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Ass To

Alyssa pressed her tits together as I squeezed my dick between them and she kept urging me in a low sensuous voice,

“Cum on me, Nick, cum all over my tits. Give me a nice thick rope in my mouth and let me taste your salty goodness.”

The combination of her dirty mouth and firm tight breasts pushed together pleasuring my cock finally did the trick and I started to spurt with a surprised cry. The blast erupted from the head of my manhood and spattered on her left cheek and nose and the second jet landed in her open and waiting mouth, she moaned happily and moved her mouth to catch the rest of my flowing cum. She rubbed the shaft and once she was sure I was finished cumming she clamped her mouth over the head of my prick and squeezed out the rest of my seed as I shuddered in pleasure, suddenly weak in the knees. After she had milked me clean she opened her mouth and displayed my accomplishment and played with it with her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed it down opening her mouth afterwards to show me that she had gobbled up all my juice.

I had been straddling her chest and now I threw my leg over her exquisite breasts and fell next to her panting in exhaustion. We had just finished ravaging each other in ways that I had previously only dreamed about.

“Fuck, Nick we should have done that a long time ago. Why did we waited so long?” Alyssa asked me as she wiped the last of my still warm jizz off her cheek and swept it into her mouth to join the rest of my seed already inside of her.

I thought about that question for a moment, its answer was very complicated. Alyssa and I had a lot of history together and if that history was ever published as a book its title would be “Frustration”. We had known each other since we were just kids. We had been close friends for years and she was the first girl I had ever had a crush on. She was the object of my first wet dream. The first time I jerked off she was the one I was fantasizing about.

She had been the one that got away since I was twelve, but now lying next to her spent and satisfied I realized that I had finally fulfilled my fantasy of fucking the elusive dream girl and I was very happy. Not only had we fucked but it was everything I imagined it would be. I drank her in with my eyes and the sight that I saw was truly something to behold.

Early in high school Alyssa had blossomed into a gorgeous young woman, but she was built for speed. She was athletic and slender, slight of build with enough curves to really catch your eye. She had always participated in sports when we were kids and continued playing in her high school career. She became captain of the cheerleading team her senior year and played soccer too. She was the typical male fantasy in a cheerleading uniform twirling and dancing her way into every strait guy’s heads in high school. But personally I preferred watching her on the soccer field. She was quick and toned. Her muscular legs could pound the ball past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net. Her long blond hair danced in the sunlight when she let it free after the game shining like so many gossamer threads. She had sky blue eyes and a perpetual olive skinned tan that she inherited from her South African parents.

She was born South Africa and her family moved to my hometown when she was eight. At that time she was still in her skinny-as-a-beanstalk, knobby-kneed, pre-puberty phase and she was my neighbor. We became friends the first summer she moved to my town. But she had quickly grown into the most desired young woman in our town. And to top off her perfect skin, beautiful hair, amazing eyes, toned and shaped long legs and tight ass she had a the most perfect breasts I have, still to this day, ever laid eyes on. Large, but not too large for sports, firm and supple, enough bounce to catch the eye but not enough to hinder her graceful movement. And if you were very lucky and catch her in the right mood you could see that she had gorgeous cherry-sized nipples that strained against the fabric of her sports bras.

Working out in the gym wearing nothing but soccer shorts and a sports bra she would give any red-blooded male a raging hard on and ruin your workout, the basketball coach actually set our weight training schedule at times when he knew that Alyssa wouldn’t be around.

Because she had moved from South Africa at the age of eight she still had that curious South African accent that would cast the final spell over a man’s mind, first her body would assault your eyes and to hear her beautiful voice pouring her curious honeyed South African halkalı escort lilt while answering a question in class would most definitely tear down a man’s last defense. With a vision like Alyssa in our high school many of my friends and I had a hard time concentrating in class.

I realized I had indulging a post-coital daydream about the beauty lying beside me and finally answered her question,

“I have always wanted to, but could never work up the courage to, and don’t pretend that you didn’t know!” I said and she giggled and said,

“Yes, Nick, I’ve always known how badly you wanted me, but I just wasn’t ready in high school and to tell you the truth it excited me to be the object of so many young men’s affections and never giving them what they wanted, that must sound horrible but it excited me so much that would go home after school and rub my clit, masturbating to the thought of all the all the boys at school and how they would line up with their cocks in their hands ready to fuck me if I wanted them to. If only you could have known all my fantasies back then, oh, then we could have had some fun! But that was my fetish at the time, being unreachable to all the boys who would have given their left arm to fuck me and then when I had the chance of sneaking off and getting pounded by random guys on the weekend.” As she spoke her chest heaved with her growing lust at the memory of her sexual education at the hands of men that she would sneak off and meet in some secluded area for casual sex.

Her confession of sexual misconduct and perversion earlier this evening was actually the catalyst for my fantasy coming true. Alyssa had come over to visit me since my parents were out of town and both of us were home from college, she had come prepared to spend the night with a small gym bag, which was a normal thing for her to do; we spent the night at each others’ houses all the time. But tonight things had gone very differently from the last times we had had sleepovers. Tonight she asked me if I wanted to know her biggest secret. Naturally, I assumed it was something tame like a confession about her smoking weed at college or something. So I laughed and said,

“Sure, what’s your biggest secret? Wait, you were on the grassy knoll, right?” I joked.

“Ha, ha dumb-ass. No, had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination. This secret is of a more personal…sexually nature,” she replied. Immediately I my curiosity was piqued and I was interested in anything having to do with Alyssa’s sex life. I was anticipating a juicy story about a one-night stand at college or maybe, if I got lucky, a story about her experimenting with a sorority sister. But I got quite a shock when she said,

“At the beginning of our sophomore year of high school I started picking random spots in town like the library, or the mall, or…some times the truck stop and I would wait there until I saw a random guy I wanted to fuck and then I would approach him and ask him if he wanted me to suck his dick. Let’s just say I never got turned down and usually we ended up fucking each others’ brains out in a parked car, or in an alley or pretty much wherever we could. I did this on and off pretty much every weekend throughout our high school years but I stopped when I went to college”.

I was floored. You could have pushed me over with a feather. I couldn’t have made up a more surprising secret. As far as I knew Alyssa was still a virgin. I couldn’t believe she had secretly been fucking random guys this whole time. I was at a loss for words, I was angry and jealous but I couldn’t express that anger because I was also confused at how turned on I was. I opened my mouth to reply but her hand quickly went up to my mouth to shush me and Alyssa said,

“Before you reply let me tell you about the first time I fucked a complete stranger.” I was intrigued and very turned on, I could feel myself growing hard so I dumbly nodded and she continued.

“It was a Friday night and as you know, usually my parents go out for a ‘date’ on Fridays. Friday nights were my alone time and I had grown accustomed to masturbating during the time that I knew my parents would be gone. So as usual I went to my closet and grabbed my skillfully hidden vibrator and lube. I got naked and climbed onto my bed and began to rub the vibe up and down my pussy, warming myself up. I turned the vibe on and squirted some lube onto it.

At that time I was a virgin and I had a very active imagination I loved to spear myself in one quick motion with the instrument and turn on the vibration şişli escort as I ground my clit into it. So as usual I impaled myself with the sex toy and I started to grind, after a few minutes I felt my orgasm building and I was eagerly awaiting the familiar tensing of my pussy but my vibrator ran out of batteries.

I kept masturbating for a while but I had grown so accustomed to having my toy buzzing away inside me that I just became frustrated and pulled it out. By this point I was really horny and I wanted a live cock, something I had never yet had. But I didn’t want to call anyone from school because I enjoyed my untouchable status at school and I had always fantasized about a random encounter for my first time. The danger involved in fucking a complete stranger excited me, anything was possible, I could get raped and abused or I could get a man who was skilled enough to make my first time a sexual explosion. So I decided instead of going down the supermarket for batteries I would go to the mall and if I saw someone I liked I would try to fuck him, if that didn’t work than I would get the batteries, come home and finish myself off.”

My cock had begun to swell when she began her story and, needless to say it was now straining against my basketball shorts. The tent that I had pitched for her was clearly visible and she looked down at it with a smile. “Your making this up just to fuck with me aren’t you Alyssa?” I said the air in my lungs not cooperating with my vocal cords. Inside I was screaming, “Please, please let it be true I want to fuck you so bad and I have always hoped that you are a freak!”

She reached over and put her hand in my lap. Her fingers tightened around the shaft of my manhood and she gave me a satisfying squeeze and said, “Oh, its true Nick. Just let me finish my story and I will show you how much I have learned about men.” I gasped and nodded. She continued her story.

“The thought of having my cherry popped by some random guy made me burn with passion and my pussy was slick at the thought of what might happen. So I put on a cute little flannel mini skirt, let my hair down and put on a thin red tank top. I didn’t put on any underwear or a bra and I headed down to the mall. I knew I was looking good and turning the heads of the men and boys at the mall just got me hotter. I took a couple laps and saw a couple of possibilities. But there was one guy who approached me and called me out, he said ‘you look like your looking for trouble, I know that look in your eyes. You wanna go for a ride in the country?’

This guy was perfect, he was looked about 25 and he was muscular and pretty tall, maybe 5’11 or 6′. Jet black hair and he had on tight jeans and a cowboy hat. Right then and there I wanted to swallow his cock and have him pound my pussy.

So I said, “I’ll go with you if you promise to fuck me!” Obviously he was surprised and said,

“Missy I’ll give you a time you ain’t never gonna forget.” The hick looked like he could handle me and I was desperately horny by this point so I left with him and we rode out of town in his Trans-am and drove for a while in the country. I had gotten nervous once I reach this stage of my haphazard plan and I was about to back out but he took control. He reached down and unzipped his fly as he drove.

“You a virgin, missy?” he asked me.

“Y-yes,” I replied staring at his crotch in horror.

‘Well baby you ain’t gonna be for long, but don’t worry you’r gonna like this,” he said and pulled his semi-hard cock out of his underwear. I was surprised because he was only half hard and he looked like he was about six inched and thick. He reached over and caressed the back of my neck slowly guiding my head down to his twitching cock in the fading sunlightand with a final shove he said, “Get to work on my dick girl, its not going to suck itself! I’ll find us a good spot to park in the meantime.”

I realized I was past the point of no return and the fact that I really didn’t have a choice in the matter caused a trickle of wetness to seep out of my slit. I realized that I was actually enjoying this and I picked up his dick in my hand and stroked it a couple of times, my hair spilling around my face and onto his loins. I touched my tongue to the tip of his prick and he moaned and I felt him stiffen. This excited me so I put the whole head in my mouth and began to suck on it like a lollipop. He groaned and I felt his hand slide up my skirt and his fingers began to play with my clit. I ground my hips into his expert fingers and put sarıyer escort his cock deeper in my mouth. His throbbing cock was now hard and wet in my mouth and I couldn’t wait for him to take me. He spread my pussy lips and plunged a finger into my box. I let out a high moan as he roughly pierced me with his large finger.

A sense of urgency overcame me and I started to bob my head back and forth on his cock hoping that I could speed up the process and make him take me sooner. We were traveling down a dirt road and the car was vibrating, his cock was shaking in my mouth and as I gave him head I tasted a slight saltiness come from the tip. I know now that that was pre-cum.

He grabbed the back of my head, slammed on the brakes in the middle of the road and pushed down hard. I wasn’t prepared and I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. I came up for air and he pulled me off his dick by my hair and pushed me back into my seat. He started ripping off my clothes and kicked off his jeans. He pushed my back against the passenger side window and his fingers darted down to my pussy and roughly shoved two of his fingers into me. I gasped and he said,

“Bend over the back of the seat and grab the headrest.” He slid his fingers out of me and I complied knowing he was going to take me from behind, which was exactly what I wanted. I wrapped my arms around the headrest and stuck my ass up to receive him and he slid in behind on his knees on the passenger seat. The leather squeaked and he grabbed one of my hips with a hand and said, “Here it comes girl you ready for this?”

I wasn’t really sure and all I could do was whimper and nod my head weakly into headrest as I felt him enter me. I felt like I was being split open and my lips spread wide to accommodate his girth. It hurt but the pleasure made up for the pain. He pulled my hair and snapped my head back then kneaded my breasts as he slid deeper inside me. I felt so full!

“Uh, you are tight girl,” he grunted and started to saw his log in and out of me. The pain lessened and my pussy was sopping wet, it began to accommodate his girth and I started to rock back and forth on my knees. My knuckles were white as I gripped the headrest and he picked up the pace. I whimpered a little and this seemed to entice him, he started to grunt and moan.

I was responding to his aggressiveness and I felt my orgasm starting to build. I reached down and fondled my clit as he hammered me from behind the seat was shaking and I screamed in pleasure. I was sweating and my tits shook every time he slammed his meat into my dominated pussy.

“I’m going to cum…please don’t stop, please fuck me, fuck me. I am going to CUM,” I yelled and gritted me teeth as he rocked me.

“GRAAAA, come on you little slut cum on my dick!” he leaned forward and said huskily in my ear.

That pushed me over the edge and I felt my pussy convulse and tighten around him. I put my forehead against the seat and gasped as my body was rocked by an incredibly intense orgasm. I don’t know how long I came for, but it was ecstasy.

I reached between my legs and palmed his balls. He wasn’t wearing a condom and I didn’t want him to cum inside me so I said, “No, in my mouth,” and he took his cock out of me and leaned back against the dashboard stroking his slick cock. I spun around and clamped my mouth over the head of his dick and stroked the shaft rapidly. I knew he liked this because he let go of his dick groaned.

I could taste my own juice on his dick and I as I cleaned myself off of his meat it made me feel incredibly sexy, I liked the way I tasted. It only took a few seconds for his seed to come gushing out of him and he blew his load into my mouth. The warm salty semen tasted different than I had thought but I kind of liked it. I continued sucking until he was spent and then I took my mouth off his cock and a thin strand of spunk trailed from the tip of his dick to my lower lip, I broke it with my finger and swallowed his warm seed.

“Damn girl, you’r a natural!” he exclaimed and I thanked him sat back in the seat contented. He took me home and I was back before my parents.

“The only thing I forgot was the batteries.” She laughed as she finished her story. She could see the shock on my face and I stammered for a moment. She interrupted me again and said,

“I know this is a surprise, Nick, but I wanted you to know. I have a lot of sex and I have fulfilled almost all of my fantasies. I am happy that I have explored sexually and I still have one fantasy left.”

“What’s that?” I managed to ask.

“I always wished that you and I had given in to what we both wanted in high school.” And she leaned forward and kissed me her hand once more reaching down and gripping me through the fabric of my basketball shorts.

I knew that my ultimate fantasy was about to come true and I kissed her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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