his dreams a reality. When he would finish he would imagine his daughter on her knees begging for every last drop of his cum as he shot his hefty load into her mouth and watched her swallow every bit. He wanted desperately for this to be a reality but he know that some things weren’t meant to be.

It had been three years since his wife Teresa had died. Since then nothing had been able to fill that void in Silas. But when he noticed that his daughter Serene grew to look more and more like her mother, he couldn’t help but begin to pry more and more. He would learn that either she had no hair or would shave her pussy every night. He would see that her breasts were as big as her mother’s and still growing. He would learn that she would have more and more interest in her pussy but would stop herself and simply go to bed. Every night he would watch everything he could praying for the day he could make her body his plaything. It had just so happened that that day was approaching.

It was summer and she had been begging for a day at the lake. She wasn’t very social so she only her and her father to enjoy the day. Little did she did know that he had spent all night building a pool for her while she had slept. He had also bought a swimsuit that he knew would make him want to dominate her body as soon as he saw her in it.

That morning she sat down with her father at breakfast.

“Daddy?” She asked starring at him with her bold green eyes.

“Yes, honey?”

“Is there any chance I can wear at least a bikini top this year?” She always dressed modestly when she would swim.

Silas revealed a little smirk, ” Actually I got you a present just in case you wanted something different.” He laid his gift on the table. This swimsuit would make any man hard by the sight of it. He just hoped that his shy daughter would approve.

And after a long pause . . . “Oh my god, I love it! It looks like something I saw in a Skyrim mod.” She threw her arms around her father’s neck. She brushed up against Silas’s hardening cock making him a bit nervous. “Um . . . Can I try it on?”

“Of course honey. Let me know if it fits okay?”

“Okay!” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and went to her room. While she was there Silas had to try and relieve the tension in his pants. He pulled out his dick and started masturbating, thinking of her perfect little body filling out every bit of his gift. He was getting very close to cumming when he heard slow footsteps coming down the stairs. That was quick, he thought. He zipped his pants back up and waited on his daughter’s final review. Nothing prepared him for what he saw next. Standing in front of him in all 4’11” of her glory was Serene in her bikini top . . . And bottom. She was looking down blushing, holding her hands behind her back, almost squishing her tits together.

The top was black and covered her breasts just enough until you looked in the middle and which revealed the curves of her heavenly mounds. Elastic bands formed a kind of choker on her neck. Looking down her smooth belly past her navel, he looked at the bottom. The strings sat up on her hips with silver clips holding them in place. But as he looked closer toward her crotch he realized that the material dipped down and barely covered her smooth virgin pussy. She did a slow turn to show him the back. When he saw her beautiful supple ass he realized that he got his little girl a swimsuit that showed most if not every inch of her ass.

She turned back around, still looking down. Something began to build in Silas’s pants. He didn’t know how to react so he started to cough. He soon realized that he was cumming in his pants and that he had to hide it somehow.

“Sorry honey, I had something in my throat.”

She slowly looked up at him with that sexy helpless look illegal bahis she didn’t intend but he loved and said,”Daddy? . . . . . . . I really like this.”

Thank god, he thought. He was sure she was going to slap him and call the police. “I’m glad sweetie. You look absolutely stunning.”

She smiled and said,” Thank you, Daddy. But I think I’ll just where shorts over the bottoms while we’re out. They really are cute but I’m not THAT out of my shell just yet.”

“Well actually honey I have a surprise for you outside.” He motioned to the back door. He couldn’t get up without revealing a certain stain. A curious look came to her face as she went back to look. As soon as she saw the pool she she screamed with excitement. She ran and hugged him from behind, squeezing her breasts against the back of his head.

“I love you SO much Daddy! Thank you! Now I can just stay here and where this cute thing you got me.”

Thank god, he thought again.

She kissed his neck and ran to the pool. Silas however, ran to his bedroom.

A little while later he went outside side in swimshorts and two pairs of spandex to keep his daughter from seeing the inevitable raging hard on. He found Serene in the pool, swimming like a sexy little mermaid. The sun shinning on her glistening wet body. It was definitely a good move going with the spandex, he thought.

Serene came up for air,”Daddy!” She yelled. “Whoah I had no idea you were so buff! You’re pretty handsome.” She said with a wink. He was six and a half feet tall, weighing 275 pounds of virtually solid muscle. He had avoided only wearing shorts when they swam at the lake to help Serene not feel self conscious of her modest nature. But now that her body was pretty much on display, he wanted to somewhat match her . . . And maybe get her body up against his. In fact, he noticed that Serene was eyeing him head to toe. He was definitely happy with his spandex decision. He also thought that if Serene was aroused by him in any way, then all of his fantasies would become that much more real.

He got a running start and jumped into the pool. They splashed, wrestled, played keep away, anything he could do to touch her body. At one point he managed to get her to press her but against his crotch while he slid his hand across her stomach. He was in heaven.

“Daddy can we order a bunch of food and watch anime for the rest of the day? Please!”

“Whatever you want, baby. It’s your birthday.”

This time the quick peck was on his lips as she wrapped her legs around his was and pulled close before she got out of the pool. He watched as her tits and ass bounced as she walked into the house thinking that he wanted to slide his cock between those glistening cheeks of hers.

Silas ordered them Chinese food and pizza as well as promising the driver for the Chinese food a hefty tip to pick up certain snacks from Wal-Mart. He put on a show that he had seen Serene take an interest in. “Honey I’m starting a show for you!”

“Thanks I’m just drying off!”

Silas had already changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. He grabbed a big blanket for them to share to fight of that after swim chill and to give them a reason to get nice and close.

When the food arrived along with the additional snacks, he tipped both drivers fifty bucks and set up the feast for him and Serene. He sat down and covered with the blanket watching the show he put on for Serene. He realized that she had been upstairs for awhile. He saw this as an opportunity to go to the bathroom and rub one out. He grabbed his phone and pulled up a video of Serene taking an interest in her pussy. He imagined her pussy juices tasting like pure honey as he sucked on her clit and tongued her tight little hole. When he came he glanced at the door to realize it was open and quickly got up to close it. He was glad that that Serene hadn’t caught in the act with the video of her.

After he cleaned himself, he headed down stairs to watch TV and wait for Serene. But when he got there her saw her lying on her on side on the couch with her bathing suit still on. He quickly sat down to hide his rising cock then asked, “Honey, why are you still wearing that? Aren’t you cold?”

She looked at him with her shy, sexy green eyes. He noticed that she had put a bit of make up on making her even more beautiful, ” Yes I am, but I figured since I don’t really want to wear this out of the house then I would just wear it for the rest of the day. Is that alright Daddy?”

It took every bone in his body not to pull out his dick and force it down her throat. “Yes baby, it’s perfectly fine. It’s your birthday.” He went to kiss her cheek but she had met his lips first. That was twice now. “Thanks.” She said with a smile and snuggled next to him.

A handful of episodes had passed as well as a good bit of the food. The sun was beginning to set and Serene was getting colder. Silas could feel his daughter’s nipples brush up against his side.

“Can we watch a movie I started yesterday?” illegal bahis siteleri Serene asked hugging her father’s arm, curling her leg around his.

“Of course honey. What is it?”

After he found the movie and his resume, they snuggled back in. In the movie, another anime, there was a samurai speaking with a feudal lord. Silas looked incredulously at the screen when he noticed that the feudal lord had a girl on all fours and was taking her from behind, casually speaking with the samurai through one of those Japanese sliding doors. Serene hadn’t reacted. Silas figured if he said nothing, things might get a little interesting.

After their conversation, the feudal lord told the girl to suck on his cock. He held her hands above her head and rammed his dick into her throat, making her gag again and again. Still Serene didn’t react. Finally, the feudal lord put the girl on her back and told her that he was excited for this part. He grabbed his cock and pushed it into the girl’s ass. The girl let out a cry and tried to get away but the lord started to choke her.

Serene winced in pain at seeing that, clinging to her father. When he finished he pulled out of the girl’s ass and came in her throat.”Must have been terrible living in that era,” Serene said.

“I believe so,”Silas replied. “Honey, I think I need to turn in for the night. As got up to leave, Serene grabbed his hand. He turned back to see her staring up with helpless eyes. “Please stay, Daddy. Please.” She had moved the covers off of her. “It’s my birthday.”

Silas could not restrain himself any longer. He grabbed his daughter’s hair and pulled his swollen, throbbing dick from his sweatpants. She grabbed his hand with both hands while staring at his massive cock with wide eyes. He forced it against her mouth and made her swallow his head. She looked at him with teary eyes, turning him on even further. He started fucking her throat, ignoring her gagging, grunting like animal as he got closer and closer to spewing his cum in her mouth.

Serene was terrified. Admittedly she wanted to flirt with her dad a little, to thank him for everything. She knew it was hard for him find someone after her mother. But this wasn’t what she had intended. He pulled out of her mouth letting her breathe for a moment.

“Daddy, what are you doing!”

He let go his of Serene’s hair and stepped back.

Silas couldn’t believe what he had done, nor could Serene. She was still catching her breath when she said, “Why did you do that to me?”

Silas didn’t know how to respond other than what he really felt. “Baby, I can’t lie anymore. I’ve wanted your body ever since you started developing into the image of your mother. That’s why I got you the swimsuit so I could see your body in every way I could. The very sight and thought of you arouses me and I couldn’t stand to stay away any longer. You look so much like your mother. Even more beautiful. And I just want you so badly.”

Serene stared at her father, wrapping her arms under her knees. “You got me this just so you could stare at me in it?”

Silas lowered his head,”Yes, honey.”

“And I look so much like Mom that you get . . . aroused by me?”

” . . . Yes.”

“And the only reason you did . . . that . . .was because I look just like Mom?”

“Yes baby. I’m s-“

Serene got up and ran to her room with tears in her eyes and slammed her door. She looked at herself in her mirror. She looked at herself head to toe thinking one thing and one thing only before she buried her head in her pillow and cried.

Silas didn’t know how to fix this. He poured himself a glass of vodka that no sane man should drink and started on it. He didn’t know what to do. He just violated his little girl and the only real thing he could do was go to the police and turn himself in. Even if he did that he wouldn’t know how to begin to get his daughter’s forgiveness.

He kept drinking from his glass until it was empty. He knew what he had to. And he intended to do it. He just had to try and mend what happened between Serene and him. He had himself a single extra shot of vodka before he gathered himself and went upstairs to talk to his little girl one last time.

“Honey. Please. I need to talk to you.”

“Go away Dad!” Serene was still crying.

“Baby, I can’t just leave this broken. I need to talk to you one more time.”

There was a pause, ” What do you mean ‘one more time’?”

“Honey I can never undo what I did to you. But I can turn myself in so I’m never tempted to hurt you again.”

Not a sound came from Serene’s room. The silence was torture. Not even a sniffle from Serene’s crying.



“Baby please I at least want to know if you can ever forgi-“

Serene ran to her door and threw it open. Silas quickly realized that she was still wearing the swimsuit

“I forgive you!”

Silas looked into his daughter’s green eyes,” Baby-“

“Shut up Dad!” She yelled at her father canlı bahis siteleri with tears in her eyes. ” I forgive you for thinking about me like you do. Honestly I wanted to do something nice and flirt with you to say thank you for my birthday and to make you feel wanted. Seeing you lonely without Mom makes me so sad and you do so much for that I wanted to give you a little attention. I forgive you for getting me this bikini just so you can look at me. I can even understand and forgive what you just did to me! But what I can’t forgive is that the only thing you see in me is Mom. That I tried so hard to do something for and you think of Mom instead of me. And that hurts me, Daddy. That hurts me! It hurts me because I didn’t want to remind you of Mom or take her place. I wanted you to think of me as me!”

Silas didn’t know what to say. He didn’t realize what Serene was doing for him. Much less that she wanted him to realize it was her doing it. Not his wife.

“Why, Daddy?” Tears built more and more. “Why don’t you like me because I’m me?” Tears fell from her cheeks.

Silas dropped to his knees and through his arms around his daughter. She spent a good bit of her life trying to fix her father. Trying to repay him for all that he did for her. And all she wanted in return was for him to love her . . . as her.

“I had no idea you did that for me, Honey. And I had no idea what you felt.” Silas said.”I’m so . . . so sorry.” Knowing all of this before he left would ease his conscience.

But when he went to stand up, Serene threw her arms around him.

“Baby? I have to leave now.”

“Take me,” she said. “Please.”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I can’t take you with me.”

“No, Daddy . . . Take me.” She looked deep into his eyes pleading him to take her.

“No, honey. This is what I’m trying to save you from.”

Serene pushed her father making him lose his balance and fall to his back. She quickly grabbed his waistband, pulled it down to reveal his long, thick cock. She grabbed it by the base and said,”You can’t save from what I want.” With a racing heart and tears in her eyes she started to lick up and down his shaft. Doing things she had seen in her anime movies, things she thought he would like. “You want to leave me. So, I’m going to give you what you want to make you stay. Me.”

She took him in her mouth. Sucking furiously at first thinking that’s what he wanted from earlier. She realized that when her teeth scraped against him, he would wince. She slowed down and took her time, making sure her soft tongue covered as much as possible. She tried going to her throat but she couldn’t fight her gag reflex.

“Oh my god, baby!” His moaning started a feeling in her pussy that she really liked.

“Grab my hair and make me do what you made me do earlier.”

“Honey I-“

She took him back in her mouth. Forced herself down on him, hitting the back of her throat. She quickly grabbed her father’s hands and put them on her hair. She looked up at him with pleading, helpless eyes. Right then she broke him. He would do whatever his little girl wanted.

He stood up still holding himself in her mouth. He began fucking her throat vigorously. She gagged and teared up but still managed to find the desire to rub her pussy. She didn’t know where to rub, just that she needed something down there. Silas realized he wasn’t going to last long so he pulled out and started stroking his dick. Still holding onto her hair.

“Baby, I want you to open your mouth wide. Please don’t spit out my come, okay?”

“Is that all you wanna do to do me?”

He stopped.”What do you mean?”

“I mean I’ve seen enough in my anime movies to know there’s more to it than this.” She looked at his dick with almost hungry eyes.”Treat me like I’m your princess. Treat me like I’m your wife. Not like Mom, but like I’M your wife. Please Daddy. Don’t leave me.”

He let go of her hair. Slowly picked her up like a new bride, still marveling at her amazing body in that swimsuit. He laid her gently down on the bed, locking them in a slow, deep, passionate kiss. Serene felt like a true goddess. Like her Daddy would give her the world she would only ask for it.

“It’s your birthday, honey. Your wish is my command.” He stood up straight and waited for her to say what she wanted.

She thought for a moment then said,”Move my mirror in front of my bed. He was confused but did so.

Then she said,”Get my lotion.” He did. “Squirt some on you penis and rub it around but not all the way in.” He suggest that he use her 100% aloe then did so. “Now, get behind me.” She got on all fours. Silas’s heart was racing as he got behind her. She reached back and grabbed his cock, looking deep into her father’s eyes and started rubbing it against her ass.

Silas was shocked for a moment, “Baby, that isn’t your pussy. That’s really going to hurt. I’m pretty big and you are very small.”

She didn’t break her gaze, “I know if you go inside my pussy that you’ll probably get me pregnant by accident. You’re excited. I understand. But I’ll take this pain for you Daddy. So you can finish inside me if you need to. And stay to make sure every other time is safe.” She kissed him one last time and got on all fours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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