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Living in the high rise in Neckargartach was really wonderful, especially living right of the edge of civilization. I could sit on the balcony with a wonderful view of the Neckar River and the city of Heilbronn, or look out the back windows of the apartment to several kilometers of farm land. It was also wonderful for running or simply hiking.

I would often get in a good workout by loading my rucksack with several gallons of water, and hit the road for a fast road march. I would also load 3-4 half liter Stuttgarter Hofbrau beers in a small cooler with some ice blocks right in the top of the ruck for quick, easy access. As I gradually began to tire, I would empty the water a little at a time and continue to march.

I was out one afternoon on my usual circuit that would take be by the feuerplatz where I had shot pictures of Kelli. As I headed for an intersection where I would make a left turn toward the feuerplatz, I saw a figure topping the small hill to my right. I had to look closely at first. It almost looked like a monk in a flowing robe, or kaftan, complete with hood.

The person was moving at a decent pace and was carrying a tall walking stick with a bottle holder. At the pace we were walking, we would meet at the intersection. As we neared the person finally noticed me and threw the hood back. It was a woman with dark brown hair piled up into a knot on the back of her head.

As I approached, she smiled and waved at me as if she knew me. I waved back and she smiled some more. I spoke first, saying, “Grüss Gott!” This was a typical southern Germany greeting in an area that spoke a dialect of German called Schwäbisch. It was known to other German areas as a farmer’s dialect, or more often what Americans would refer to a hick language.

She smiled and responded in kind. “Sprechen Sie Englisch?” I asked.

She smiled widely but shook her head no. That was okay with me, and I replied “Es ist kein problem.”

She said something back to me but her Schwäbisch accent was thick and heavy and I didn’t understand a word of it.

“Können Sie sprechen Hochdeutsch, bitte?” I asked.

She smiled broadly, saying, “Ja. Kein problem.”

As I turned in her direction of travel, I asked “Darf ich mich zu Ihnen?”

She nodded and waved her hand for me to walk along with her. I did a quick appraisal before saying anything else. She appeared to be early to mid-40ish, nice looking without a bit of make-up. Her robe was loose and ruffled in the wind as we walked. It had large, belled sleeves, and alternated medium brown and forest green stripes. The material was thinner that I first thought. She wore comfortable looking sandals on her feet, which had professionally manicured toes.

I could tell little about her body, considering the robe she was wearing, but she did have a pleasantly obvious bulge for breasts, including a growing sign of nipples poking against the fabric. This bode well for braless!

We set up a nice hiking pace and headed down the road. She began steadily talking to me, some of which I didn’t understand but mostly she talked about how much she enjoyed her afternoon walks. I noticed she had a small bottle of Jägermeister in the holder on her walking stick. It appeared to be about half full. This gave me a bit of a chuckle.

The farther we walked, the more I thought about how I could get to know this nice looking German frau, even though she was maybe a dozen years older than I was. This was back in the day before “cougars” or MILFs became a popular thing. She seemed wonderfully friendly, and as we walked she stayed close enough to me for her sleeves to brush against my arms.

She rattled on about a nosy neighbor she had, and I feigned interest. She said something I didn’t understand about her neighbor, and when I asked, she made a circle with her fingers and thumb and turned it on her nose. I got the idea that her neighbor was excessively nosy and also a butt kisser.

We finally came down the easy slope to the feuerplatz.

“Möchten Sie für eine Minute Pause?”

She turned and smiled and replied, “Okay.”

I stepped over the wall around the fire pit and slipped my ruck off my back and sat it on the ground. I dug into the top and opened my cooler.

“Möchten Sie ein Bier?” I asked, and motioned to her with one of the beers.

She smiled broadly, and gratefully replied, “Ja, bitte.”

I used one of the D-rings on the ruck to pop the lids on two beers, and handed her one, saying, “Es ist Kalt.”

As soon as she took it in her hand, she laughed lightly and told me, “Das ist eine amerikanische Sitte.”

I quickly answered, “Ja, sehr amerikanisch!”

She laughed lightly in a pleasant, feminine voice. She got the Jägermeister from the holder, took a sip and chased it with a drink of beer. I took a long draw from my beer, and watched her. She took another sip, and then offered the bottle to me.


“Ja,” I replied, taking the bottle and taking a casual sip.

I wasn’t a big fan of Jägermeister but it Çankaya Escort hit the spot nicely. I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, and I sat down on the wall and slipped my shirt off, slowly wiping my face and neck. The lady busied herself with her drinks, but I noticed she scoped me out from the corner of her eyes. She finally sat down on the wall after fluffing the robe around a bit and pulling it loose from around her neck. She sat down and pulled the bottom of the robe up and over her legs to mid-thigh, and delicately crossed her legs.

Her move gave me a good view of well-proportioned legs. She was definitely was not overweight. Typically German, she had light, downy hair on her legs. After another drink, she loosened her hair stay and shook her hair out. She had below-the-shoulder length hair that shined in the afternoon sun. As she leaned back on one arm, her breasts thrust out through the fabric, nipples fully erect.

I was getting more interested by the minute, and had to fight the urge to let my cock take its natural course and begin to get hard. It was beginning to get tougher to do! She sipped her beer slowly, having put the Jägermeister back in its holder. I smiled at her and she returned the smile.

I broke the silence by asking about her robe. I told her I thought it would be too hot for hiking. She said the fabric was lightweight, and the breeze came through it quite easily. She also said something that made me take immediate notice.

“Ich weiß nicht tragen, was unter!”

I had to ask again to make sure she had told me what I thought. She told me, very casually and without any emphasis, that she didn’t wear anything underneath the robe.

“Nein!” I blurted out.

She giggled like a young girl and with a smile, grabbed and bundled the bottom of the robe and lifted it to just below her breasts. After less than a second, she dropped it back down, quickly grabbing another sip of beer. This move had revealed little but the top of some lovely thighs and a slightly rounded stomach.

“Wieder, langsam,” I asked. I wanted her to flash me again, and much more slowly.

She giggled, and shook her head no, tipping up her beer.

I gave her my best leer, and motioned her to lift the robe again, slowly.

She giggled some more, and took another drink. Finally, after seeing my intent look, sat her beer down. She grabbed the robe and slowly lifted it upward. I motioned for her to lift it higher. She giggled and shook her head no again, but without dropping the robe. I shook my head yes, and motioned upward.

She smiled broadly, and finally submitted, lifting the robe above some wonderful breasts. They were a full C-cup, with small areolae and pencil eraser pink nipples. They were fully erect now.

“Sie sind eine schöne Frau!” I told her huskily.

She blushed slightly, as women are wont to do when complimented, and as she turned her head away, she slowly let the robe drop back down. She busied herself with her beer and finally turned to look at me.

I eased over closer to her, bring my beer along. She studiously ignored me. I leaned close to her and asked, “Wie heißen Sie?”

She told me her name was Silke. I found the name to be rather curious. I prompted her a bit more and she told me that she was married to a man named Günter, that they had no kids, and lived in one of the houses about 2 kilometers away where the large sugar beet fields were. Her husband raised sugar beets and did some back yard mechanic work in their barn.

Silke took a sip of her beer while I told her my name, and she started a narrative that I had to interrupt occasionally for a clarification or two, considering that she would slip back into Schwäbisch quite often. Apparently she and Günter had been married for several years. They had initially wanted children, but apparently Günter had some problem with his sperm which prevented impregnation. This was a well-kept secret because she told me that Günter could never reveal he was less than a virile stud, and she was sworn to secrecy at the risk of abandonment and divorce.

Over the past 10 years, they had grown increasingly distant to the point of almost disinterest. Silke told me that her walks in the fields were her best form of self-preservation and peace. While she talked, I had casually moved beside her until we were shoulder to shoulder, touching each other along arms and legs. Whether on purpose or instinctively, she began to lean her body closer into me.

I wasn’t sure if getting something started with Silke would be a good idea, but then many of my horny ideas weren’t good ideas. I opened another beer for us and we sipped as she continued her narrative.

Silke talked about how long she had lived in their house. It was a nice place, large, and they had several acres of crops. Günter made pretty good money selling his sugar beet crop each year, and made quite a bit of cash under the table doing car repair. But most of the time, he would eat an early dinner, Keçiören Escort finish up any farming chores he had and would join a couple of his friends at a local gasthaus where they would drink beer until 2300 or later, at which time he would wander home and fall into bed. They slept in separate rooms.

By the time Silke had finished this extensive narrative, we had finished our beers. I asked her if she would let me walk her to the barn, and then I would head home. I showed her where I lived, which was barely visible above the horizon. She seemed impressed, and asked me if I made a lot of money. I brushed that question off.

I packed the empties, donned my shirt, and strapped on my ruck. We headed away from the apartment building, toward Silke’s home. When we got closer, she directed me through a dirt track toward an old barn near a tree and brush covered fence line behind several houses. When we got to the barn, Silke unlatched the door and we stepped in.

It was a very old building, and reeked of petroleum products, fertilizer, and musty old things. Silke showed me where her husband had a manual lift for working on cars. It had a dirt pit for working underneath. There was a tractor parked in a large bay with a set of double doors. The place was replete with old junk.

Silke wandered around showing me different things, when suddenly she saw something that made her shy away. What I saw look like a typical saw horse, but it had adjustable legs on one end so it was hiked up at that end maybe 6″-8″ more than the other end. She grabbed my hand and pulled me in another direction. I was curious though, and resisted.

“Was ist das?”

Even in the dim light I could see her blushing. I pulled her over to the contraption and studied it. There were a couple of sets of pegs sticking out from it, and then I noticed there were sets of straps with buckles attached to the frame. The top was actually padded, and there was a padded loop at the low end.

Silke told me it was nothing, but I pulled her to me and firmly gripped her around the waist. She didn’t resist. I whispered to her again to tell me what the contraption was. She shook her head no, and once again tried to pull away. I was about to give up when something clicked in my head, and I thought about a device I had seen illustrated in “The Story of O.”

I pulled Silke over to the device, and eased her up beside it. I did a visual calibration with my eyes and knew I was right. I moved her to the device and pushed her down to it. She looked at me like a frightened child, but suddenly quit resisting. I lifted her robe high enough for her to swing a leg over, and moved her into place. It was perfect.

Silke was deathly silent as I quietly placed her knees over one set of pegs, and then her feet on a lower set. I gently pressed down on her back until she lay flat on her stomach. The padding tapered to a narrow width that fit perfectly between her breasts. I eased her head onto the padded ring which had an opening in the front, and noticed it left her mouth available.

I was stunned. This was a bondage device that if she were nude, would allow perfect access to all her body. It fit her perfectly! This was an interesting revelation. Before she could get too uncomfortable, I helped her off the thing and led her back to the door of the barn.

Without stepping outside, I said, “Es war schön, Sie kennenzulernen.” She smiled sweetly, and curled against me in a gentle hug. I returned the gentle hug and said I wanted to see her again.

“Ich möchte dich wieder zu sehen! Will man einen Spaziergang am Freitagnachmittag?”

I figured I could get away early Friday afternoon and Mandi was working 14-22 that day anyway. Silke thought for a moment before shyly nodding her head in assent.

“Sehr gut,” I replied.

I gave Silke a strong hug, and gripped her ass with both hands, crushing her into my chest. She murmured softly and melted into me. She looked back toward the contraption once last time, and I asked again what the device was. She shyly whispered to me that it was her “spielenbank.” I chuckled lightly under my breath at the thought of her bench for playing.

I hesitated to try and kiss her but before I could break away she pulled my face to her and kissed me. I gave her ass one last squeeze, pushed the door open and looked out to check for anyone or anything unusual (a trait of a good military man and a philandering asshole). She leaned against the door frame as I walked away. I waved goodbye at her and said, “Freitag.” I didn’t look back as I headed to the apartment.

Mandi’s car was still in the parking garage when I got home on Friday afternoon. I didn’t know how long I had to wait until she left, so I could cruise out into the fields to find Silke again. When I got in the apartment, though, I found Mandi had left a note. The guy who owned the video store was back in country, and he and his wife had picked Mandi up earlier to go to lunch, and then break down and label Etimesgut Escort a bunch of new videos he had brought from the states. I would have to pick her up from work that evening.

I smiled at the luck, changed clothes, packed some beer and some fruit, brotchens, and some cheese into my ruck, and headed out into the fields. As I topped a rise about 2 kilometers from the house, I saw a figure about another 2 kilometers away that could possibly be Silke. I cut through a tractor trail to another road and set up a course to intercept.

As I neared the road that went to the feuerplatz, I looked to my right and saw Silke approaching, walking with a purposeful stride. She was wearing her same robe, and smiled widely when she saw me. She waved happily.

I waved back and we met up after a few seconds. To my surprise, she ran straight up to me and hugged me strongly. “Sie sind hier,” she blurted out happily. I told her I had some food and beer in my ruck, so we set a strong walking pace to the feuerplatz.

When we arrived, there was another couple there with a young child of maybe 6 years. Fortunately, as we approached, they decided to move on and left without acknowledging us. I was a bit leery for Silke’s sake but she didn’t seem concerned at all, so I brushed it off.

I quickly set about laying out the food and getting beers opened. Silke suddenly wandered off to a stand of young trees and bushes, and when I looked again, she apparently had snuck off to pee. She returned quickly and after grabbing a beer, dug into the food like she was starving. We ate quickly and quietly.

After we ate, Silke wandered around the wall looking for nothing in particular. I waited until she finally turned to look at something in the distance before quietly easing up behind her and gently slipped my arms around her waist. She pushed back against me and I slowly worked my hands up to her breasts.

As I leaned over her neck to kiss it, she closed her eyes and almost inaudibly moaned. I massaged her breasts and felt her nipples harden. I used my free hand to turn her head to me and kissed her lips. She suddenly turned and pressed full against me, kissing me with a sudden need and passion. After running her arms around my waist, she pressed into me hard.

I began to massage her ass through her robe, and she moaned some more. Her heat was hard to resist, and I slowly began getting hard. Silke felt this and began to slowly hump against me. I took the opportunity to lift the front of her robe to her waist and pressed my hands against her ass to give her a better feel of my cock rising to meet her demands.

I was getting to the point where my cock was filling out nicely when Silke suddenly broke away and took my hand. She led to another of the small stands of trees, and I followed as she stepped into a small opening in some branches. This opened into a small clear area about the size of a twin bed.

Silke smiled and said, “Mein platz privat!”

I chuckled and wondered what private things she had done there. But back to Silke, I quickly seized her robe and pulled it over her head. Wow! She looked wonderful naked. Her breasts were impeccable. She had a lightly plump belly and a patch of pubic hair the same color the hair on her head. All natural! She still wore her walking sandals, which looked kinda cute. I kissed her breasts and she accepted gratefully. I kissed her lips and pulled her tightly to me and began to gently move a finger down to her pussy. She moaned loudly when I finally reached her quickly dampening pussy lips and slid a finger over her clit.

Silke had also stopped caressing me or reaching to me now. She had slowly become docile, waiting for me to initiate the action. I never cared for a dead fish, and was a bit perturbed for a moment. That was when I flashed back to the “spielenbank” and realized that she was submissive, but not like Sigrid, another German girl from Germany Chapter 01.

I told her quietly but seriously to remove my shorts. She quickly dropped to her knees and when she reached to grab my shorts, realized what was bulging from them. Her head rocked back and her mouth formed a small “O” as her eyes took in the sight. As she pulled the athletic shorts down my hips, my cock finally popped free and bounced off her face. Silke looked up at me with a wild look in her eyes. She was stunned, apparently, by my above average cock.

After removing my shorts, she placed both hands together as if praying and began to stroke my cock with her hands. She started repeating something to herself that I didn’t understand. I hoped she would take me in her mouth but she continued to stroke me with her hands.

I broke away from her and grabbed her robe and spread it out on the ground. I pulled Silke down and dived into her pussy. She cried out in surprise, and momentarily tried to push me away. I was having none of that, and she finally quit pushing and let me work. In less than 30 seconds, she clawed at my head and launched into an orgasm, albeit oddly quiet. But the spasms spoke for themselves.

I needed something wet for my cock and I slowly slipped up Silke’s body, pausing to pay lip service to her delightful breasts. I had to ease my legs between hers to get into position to slip into her pussy. She seemed reluctant to allow me to position myself to slip my cock into her, even though she seemed to be really hot.

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