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All characters are over 18+

Opening of the tale is based on a true story, the rest is with my own twist on it.


Three years ago…

Michael Browning sat behind the defendant’s table, who watched his fifteen-year-old daughter, as she took the stand. For months he had listened to the lies and untruths that were spread by the media and the prosecution. Slandering his good name, ruining his life, his career, his marriage all because they believed a teenager’s lies. Yet as the final days, of the trial approached and his daughters lies hadn’t been exposed. Fear crept into his mind at the real possibility that he would actually be sent to prison. For something he would never do to his daughter. However, as his hands curled in his rage beneath the table. Michael had once thought the police could do no wrong; that an innocent man wouldn’t be placed among the ranks of rapist. Nevertheless, as the trial progressed his faith in the justice system was on a rapid decline.

“Ms. Browning,” his lawyer said rising from her seat. The girl’s testimony sounded very similar to a book she and million of others have enjoyed. “Yesterday, we heard some very damaging testimony that you gave here in this very room. Detailing in extravagant flare, that this man here who you claimed raped, you is that right?” she asked her hand waving to Michael.

“Yes,” Stephanie said into the microphone. Michael watched as his daughter squirmed in her seat. He knew that body language all too well it meant only one thing, she was lying. Now his lawyer knew as well. Michael was all to ready to put this ordeal behind him. He knew what awaited him should he be sent to prison. Twice, so far he had escaped attacks from the other inmates. Only to watch as the guards took their time to intervene.

“So it wouldn’t surprise you that I have here a book that describes your testimony word for word,” she said holding up the book for all to see.

“Objection!” the prosecutor said rising from his chair.

“This calls into question the prosecutions credibility of their victim and this so-called trial,” she said addressing the the judge.

“Sustained,” the judge said overruling the prosecutor. Opening up the book to the page where she believed the girl took her testimony from. Reading word for word to the jury; closing the book in a loud thump causing the girl to jump in her seat.

“So Ms. Browning would like to clarify why your testimony details so much of a book that’s been out for a few years?” While he had no inkling to press his daughter, yet she had set this in motion. Michael wasn’t about to be punished for something he hasn’t done. “I move for this court to end this and announce my client innocent of all charges,” she said after his daughters break down on the stand.

“Mr. Browning after this shocking testimony I humbly offer the courts sincerest apologies,” the judge said addressing Michael. Who mumbled where the court could shove their apology. They weren’t going to repair the damage they had done to his life. “It is clear to me that this direct attorney was so blinded that they, and these detective’s cared not to learn the real facts. To ruin a man’s life on false allegations of rape and incest. In the future it would be wise for you, and your boss to ensure the fact’s real and not some make believe thing.”

“Dad, I’m so, so sorry!” Stephanie called out to her father who promptly ignored his daughter.

“Micheal!” his ex-wife called out as he left the courthouse. “Please Michael talk to me!” she shouted only to be meet with his burning rage.

“What fucking for Betty?” Michael growled angrily as he spun around to face his ex-wife. “You and everyone that I thought knew me, who I trusted turns on me when this,” he said pointing at his daughter. “Abandons me when you knew I would never do that too our daughter. However, no you believed her over your own husband,” Michael sneered at them. “Now I have to see what I can salvage from the life you destroyed so easily. Don’t call me, contact me, or find me either one of you. I wash my hands of you,” Michael said turning around disappearing into the distance.

Four years later…

After the fall out from her false allegations, her mother had to change their names to escape the hate mail Stephanie had received. Betty now felt the hate that was once directed at her former husband. The friends that she thought once would never turned on her were the first ones to go. Michael sued her, their former friends, the media and the city for false imprisonment, slander, defamation of character etc. etc. She gave whatever he wanted knowing how his life had been turned to shit because of their daughter. The house that they once had a happy family in now was sold to cover her legal fees. Fees she wouldn’t have to face if her daughter hadn’t made up her falsehood, because her father in her words was being mean. In truth he was only doing the right thing as any parent would do. Now she lived in a two bedroom apartment next to the now grown woman that ruined her and Michael’s life.

“Mom! Mom you’ve got to see this!” Stephanie yelled from the living room. Breathing out a deep sigh güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri before leaving her room. Betty stared in shock as her ex-husband image filled the television screen. She still loved him what he had said that day was true. She knew him well enough to know he would never do that to their daughter. Yet Betty was to in shock about how descriptive Stephanie was about her false ordeal. Betty wanted to return to that once happy life they had together, however, how was she going to accomplish all that when she didn’t know where to look?

“So I hear you’ve had a pretty rough four years? From rape charges that you were later proven innocent, to your agent dropping you because of said charges, to a wife leaving you. That’s some very serious events to occur all at once how have you been able to come out of it all?!” the TV host asked as Michael tried not let the questions get to him.

“Well, one day at a time. Plus, you tend to learn who your true friends are during times of crisis. It took a lot of work and time to repair the damage done to my career by the media, the court system, and those I once thought of as friends and family.” Betty’s heart sank as she saw the smoldering anger that still held sway in his green eyes. “However, that part of my life is behind me where I hope it will stay.”

“Does that include your daughter that made up those horrible things about you?” Michael remained silent for a moment knowing his daughter would be somewhere near the age of nineteen. However, much his anger was still directed at her and her lies she was still his daughter. It could never fully negate his parental feelings towards her.

“She’s an adult now what she does with her life doesn’t matter to me. Hopefully she has learned a very valuable lesson that one’s actions has consequences.”

“Any chance of reconciliation between you, your daughter and your estranged wife?” How Betty’s mind raced as Michael remained silent hoping, just hoping there was a chance to get her life back.

“I can’t really answer that, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” Her mind worked frantically as the host when about the interview. Only paying attention to it when it came to where Michael currently resides.

“Stephanie go pack,” Betty said after looking up the town Michael had mentioned. His picture was plastered everywhere across their welcome page. So she knew at least he lived there and not given the host a false town to deter unwanted guest. Then again she thought she might fall into that category. Watching the trailer of the movie that was based on his book smiling at how well he was doing for himself.

“Why mom?” Stephanie asked rising from the couch. Her left tank top strap fell from her shoulder. Her A cup breast showing through the material. Her blue boy shorts contouring to her adult body. Yet, Betty knew her daughter’s body hadn’t change much in the last four years. May be Betty thought this was a sign that they could correct everything, that had happened to them in the past four years.

“Because, we’re going to find your father,” Betty said walking into the kitchen before turning back towards her daughter. “Where you will fix this mess you got us into!”

“How am I suppose to do that?!” Stephanie asked stumped at how she could repair their relationship.

“Simple,” Betty said a sinister light played across her blue eyes. “Your going to fuck your father as you claimed he did four years ago. Maybe using that cunt that lays around my house all day will finally be good for something.” Stephanie was taken back never had she heard such vemon in her mother’s voice before. Sure she might be lazy and what college bond teenager wants to spend their last summer working their tail off when they had a full ride. Yet the fact her mother had told her she was going to have sex with her father. Was something she never thought her mother would say. Sure she had torn apart her family with her ruinous lies, yet would a simple matter of love making repair the damage done? “Now hurry up you’re wasting time!”

Stephanie sat in silence as her mother drove like a bat out of hell. To where she couldn’t say her mother would only say you’ll see once we get there. Yet as an hour turned into two, then three her mind just couldn’t let go of what her mother had told her. Could she truly seduce her father into having sex with her? After the news came out about her lie she hasn’t had a boyfriend since then. All of them to worried about if she would spread lies like she did against her own father. Did she even know how to seduce a grown man when she was still a virgin? Sighing looking down at her lap wondering if her father would even recognize her. It would seem to her puberty left her like everyone else did. Leaving her trapped in what looked like her fifteen year old body.

“What are you sighing for?” Betty asked glancing over at her daughter. “We’re in this mess because of you! I lost my house, my husband, my life because of you! If you had only just admitted the truth before it got out of hand then none of this would be necessary. No. You had to keep lying about your father! Had to drive him out of our home! We güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri could be rich at this moment if you hadn’t lied to me, the police, the court! So you’ll open up those legs and let your father fuck that filthy lying cunt!” she screamed at Stephanie reaching over gripping her daughter by her womanhood. “Until you correct this wrong this cunt belongs to me, and you’ll do everything I tell you too. Plus, who will ever believe you, a girl, who screams rape no one that’s who!”

“What’s gotten into you?!” Stephanie asked fighting to remove her mother’s hand from her most sensitive area.

“Me! What about you?! I didn’t raise a child to lie, about the most horrendous thing that could ever happen to a woman. Don’t say your sorry, that shit will never cut it not with what damage you caused!” Betty said in disgust. She was glad that her daughter was leaving her home soon. After the trial was over she could never look at her in the same light. “Don’t you want this cunt fucked don’t you. You can’t stay a virgin forever, and what better way to repair everything. Then offering up your innocence that’s if you have any left!” she spat not paying attention to the road.

“Mom look out!” Stephanie cried out before everything went dark. Glass shattered, metal groaned and buckled as their sedan skidded across the highway. Beeps echoed in Stephanie’s ears, unknown voices resounded throughout the room, pain flared throughout her mind.

“Relax you have been out of it for the past three days,” the nurse said softly as Stephanie groaned in pain.

“Can you tell me where you are?” the doctor asked shining a pin light into Stephanie’s hazel eyes. His brown eyes looking for any signs of a concussion that might still be lingering.

“What’s going on?! Where’s my mom?!” Stephanie asked trying to lift herself off the bed. Only to be pushed back down by the doctors strong hand.

“I think your father should be the one that should answer that,” the doctor said nodding to the nurse to leave the room while he pated her shoulder. Her swollen eyes fell on her father as he entered the room closing the door behind him.

“Dad what’s going on? Why am I in the hospital? Where’s mom is she here, is she alright?” Stephanie asked in rapid secession.

“Your car was in a accident, you got lucky you only suffered a broken leg and a bad case whiplash. They said your seatbelt is what saved you, however, your mom wasn’t so lucky. I’m sorry Stephanie she didn’t make it,” Michael sighed he didn’t think he be seeing his daughter ever. “Now its my turn to ask my own questions, one why was your car speeding down the interstate? Two why on earth are you here in the town? Where I chose to get away from the crap you stirred up?”

“I…I saw the show you were on and mom thought we could find you,” Stephanie stuttered, remembering what her mother had told her. “She thought if we could repair our relationship then everything would be set right,” she said. Feeling her cheeks burning remembering what she had to do.

“You know that could never happen Stephanie not after everything,” Michael said, leaning on the bed railing at the foot of her medical bed. “Your grandparents…that’s them now,” he said, looking at his phone. “What do you mean your not coming?!” Michael asked as he stepped out of the room. “Well what about your other two children hmm? Surely they could take her until she recovers? What do you mean give her a chance she ruined my life! I don’t give a damn if it was four years ago! You, your fucking selves believed her lies when you knew me well enough that I wouldn’t do that. Fine! Go live your happy fucking lives! Next time I won’t bother informing you!” Michael growled ending the call. “Do you have anyone you can call to pick you up?” he asked as he reentered her room.

“No,” Stephanie said weakly. Closing her eyes wondering, how screwed up her life was when both her parents didn’t want her around. Then again, she brought this upon herself sighing inwardly wondering what she was going to do. She didn’t actually have that close knit group of friends where she could call, nor did she have the money to stay at a motel until her college started.

“Fuck!” Stephanie heard her father curse. “Fine, fine,” Michael sighed knowing he couldn’t leave her all alone, however, much he wanted too. “Wait here I’ll see if the doctor will release you,” he said disappearing out the door. Stephanie caught herself staring at his ass shaking it off thinking it was due to her condition. She wasn’t excepting her body to heat at the thought of her father’s proximity to her. Stephanie looked up at her father as he opened the door to his sedan as the nurse wheeled her out of the hospital. Getting unsteadily onto the crutches, the hospital had provided smiling at her father as he helped her into his car; Stephanie sighed knowing it be six long weeks before her leg would heal. Time she knew she would be alone by herself to grieve the death of her mother.

“Dad where is mom going to be buried?” Stephanie asked as he slid into the driver’s set.

“Don’t know I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell me,” Michael said inserting key into güvenilir bahis şirketleri ignition. “Here call your grandparents maybe they’ll tell you,” he said handing over his phone. Her chest felt tight by the brief skin contact they had, shaking off the feeling she wondered just what was wrong with her. “I’ve hired a nurse to take care you given how that cast can’t get wet,” Michael said after Stephanie finished her phone call.

“Ok,” Stephanie said weakly sinking into her depression. “You didn’t have to I’m well enough to take care of myself.”

“And, have you fall in the shower forcing me to help you not a chance. I’ve already been accused of raping you once and that was enough,” Michael said in a monotone voice. Stephanie sat in silence what could she really say to that not a thing she told herself. Wondering if she could talk her grandparents into letting her stay with them when they came to pick her up for the funeral. Maybe then she could just disappear from her father’s life as he did in theirs. Yet as she peered out of her swollen eyes the way the sunlight haloed her father. Something within her just melted at the sight of it, her heart raced, her skin felt flushed, her body reacted in the most strangest of ways. Sure she knew what it was like when she felt her body aroused. The nights she had lain in her bed touching her body in the most intimate of ways taught her that.

Yet there was just something about her father she just couldn’t put her finger on, as her father walked around his car, after they had pulled to a stop in front of his house. The way his body moved, how the breeze tugged at his wispy brown hair, his stubble peppered with grey after days of not shaving. Shaking the thoughts from her mind, wondering why and how those thoughts got into her mind. Stephanie knew she shouldn’t be thinking of her father in any kind of sexual light. However, her mind seemed to have other plans for her. Trying not to bite her lip as her father’s hand rested on her hip as she balanced on one leg. Taking shallow breath’s as her body rub against his as she hopped to the rear of the car. Hoping he felt her small breast as they brushed against his side. Yet Stephanie would have no such luck, as Michael left her once her weight rested on her crutches. Cursing to herself wondering if the accident had done something to her mind. Pondering if something in her brain had become crosswired when she laid unconscious. To Stephanie there was no other explanation that could explain to her why those thoughts crisscrossed her mind.

“Well come on!” Michael said from his porch. Wondering why she was just standing there. “Is something wrong?”

“Just a little dizzy,” Stephanie lied she had no wish for her father to know the thoughts that were swirling around inside her head. Stephanie took in her father’s home as she stood in the entryway. It seemed so cold to her as her eyes roamed around his living room. Not a single picture graced the mantle above the ornate fireplace. Her mind began to picture herself along that wooden surface, and how her father would look there beside her.

“Come on Stephanie I have work to do and no time for you to be spacing out,” Michael said all the while studying his daughter wondering why she was spacing out so much. Hoping that it wasn’t something that the doctors had missed.

“Sorry,” Stephanie said following after her father. Her eyes darting around asourbing everything pondering how far she was from his room. Why she was having such thoughts she couldn’t say, yet she just couldn’t stop herself as she watched her father’s arse.

“This is where you’ll be staying while you heal,” Michael said opening the door to the guest bedroom. “The bathroom is to your left so it shouldn’t be to difficult for you to get there on your own. Are you hungry Stephanie?”

“Yes,” Stephanie said hiding behind the curtain of her hair. Fighting herself not to say those two sneaky words froming slipping out.

“All right I’ll order a pizza you still like mushrooms on yours?” Michael asked as watched as she slowly lowered herself onto the bed.

“Olives,” Stephanie said without thinking.

“Steph you’re allergic to olives,” Michael said growing worried about her mental well-being.

“Right…mushrooms,” Stephanie said growing concerned about what was happening to her mind.

“Right, well I’ll leave you to it then,” Michael said disappearing down the hall. Reaching for the remote that sat a top of a charcoal gray laptop. Wondering why and how it got there, had her father put it there for her? Was this just something else to keep her out of his hair? Turning on the the boob tube as her father once called it when she was little. Scooting back onto the bed flipping through the channel’s, yet nothing caught her attention her eyes always glanced at the laptop. Hopping towards the door bracing herself on the dresser as she tapped the door close. Bouncing along the bed as she fall onto it. Scooting back to her spot ignoring the low throb she felt in her leg. Knowing she would have to take another pill soon. Yet she had to satisfy her curious brain that has been nagging a certain question to her. Opening up the laptop her nails clinking on the plastic surface of the machine. Urging the boot up sequence to hurry up as she eyed the door. Wondering how long she had before the pizza would arrive. Watching the WiFi icon came on, running a search on daughter and father lust and what causes it to happen.

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