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Tony was not back on the island two weeks, when his daughter, Sonya, was trying to contact him. After their big falling out, Tony waited until the first week of February before he returned her call. Sonya wanted to begin to mend some fences, and to that end, Tony agreed for her to come and celebrate her birthday with him; on the island.

Following the initial contact from Sonya, Tony started to receive messages from Inga and Heidi alerting him to the situation with Alicena… though Tony heard nothing from Sonya.

Sonya arrived in the UK at the end of February just before her birthday. She placed her two sons, Georg, and Karl, reluctantly, with their grandmother Kate. As her husband was attending a retreat recuperating from his ordeal “Down Under”.

The first thing out of his daughter’s mouth, ‘Tony sweetie it’s been two months since we had that dreadful argument and you found out you are not Karl’s father. I need my “knight in shining armour” back, and that is a major part of why I am here’.

She then added, ‘Before anything else, though, I need to unwind from the trip. So, where’s the bedroom?’

Not, “How are you?” or any other pleasantries. And no update on Alicena.

Tony was fuming, as he took her to his room. Where she took one look at the bed, ‘Ooh you can sleep three in that!’

As Sonya rested and before she took a nap, she requested, ‘I want to rest my head on your chest; so I can hear, feel, and smell you; it has been too long’.

Tony acceded to the request and reticently joined her. As soon as her head rested on his chest, she was out like a light. The pair lay there like that, for close on two hours; with Tony stroking his daughter’s lovely silky-soft raven coloured hair, as she purred like a contented cat.

As his daughter woke, she uttered, „Das fühlt sich schön an, hört nicht auf”. (‘That feels nice, do not Stop’.) Having slipped back into speaking German.

Tony responded, plus followed suit, „Was möchtest du heute Abend machen?” (‘What do you want to do this evening?’)

Then added, „Köche ich, oder Bestellung einer Mahlzeit zur Lieferung?” (‘Do I cook, or order takeaway?’)

Sonya replied, with laughter in her voice, „Bestellung einer Mahlzeit zur Lieferung!! Ich werde noch ein paar Tage warten, bis ich dich vergiften lasse”. (‘Order takeaway!! I will wait a few days before I let you poison me’.)

Tony countered, ‘That’s not what you said the last time I cooked for you’. With a slightly angered tone and in English.

Tony then rose and smack his daughter’s backside. Which caused her to giggle, before she uttered, ‘Oooh, I know what you want tonight!!’ Tony completely ignored the comment.

Two Pizzas arrived, an Hawaiian for Sonya and a Meateor for Tony, with a couple of side orders of potato wedges and coleslaw. Tony opened a bottle of Chianti, and the pair sat down to a comforting meal. After Sonya took her first drink of wine, she tucked into her pizza. And between mouthfuls the conversation began;

‘What do I really owe this visit too, Sonya?’

‘Well, Tony sweetie I have a few issues at home’. Tony gestured for her to continue, at the same time as sinking his teeth into the slice of pizza in his hands.

‘Where do I start, oh yes, Alicena turned up on my doorstep in tears and hysterics having been evicted by Fred’. (What Sonya didn’t realise, was that Inga and Heidi had been keeping him abreast of the situation and how everyone was coping.)

‘She is fine Tony and is house sitting for me as I am here with you. Little Willy is away… So no need to get angry’.

‘What about Alice, Lotti and Leah?’ Tony interjected.

‘They are okay, I have spoken with Alice, and Fred seems to be behaving himself with them, though I did not tell Alice that her daughter was living with me’.

‘That’s a relief, I was absolutely about to go, ballistic’.

‘I know sweetie, down boy, keep calm. Wolfgang and Inga are keeping a close eye on everything. Oh, by the way, Inga is pregnant again’. “What Sonya doesn’t realise is that the baby is mine”. Is the thought that goes through Tony’s head.

‘Well okay, but you could have told me all this on Skype’.

‘You know, and I know if I had done that there would be a plane crashing on Fred’s house in Stuttgart with you on it’.

‘Point taken. What else brings you?’

The pair took a pause from conversation at this point to finish their pizza. Her father then retrieved a dessert from the freezer, chocolate inspiration ice-cream covered in a creamy dark chocolate sauce.

This elicited, ‘Oooh, you know how to please a woman with a chocolate dessert’, from his ecstatic daughter.

As the pair ate dessert, the coffee was brewing, so they could retire to the sofa to finish their wine and drink coffee, plus continue with the conversation.

On sitting facing each other, Tony glared at Sonya, and using a slightly annoyed tone she reacted, ‘All right! YOU are the real reason I am here!’

She gulps back istanbul escort her wine before continuing, ‘As you know Little Willy is sterile and Georg, he is happily married with two children and another on the way’.

Tony threw in, ‘Tracey is a little baby machine since I gave her that massage’.

Then Sonya finished, ‘I want another baby’.

Tony asked, ‘What about Wilhelm Senior?’

Sonya now took a drink of coffee, along with her father. Before she appended, ‘I know I could have IVF, but that is too clinical for me. I need to have fun when I am making a baby, which brings me to you’.

He father then asked once again, though with a slight tone of anger in his voice, ‘What about Wilhelm Senior?’

Sonya answered with a little hesitation in her voice, ‘Wilhelm Senior has not looked at me since you juiced up his wife and she had Sydney! Plus, she is also pregnant, again’. I think to myself, with a broad smile all over my face, “The New Year antics were very productive”.

Before responding, her father took a gulp of coffee, to try and quieten his thoughts; rose and went to the drinks cabinet, retrieved two brandy boats, and put a double in each before returning to his seat. All the while thinking, “My New Year shenanigans seems to be bearing fruit”.

‘Are you sure about this?’ her father asked, followed by a sip of brandy, then added, ‘You know what happened last time’.

‘You promised me at the airport, last March!’ Sonya had him, and there was nowhere for Tony to go, accept.

‘Well, I had not found out at that time, you were telling me porkies.

Sonya became very adamant and screamed at her father, ‘I NEED ANOTHER BABY!’

‘Okay, okay, allow me to think about it. We have your birthday tomorrow. There may a surprise for you…’

Once Sonya was calm again, the rest of the conversation was about the boys and the rest of her family. By the time, the pair had finished the coffee and brandy, they decided to retire early, and Tony begrudgingly allowed his daughter to curl up naked with him before falling asleep. Well, the next day, was Sonya’s twenty-sixth birthday.

For the wake-up call on her birthday, Tony thought, “give her a treat”. So, her father gently slipped the quilt off the pair, manoeuvre himself to begin with a gentle licking of Sonya’s labia majora. As her body started to respond her father moved his ministrations, to her labia minora and clitoral hood. As he ran his tongue around the hood, with the addition of teasing it with his lips and teeth, her father received moans, groans and a cat-like purr of enjoyment from his daughter. It was only when he used the flat of the tongue across the tip of her emerging clitoris, that it prompted a more potent reaction and a slightly agitated, „Guten Morgen”, from Sonya.

Tony paused to gaze up at his daughter’s face, and into those Nordic Blue sparkling sapphires, to wish her, ‘Happy Birthday’, before returning to the cunnilingus he was applying.

Her father’s first treat of the day, was to keep the stimulation going for a good twenty minutes with a constant cat-like purr interlaced with moans, groans, ‘ooohs’, and ‘aaahs’ as a climax built in her body. With the attention of his mouth confined to her clitoral area, her father inserted two fingers into his daughter’s vagina in search of her g-spot, which provoked a guttural ‘Aaaarrrggghhh’, on contact.

When Sonya erupted into her orgasm, her thighs clamp her father’s head, in her standard response to cunnilingus, and her vaginal muscles squeezed tight around his fingers. He father kept using the flat of his tongue to abrade the end of Sonya’s engorged clitoris bring the arching of her back and the now familiar wolf’s howl. Tony kept this up for a good ten minutes with his daughter’s heels drumming on his posterior. As her father eased his ministrations, his daughter’s thighs relax, though her heels continue to vibrate with her torso still writhing around on the bed.

Once the pair had both recovered from their gasping for breath, after the exertion of her orgasm.

Sonya coos, ‘Thank you, sweetie, for my lovely birthday wake-up! You really know how to satisfy me with your mouth. I hope it can continue?’

Her father replied, ‘You are welcome, but that is only present one’.

‘Ooooh, I no wait for present two, sweetie, where is it?’

‘How do you want it; regular, like a wolf, or riding the bull?’

‘Wolf I think, let you give me the pounding I deserve’.

Tony slowly clambered off the bed and stood by the side. At the same time, his daughter moved onto her hands and knees with her backside towards her father, then wiggled her derrière as she shuffled to the edge of the bed, which enabled her father to place the head of his phallus between her red labia minora lips.

Her father asked, ‘Ready?’ Sonya nodded, he thrust home with the full length of his weapon aided by the leverage of his standing position, avcılar escort bringing forth an aggravated, ‘AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!’

Followed by an ear-piercing SCREAM as Tony force passed his daughter’s secret gateway, which joined his own elongated ‘AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!’

Sonya glanced back over her shoulder with pleasure and rapture all over her face, but the eyes had a slight violet tinge.

Both issue a significant groan as her father draw back to starting blocks. He then began a slow and soft in ‘n’ out rhythm, which was increased as Sonya’s moans of enjoyment sprang forth with, ‘Yes Sweetie! Right, there Sweetie! Ooh, you fill me good!’

Precisely as things built agreeably, Tony unleashed another leveraged thrust. Which caused his daughter to arch her back, as she gave vent to yet another SCREAM, with an even higher pitch. As his daughter descended, she tried to slide off her father’s weapon, but his hands were in such position that he held his daughter, primed. Like he had done, a little over three years earlier. His hands gripped firmly to the fronts of his daughter’s thighs; as Sonya glanced back at her father and mouthed, ‘That is not funny!’

Tony returned to the slow and soft in ‘n’ out rhythm, though it was the final time. He increased the tempo as he felt the approaching climax in them both and right as his daughter began chanting, „Ich Komme”. Tony gave one more forceful thrust to bury the head of my phallus deep in his daughter’s inner sanctum, igniting Sonya’s orgasm as her father unloaded five streamers of seed into the required home.

Tony unleashed a thunderous, ‘AAARRRGGGHHH!’ as he entered his daughter’s inner chamber, followed by grunts and growls on each release. The arching of Sonya’s back accompanied the thrust, with her head slamming against her father’s chest and the releasing of an earth-shattering SCREAM; straight at his head and ears, the feeling of which cuts through her father, “like a knife through butter”, sending more shudders through his body.

As father and daughter began to plummet from their mutual climax, Tony allowed Sonya to gently fall forwards onto the bed, where she continued to writhe out her orgasm, and Tony drop beside his daughter in exhaustion. The pair rest there until what Tony thought was mid-morning, but when he glanced at the clock, it turned out to be mid-day.

As the pair rose, Tony received a thump on the chest followed by, ‘That hurt, but it was fun, and I enjoyed it!’ from his daughter.

She then added, ‘I’m a little sore; so, we will have to wait to try it again’.

The pair have a snack lunch with coffee for Sonya and tea for her father. The afternoon was spent taking a shower and dressing ready to go out for treat number three, a birthday dinner. A taxi collected father and daughter from his apartment to commence their evening out, it drops the duo at the “Red Jet” for a short boat trip to Southampton, where Tony had another taxi to take them to the “Milan Italian Restaurant” for their meal.

Sonya was in raptures with the choice and quality of the food, plus the nicely chilled Pinot Grigio. When the dessert arrived, there was a small flood of tears due to the gift that Tony had previously arranged to be brought to the table. At the same moment, the restaurant staff also sing “Happy Birthday”. The present was matching earrings and necklace studded with Nordic Blue coloured gems to match her eyes. The tears are followed by, a very sloppy French kiss, with a small ripple of embarrassing applause in the restaurant.

The manager boxes up the dessert gateau so we can take it with us, as Sonya is more interested in her present than eating. There is transport, to return us to the “Red Jet” followed by a taxi home after arriving back on the island. Sonya is hugging me the whole trip whispering her thanks in my ear.

When the pair had returned to Tony’s apartment, he place the dessert gateau in the refrigerator before anything else. Sonya then requested that her father sit in his, lovely leather wingback, armchair; while she prepared a nightcap for them both. She returned with two glasses of brandy and hands them to her father. Sonya then unzipped the bottom section of her dress, which allowed her to straddle her father’s legs and place her backside on my knees, as she slid her own knees down either side of her father. When comfortable, Sonya took back one of the glasses.

As she sips her brandy Sonya commented, ‘I noticed you have your own “Jasper” Harrods Bear with 2014 in the paw, but he is dressed differently. Mine in his naval uniform has pride of place on the bed beside me, so you are with me every night, and I can say „Gute Nacht”, to my Papa before going to sleep’.

Tony then asked, ‘Have you and your mother stopped arguing over the uniform on the bears?’

Sonya responded, ‘No, but she has stopped trying to take mine’.

Tony leant forwards and give his daughter a kiss on the lips to ease the frown şirinevler escort on her face, causing a frisson down his own spine. His daughter added, ‘His cap and backpack sit on my dresser and tonight for you’.

Sonya then unzipped her dress all the way to the top and allowed it to fall away: revealing that she was wearing one of the “Victoria’s Secret” sheer scarlet outfits, her father had given her last Christmas.

Little Tony was at full attention and straining to become untethered, with the sight before Tony’s eyes. Sonya then stood and placed her empty brandy glass on the table, before she started a small erotic dance in front of her father, in that delightful scarlet coloured “Lace Plunge Teddy” outfit, which elegantly hugged her body and enhanced the view of her well-shaped labia majora.

The result of which is to, sexually speaking, drive Tony barmy, and he emitted an enigmatic wolf’s growl of approval as he stood. Sonya gave little squeals in contra valere and darted for the bedroom. Her father followed divesting himself of clothes on the way, to arrive fully naked with Sonya lounging very provocatively on the bed in her scarlet “Lace Teddy”.

Tony gently removed the “Lace Teddy” and place the soaking crotch in his mouth to suck his daughter’s juices at the same time as inhaling the aroma of her essence, which added to the aroused state.

After which, her father proceeded to jump on the bed, receiving still more squeals from Sonya as the pair tussled until she submitted. At which point, Tony slowly prised the large and purple head of his phallus into his daughter’s vagina. On gradually easing his weapon into her a thought traversed her father’s mind, “I want to make love to Sonya as it is her birthday, not just a wham-bam sex session, like earlier”.

Sonya realised the delicate nature of her father’s advance and allowed him to begin the gentle kissing of her face, then down her neck onto her breasts and subsequently her nipples. All the while, Tony gently slid in ‘n’ out of his daughter’s vagina. All the dispensing of love and affection was earning delicate moans and groans of enjoyment from Sonya.

As her father increased tempo, he began to feel climaxes building in both their bodies. The increase in her father’s lunges, induced stronger moans and groans of delight from Sonya, in contra valere.

The gentle love session lasted over thirty minutes before Sonya’s orgasm began and his daughter wrapped her thighs and legs around her father’s body causing an utterance of ‘Aaaarrrggghhh’ as Tony bottomed out on his daughter’s secret gateway releasing his load deep inside Sonya’s vagina.

Sonya kept herself impaled on her father’s weapon, with the leg lock she had him in. That was until the rigidness of Tony’s manhood began to diminish, and his daughter allowed him to move and lie on the bed beside her gasping. Whilst father and daughter regained their composure and their breathing returned to normal.

At which point, his daughter declared, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you. You have given me a wonderful birthday. Thank You!’

Tony pulled the duvet over the pair, and as he did, they spooned together with the deflating penis rubbing against the crevice of his daughter’s backside. It also allowed her father to envelop his daughter’s breasts in his hands as the couple fall asleep.

Tony awoke next morning still spooned with his daughter, but with one difference his morning erection was trying to insert itself into to her anus. Sonya was not entirely pleased with her father’s attempts to enter her backdoor and quickly moved and took his penis in her mouth for a morning fellatio, which her father had not received for a few months. Once satisfied with her morning milk drink she headed for the shower. Tony joined his daughter for some fun and games, which were curtailed a little as it was a calm, fine, and bright morning and Sonya wanted to see some of my island home.

Tony suggested, ‘Why don’t we go and visit my father, your grandfather, or should I say. Visit the viewpoint where my dad’s ashes are scattered’. Sonya agreed! The date was the 10th anniversary of his death, so it was kind of agreeable to have company.

When the pair arrived at the site, the sun decided to poke its head out with shafts of light moving around the hilltop, from which the views, as you gaze out to sea, were spectacular for about 270° around the horizon.

Sonya exclaimed, ‘This is perfect!!’

Then followed with, ‘I understand what your father liked about this place! You chose well for him’.

As the pair stand there contemplating in silence, a tear ran down her father’s cheek, which Sonya kissed away and asked, ‘Why the tear in such a lovely place?’

Tony responded, his voice a little shaky, ‘It is because you were never able to meet him when he was alive. He would have adored you!’

Sonya then hugged her father tight, with sympathy and respect.

The couple were stood there a good twenty minutes; holding each other, taking in the surroundings and view; before Tony ventured to return to the car.

As the pair were leaving, father lead the way, about halfway back to the car his daughter scurried up behind him and exclaimed in him ear, with a whispered tone, „Jemand hat gerade meinen Hintern geschlagen!” (‘Someone has just slapped my butt!’)

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