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I’ve never understood the fascination men have with lesbianism.

My feelings on lesbianism range from amusement to mild distaste. I know all the boys think its sexy as hell, but I don’t see them playing with each other to turn us on.

I’m not exaggerating about men’s interest in everything girl/girl. My roommate is a total dyke, and I’m always catching guys giving her the once over. If she weren’t lez, none of them would ever give her a second glance.

My boyfriend asked me if I’d ever done anything with her. Can you imagine? What the hell would I be doing with him if I swung that way? I think he was crushed when I made it clear that was a long way out of my interest sphere.

“Who was that?” I asked him one day on the mall.

“Kathy something,” he said and kissed me hello.

We went on to something else, but I hadn’t seen her around campus before. She was too much of a knockout to have been around without notice.

I didn’t see her again until spring break, under much more stressful circumstances.

I came back a day early and should have stopped unlocking the door when I heard the commotion. I walked into my room and saw my roommate trying to hide the strap on dildo around her hips, and that same girl from the mall tied and gagged to her bed.

“It’s not what you think,” my roommate said.

I tried to back out of the room.

“Wait,” my roommate said, blocking my escape, “show her,” she said to the girl on the bed.

“We’re just playing,” the girl said, freeing her arms and taking the gag out, “No need to go running around screaming rape.”

I had the bedroom, so I headed in there saying, “Let me drop my stuff and I’ll leave you two alone.”

It took me a moment to compose myself, and by the time I came out the girl was gone.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t think you’d be back ’till tomorrow,” my roommate said. She had thrown a robe on and looked totally humiliated as she sat on the chair with her head down.

“I’m sorry too,” I said, “It kind of caught me by surprise. You probably would have been freaked out if Brad and I were doing something and you walked in.”

She nodded her head and said, “You’ll never know,” so softly that I wasn’t sure I heard it.

The next time I ran into her was strike three, and the beginning of my weekend in hell.

“Thank god you came in when you did,” she said, sliding into the chair next to me, “She let me go after you came in, but god only knows what she would have done to me if you hadn’t come.”

“I thought you weren’t tied,” I said.

“She wasn’t done. You didn’t see that look she gave me. If I hadn’t played along, she might have hurt both of us.”

I felt a chill, thinking about all the times I’d been scantily clad in her presence. Was I safe rooming with her? Was she dangerous? Could I go thru what this girl had almost gone thru without going mad? The picture of Margaret coming at me with that horrible dildo while I struggled against cruel straps made me shudder.

“Hi Kathy,” Brad said, finally getting back from the bar with our drinks, “I didn’t know you two knew each other.”

“We don’t, really,” Kathy said, making those uncomfortable motions that said: “Should I go?”

“No, stay,” Brad said, “Take my drink, I’ll get another.”

I bursa escort turned to watch him go, wishing he hadn’t been so polite. I wasn’t happy with this third wheel hanging around, and still couldn’t understand how she’d gotten into that predicament with my roommate in the first place.

“Oh, I’m sorry, was this yours?” she said, stirring my drink.

“Yes,” I said. She passed it to me, and then took a long pull on Brads drink without stirring it.

The rest of the night became a blur, and my next clear memory was lying on a couch, stark naked, with her kissing the back of my neck.

“I’m so glad you’re awake again,” she said breathlessly, “It’s so much better this way.”

I tried to move and couldn’t. My hands were taped to my legs and my ankles were taped together. More tape covered my mouth.

I recognized my surroundings. I was in my own room, on my own couch, and Kathy was letting her hands roam freely over my body, squeezing my ass and poking my breast.

I was in a nightmare of helplessness that even an intruding roommate wouldn’t break. I knew I wouldn’t be saved by her early return for two reasons. She had left this morning, saying she’d be gone for three days, and the bottom of the fan-fold closet door was bulged out. The bulge told me someone was in there, and the way the slats were tilted on that side told me she was watching.

I started screaming, but the little sound that came out of my nose didn’t even overcome the soft music playing on the radio. She chuckled deep in her throat and smiled a tight-lipped smile of amusement as I made my ineffective scene.

“Margaret said you’d never been with a woman before,” she said, “With all this fuss, I guess she was right.”

I tried to hit her head with my own, but she pulled clear without trouble. Then she grabbed my head, forced it flat, and stuck her tongue in my ear. She held my head down and made wet, sloppy love to my ear with her tongue and mouth.

I couldn’t believe how creepy it felt. I must have looked like a garden worm as I wriggled and squirmed, and she found my movements enticing enough to spare one hand to caress my ass as she filled my ear with spit.

“Ah, look at those goose bumps,” she said, tickling her fingers down my arm, “Am I starting to turn you on?”

Nothing could be further from the truth. It was totally gross. I had my head turned the other way and was trying to wipe the stuff off my face and out of my ear.

She had got on my back and I could feel the hot spot where her pussy was pressing on my butt cheek. Her breasts were flattened against my back and she was twisting my head so she could get at my neck.

She started kissing; licking, and sucking my neck; then moving across my back, going all the way to my shoulders, then back to my neck. The goose bumps sprang up as soon as she started, and she took that as a sign that I liked it.

She settled in. I could feel her hips making small thrusting movements against my ass, but her real attention was on my neck. She kept going as if this was all she was going to do all night.

That awful chuckle rumbled in her throat when a small whimper escaped me. It was starting to have an effect on me and she knew it.

“You’re going bursa escort bayan to beg to eat my pussy before this night is over,” she said, louder than she had to.

My eyes snapped to the closet door. Was Margaret rubbing her pussy in there as she watched? Being raped by a woman was bad enough, but knowing a sick pervert was watching made it the absolute pits.

She got up and turned around. Her legs slid past on either side of my head until he cunt pushed down on the back of my head.

“This is some gorgeous ass you got, honey,” she said, squeezing and kissing my ass cheeks.

Her fingers started edging into my crack and I tightened my ass as much as I could. She was able to pull them apart anyway and her face went right down in it. When her tongue touched my ass hole, I kicked wildly and got her head a good rap with my heels.

That got her out of my ass in a hurry, and got me a hard slap on the rear.

“That hurt, you little bitch,” she said and hit me again. She smacked my ass five or six mort times, hard and fast, and then started rubbing the sore spot hard.

My eyes were watering, but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of crying out.

She wrestled me around after that until she had the cushions bunched up under my belly and my ass was sticking up. This time she lay on my legs when she stuck her face in my ass, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. She took her time on my ass hole just like she had on my neck, but this time her fingers were teasing my pussy.

It was disgusting that someone could do something like that, and degrading because my body was responding against my will.

“Do you ever get this juicy for your boyfriend?” she said, and made a disgusting slurping sound using my own fluids to make it, “I think you’re ready for a good fucking.”

The horror of what was going to happen next made me ill. I was face down on the couch, ass sticking up in the air, and Kathy was strapping on a harness.

I tried my best to struggle, but all that did was make her lick her lips as she watched my ass wave invitingly to her.

She pulled out the dildo. It was the same dildo I’d seen Margaret wearing. It looked exactly like a man’s cock, only bigger.

She showed it to me. She rubbed it on my face. She licked it, then put it in her mouth and stood sideways as she gave it a blowjob. She was clearly giving Margaret a show, because I stopped looking as soon as she put it in her mouth.

Something was puzzling me and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Where the hell’s the thing?” Kathy said, dumping her stuff all over the floor. She kept going thru everything and getting madder than hell. She kept looking at the hole in the back of the dildo and the harness she was wearing, and looking frustrated and lost.

That’s when it hit me and everything became clear. I knew what her “thing” was. I was a little orange plug that attached the dildo to the harness. I also knew where it was; it was in the trash and long gone. I had seen Margaret throw it away.

“What was that?” I had asked when she tossed it.

“Something that belonged to that woman,” she had said.

“You mean Kathy?” I’d said.

Margaret had looked at me bursa sınırsız escort then. It wasn’t until that moment on the couch that I understood what that look had ment. Margaret didn’t know Kathy’s name. She didn’t know Kathy at all. The pieces were falling into place with dizzying speed and my mind had to rush to keep up.

Margaret was a lesbian, but she was shy and introverted. She wasn’t part of the gay scene on campus, and I don’t know if she’s ever had a girlfriend since we’ve been roommates. She’d have been a pushover for a beauty like Kathy.

The reason I came back a day early was Brad. Something came up, he never told me what, but he delivered me to my dorm at just the right time to catch Margaret and Kathy getting kinky. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

All this from a simple plug. If it were Margaret behind that closet door, that dildo would be tearing my ass up right now. No, it wasn’t a pussy being rubbed in my closet; it was Brad’s fucking cock. The son-of-a-bitch had set me up to be raped and was sitting there watching. What a filthy bastard.

This bitch probably wasn’t even a lesbian. Everything she’d done to me had been a show for Brad. Her every move had been porn star quality exhibitionism for the man in the closet.

What a plan. What a nasty, rotten plan. Kathy disappears after the rape, Brad comforts me in my pain, and poor Margaret gets hauled off to the security station for a long night of questioning. Hell, there were some groups on campus who’d love to make an example of her for what she’d been framed for.

Kathy threw the harness down in disgust. She came back and worked on me, but everything had changed. She put her tongue in my pussy and licked it a lot. It felt okay, but I think Margaret could do it a lot better. She rubbed herself on me, moaned, and groaned, but it was all a load of phony crap. I endured it, and it finally ended.

She “let slip” a few more remarks that implicated Margaret, then put a pillow case over my head with the pillow still in it. It was a very effective blindfold, and I heard the creak of the closet door as Brad came out and he and his slut went out my door.

I wasn’t surprised when Margaret came in an hour or so later. She fell completely apart when she saw the way I was trussed up. Even that part of their plan would have worked. She was upset as hell, and if I’d fallen for it, I would have been screaming my head off by now.

“If I hadn’t had that car trouble, you could have been like this all weekend,” Margaret said wringing her hands and almost in tears.

“Did a tow truck bring you back?” I asked.

“No. Some guy gave me a lift. I got a little nervous when he got lost, even had my mace in my hand, but he had just gotten turned around in the dark and finally got back on tract.”

That stroke of luck got her back to the scene of the crime with no alibi. I don’t think they ever would have found Mr. “some guy.”

It turned out they weren’t as clever as they thought they were. Brad had left some protein stains in the closet, and I didn’t get all of that spit out of my ear after all. They haven’t caught Kathy yet, but when they do, that spit will convict her. I can’t see Brad protecting her much longer anyway.

Like I said, guys are really turned on by girls making it with each other. That’s why Margaret and I keep the blinds shut tight and our door locked and bolted. I don’t mind the goose bumps anymore, and a tongue in my ass drives me crazy, but most of all I love kissing Margaret and knowing that what she’s giving me is from her heart and not from some brain dead prick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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