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[[Hello! Going to be a bit of a killjoy here – some of you don’t like how it’s going, well then can you stop reading please? I write these for myself and choose to share them with you, I don’t write them for you. The ending has been written long, long ago and it will not change. Thank you for the comments and emails, they are appreciated.]]


Leander walked into the bar. It was pretty empty, not a lot of people went out drinking on a Thursday. He walked over to one of the booths and slid in, waiting for his companion to arrive.

Leander: I am here x

He pulled his hair into a loose pony tail and leant back. He needed some relief and he knew he wouldn’t get it from Nile or Jason, they were too close to the problem.

“Hey sexy.” Noah slid in opposite him and placed a bottle of beer down. “What’s the problem?” Leander groaned and explained his sudden, reignited interest in Jason, Trevor’s reluctance to try new sexual things and his insecurity.

“I love Trevor it’s just…” Leander waved his arms. “I don’t know.”

“It’s just that you’re fucking crazy about your ex.” Noah said flatly. Leander looked over at him. “What? Don’t you look puzzled at me. We’ve known each other a while, you’d just split from him for good when we met if I remember correctly.” Leander smiled, they had met outside the club one night, Leander had driven him home and they had made out for a while though it didn’t go far as Noah told him he didn’t bottom and Leander responded the same, but they had stayed close friends. “You were crazy over him then, on the rebound fucking everything that came your way. Now you’ve got this boyfriend who fills the need for a boyfriend but your heart is still with Jason.”

“Is it that obvious?” Leander frowned, asking his beer more than Noah.

“Yes.” Noah nodded. “At the club he’s the only person you look at. You watch each movement, each step, everything he does. When you talk to someone else you still look at him. All that sexy dancing makes you overly horny and it’s Jason you focus on.”

“What should I do?” Leander looked miserable.

“Well.” Noah drawled taking a drink from his bottle. “You either focus on Trevor and get on with your life being with him…” Noah stopped. “Or you leave him, as loving someone else isn’t that nice for him.”

“Yeah.” Leander nodded slowly.

“Plus you need to sort yourself out, it’s making you look drained and tired. It can’t be good for you.” Noah put his hand on his lightly. “So. How’s Nile?”

“Urgh!” Leander laughed. “So I come here, drinking on a school night, to ask for life advice and you just want to check up on a potential fuck!”

“No! No!” Noah laughed. “I have talked with you, I have told you what I think wether it’s what you waned to hear or not. Now I lighten the mood by asking about your severely hot friend.”

“Nile is good. He has a date this weekend so I am not sure you’ll be getting anything off him.” Leander smiled. “I am not sure he’d put out, he’s never really been with a guy. Obviously he had a brief fling with Jason but I am not sure if he’d let you top him.”

“Aah but that is the fun in trying!” Noah smiled naughtily. “Its great to turn them.”

“Well you better hope that his date doesn’t work out!” Leander said. “But I hear he’s pretty much on a promise.”

“Bleh. Straight sex. There’s nothing worse!” Noah shuddered and they laughed. They stayed for about an hour more before they parted ways. Noah said that he’s see them Friday if they were out, Leander told him that it all depended on Trevor.

Thursday had been hell. Trevor was still a little needy and Leander was feeling confused and worn out. Nile and Jason pretty much kept themselves to themselves, Nick sat with them and Jason stroked his side softly, feeling Leander’s eyes on him. He knew the beautiful blonde had some issues to resolve and he wondered if his own feelings would come into play. Jason reckoned that he was probably just horny, he had loved the sex he’d had with Leander, raw, primal but it was more than that. He felt loved, he felt completely and totally loved and he’d loved him in return. He maybe should’ve said it more. That is what he missed with Nick, there was a type of love there but it was more lust with them. By the time Leander returned to his house with Trevor he was exhausted. Trevor seemed to be in a happier mood, he snuggled up on Leander, grinding onto his lap and kissing at his neck. Leander held him and kissed him back, pulling him close. Trevor slid back and began to feel at Leander’s crotch. Normally he’d be hard by now but there was no growing bulge there. Leander just didn’t feel up to it. He was confused and unhappy with how he was feeling and the talk with Noah hadn’t helped. He had hoped Noah would just tell him what he had wanted to hear but being a true friend, he hadn’t. But he didn’t want another argument with Trevor, so he focussed his attention to another attractive black haired boy and let the guilt wash over him. Trevor seemed happy when he felt Leander’s cock grown under his touch. He freed it and stroked it for a while before wrapping his lips around it.

“Ohh yeah.” Leander moaned, leaning his head back on the wall. Trevor was good at giving head, very good for a first timer anyway. Leander congratulated güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri himself for being such a good teacher. But by the gods Jason was the best. His lips, his tongue, his tongue stud, his deep throating skills. It was amazing sliding into that throat, feeling him pressed against him, humming his own pleasure at sucking cock. Oh so good. Looking down on that beautiful face when he’d come into his mouth, knowing he swallowed it happily, seeing his lips swollen from his cock sucking, shiny with spit and his cum. Swooping down to kiss them, tasting his cum on his lips, feeling his own need burning between his thighs. “Oh god Jason I’m going to come!” Leander moaned loudly and started to shoot. He felt Trevor’s mouth leave his cock and looked to see him, the jets of cum had landed on his face, he looked pissed.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Trevor scowled.

“Huh, what?” Leander looked confused.

“You called me Jason.” Trevor wiped his face with his shirt.

“No I didn’t.” Leander shook his head.

“You fucking did.” Trevor snapped. “Were you thinking of him?”

“No!” Leander sat up, tucking himself away. “I wasn’t at all!”

“Then why did you say it?” Trevor was close to tears again.

“I didn’t even realize I did!” Leander tried to hold him but he pushed him away. “Trevor please.” The guilt was killing him, but he had to make Trevor think it was an accident. He grabbed the now crying boy and held him. “Seriously, I wasn’t thinking of him.”

“I want to go home.” Trevor stood and headed for the door.

“No, gorgeous, stay, please.” Leander followed him.

“I think I’d be happier at home tonight.” Trevor wiped at his eyes and shook his head.

“I’ll walk you.” Leander offered.

“I don’t need any help getting home.” Trevor snapped and left. Leander sat on the end of the bed and put his head in his hands.

“Fuck.” He said to himself. Leander lay on his bed and sighed to himself, he was tired. He took off his clothes and went to shower and then he got into bed. Whatever happened he decided this weekend he was going to get wankered, wether Trevor like it or not.

Friday came and the tension was unbearable. Trevor was so upset at what had happened that he hadn’t even told Nick about it. He was talking to Leander again, they had had a quick chat and a kiss in the morning but he was still pissed off.

“Are you excited about your date Nile?” Claudia asked.

“Eh not really.” Nile shook his head.

“A shag’s a shag!” Jason grinned widely. “Just get it done.”

“You are so crass at times.” Claudia scolded.

“I am just being truthful! From what I’ve heard she’s seen you a few times with Jasmine and she wants your dick.” Jason made a lewd gesture and then laughed, he did amuse himself. Nile rolled his eyes and ignored him.

That night Leander went to Trevor’s before heading out, Trevor had said that it was fine but he wanted to check just in case. Trevor seemed brighter and apologized for his recent behavior. Leander told him that it was okay and he’d spend the next week making him happy. They kissed until it got hot and steamy then Leander had to drag himself away to go meet the others.

Nile was hating every minute of his night. The girl he’d been set up with was nice enough. Great tits but a total air head. She’d mentioned her hair at least four times, her ex twice and then explained at great length how her fingernails looked so healthy. The other guys and girls he was with kept him company, they chatted and laughed together. It was nice to see them, a bit of a change from his normal social outings but he did prefer his time with Leander and Jason more. Melissa shifted her positing and revealed more of her olive brown thigh, Nile watched with great interest. She was in a, slightly slutty, red dress that had a slit up the side, no back and pushed her already large breasts higher. Nile got another couple of drinks in and chatted with Melissa again, she eased up after a couple of drinks and was soon hinting that they should probably move on.

“My parents are away all weekend.” She said with a wink. They parted from their friends with a few good natured insults about ditching them to have sex and walked to her parents house. It was a nice house, not very big but it had a nice garden. She took him in the front door and began to kiss him as soon as she was in. Her hot mouth on his, he tasted alcohol on her as she thrust her tongue into his desperately seeking his. They took it upstairs and she lay under him on the bed, he ran his hands up her sides and round to her breasts cupping them and feeling their weight. She moaned against his lips and began to undo his shirt. Soon he was down to his boxers and she was fully naked under him. He had found that she had no panties on when he slid a hand up her thigh and found her neatly trimmed bush already wet with her own juices. She moaned as a finger rubbed against her clit softly, moving in small circles. Niles lips had found a nipple and were suckling on it, making the girl cry out in lust. “Mm Nile…” She arched her back as he slid a finger, then another into her wet pussy. “Oh yeah, that’s so good.” Nile kissed along her neck, pinching her nipple until she was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri almost begging for his cock. He smiled to himself, moving down the bed and settling between her thighs. He spread her pussy apart and began to lick gently at her clit. She howled with delight so loudly he thought he’d hurt her for a second. When he was satisfied she was okay he carried on. Lapping at her nub with his tongue, drawing lazy circles around it while moving his fingers in and out of her body. He sucked and swirled his tongue around her, rubbing the cool metal stud against her clit, she was moaning constantly now, squeezing her own nipples and breathing fast. He increased his sped and thrust his fingers into her faster and she began to scream. “Oh god Nile I am coming!” She shook with orgasmic shudders beneath his tongue, when she had settled he sat back and looked at her, his cock hard inside his boxers, he finger fucked her for a while until she cried out with need. “I need you in me now!”

“Condoms?” Nile kissed her again.

“Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” She said, stroking her hands down her body paying attention to her hard pink nipples, twisting them between her fingers.

“Yeah, I always sheath up.” Nile told her. “Do you have any?” She shook her head. “I have some in my wallet…” He started to move but she began to wail.

“Nooo Nile, I don’t like condoms. How will I feel the real you? I need you inside me. No one has ever made me come like that. This is meant to be! I need to connect with you. lease, become one with me.” She was slipping her fingers in and out of her pussy, sliding her hand up to her clit and rubbing it furiously, tears falling from her eyes. Nile started to look worried.

“Uh…maybe this was a bad idea.” He got off her and grabbed his jeans.

“Noo, I really like you. I’ve liked you forever. I’ve seen you with that girl, I know I can give you more than she can!” Melissa crawled towards him, she suddenly seemed really drunk. “Let me give you a blow job!” She grabbed at his boxers, his erection had disappeared when she started to talk about connecting with him.

“No!” Nile stumbled backwards dragging his jeans up his body. He threw his shirt around his shoulders and left the room. He walked into her bathroom and washed his hands and face before going to leave. As he left he heard her shout ‘I’ll call you!’ after him.

Noah, Jason and a few of the friends were outside the club when a shadowy figure began to walk up the street.

“Is that Nile?” Leander asked. They all nodded.

“Hm, his date must be over. Maybe he fucked her and has left her.” Jason offered. Nile walked towards them, flicking ash as he smoked. He smiled at them. “Well?!”

“Oh my god. What a total cluster fuck.” Nile put a hand to his head. “I ate her out until she came and when I went to fuck her she started to cry as she didn’t like condoms and wanted to feel connected to me as it was meant to be.” He shook his head as his friends laughed at his encounter.

“Duude.” Jason laughed. “You pulled a psycho!” Nile nodded. They were clearly bemused by their friends dreadful date. They spoke about it for a while, laughing and mocking him. “Lets get you a drink to get the taste of pussy out of your mouth.”

“Dude so vile!” Nile grinned. They headed back inside the warm club. The music was thumping and the drinks started to flow, Nile felt his crappy mood lifting and began to relax into the comfort of his friends. He sat in his favourite booth with a few of Noah’s friends watching as Leander and Noah brought some drinks up. Leander had started on shots, his intention of getting drunk was well under way. He handed Nile one. “I’ll be on my ass after a few of these.” Nile swallowed it down. The guy to his right was called Ryan and he was clearly uncomfortable being there. Nile chatted with him and found out that he was a straight friend of Noah’s and he had ended up being dragged along. “Oh I know how that feels, I end up here most weekends. Still, it is same from obsessive women.”

“Yeah you just have to put up with the guys that chase you.” Leander smirked and pointed to Noah who was chatting to a guy with brown hair and glasses. Noah’s friends laughed and Nile just scowled. Leander sat opposite Nile as he chatted with Ryan about some zombie movie. He thought he’d text Trevor, see how his night was going.

Leander: Hey gorgeous, night okay? x

Trevor: Yeah.

Leander frowned. One word answer? That wasn’t like Trevor at all.

Leander: You sure? You’re not mad again are you? x

Trevor: No. I am just busy.

Leander: With? x

Trevor: God, stuff. I have other things in life apart from you.

Leander: Whoa okay. Sorry. 🙁 x

Trevor: Go have fun with Jason.

Leander scowled. Trevor had been absolutely fine when they had talked. He had apologized a million times for calling him Jason. He stood and pulled Nile along to the bar for more drinks. They stayed downstairs for a while doing shots and talking to some of the regulars. When they came back up Jason and Noah passed them on the stairs with Ryan. Jason was going to smoke and Noah was going for more drink. Leander and Nile leant on the railing and viewed the movement of the club. Leander watched güvenilir bahis şirketleri Jason as he made his way through the crowd, stopping to talk to people or getting approached by interested parties. He smiled to himself. He loved that boy. He loved him more than he had loved anything in his life and he had to have him back. But what about Trevor? Trevor was awesome and he didn’t want to hurt him but … Nile snapped him out of his thoughts.

“You’re in love with him aren’t you?” Nile said watching the blond track his progression through the club. Leander nodded, peeling the label off his bottle. “Then fucking go get him you jackass.” Leander looked at him shocked. “He is fucking crazy about you. My god, when you broke up I had to console him for hours. He was hell to be around. Casey and Josh said it was like living with a demon. Then you got with Trevor and it all started again, bad moods, drinking, crying, boning anything he could. You shouldn’t have broken up, fucktards.” Leander appreciated the honesty of drunk Nile.

“I will sort it.” Leander promised, wanting to get him off the topic. He didn’t want him drunkenly telling everyone around them about his issues. “So. Plans with Noah tonight are..?”

“Don’t start that shit.” Nile waved a finger at him. “He’s too busy chatting up that guy with glasses anyway.”

“Aww, jealous?” Leander teased then went silent. “Have you slept with him?”

“Who? Noah? No!” Nile frowned.

“I don’t mean Noah.” Leander looked away. He had wanted to ask this question for so long. Now on the night that would decide how his life went, he felt he could ask it.

“Oh.” Nile suddenly sobered up. “No. No I haven’t. There were a couple of times when we came close but we knew it’d ruin our friendship, and before you ask no, I don’t regret not doing it. Is this why you’ve always been a bit hostile with me?” Leander nodded. “Well now you’ve nothing to worry about. He’s always been yours.” Nile smiled as Noah and Ryan came back with drinks, Jason returned with more drinks too. They chatted for a while, Leander checked his phone often but Trevor hadn’t made any contact. He finished his drink and stood.

“Mister Biggs, shall we dance?” He asked the already swaying Jason who nodded. He took his hand and they moved onto the dance floor.

“D’ya think they’ll finally fuck tonight?” Noah asked the table, they nodded their agreement. “It’s about bloody time. I am getting sick of this sexual tension. Speaking of sexual tension…Nile, how are you?” Noah winked and the table laughed again.

“You’re not going to get away from him you know.” One guy said. “Just accept it and your life will be easier.”

“Yeah but I’m not really up for this ‘turn the guy then forget him’ shit.” Nile grinned. “Plus the whole not gay thing is an issue…”

“Not an issues for me gorgeous!” Noah winked. “Weren’t you just trying to get a quickie off some tart?”

“Well, yeah but you just want the challenge. I knew she was up for it.” Nile put his bottle down.

“Mmm you’d be my favourite conquest.” Noah leered at him. Nile rolled his eyes. “Come on, dance!” He stood. Nile protested but Ryan helped to shove him up and Noah practically dragged him down the stairs and into the main throng of the dancers. There were people everywhere and Nile found himself pressed against the mechanic’s hard body. He was forced to move against it as the crowd pulsated. “You okay baby boy?” Noah had to talk right into his ear, his breath tickled.

“Don’t call me that.” Nile groaned into Noah’s ear.

“I’d never think of you as just a challenge.” Noah’s face was so close, he could feel Nile next to him, he put his hands on his hips and the other didn’t pull away. He was breaking him. “You never answered my question anyway.”

“What question?” Nile asked pulling away slightly, he looked at the handsome mechanic before him. His shaved head bar that strip of a short mohawk, chiseled jawline, five o’clock shadow and beautiful eyes. He felt his body heat against him, their crotches pushed together moving in time. Noah pressed close to his ear.

“Can I kiss you?” Noah looked at him, saw the drunken boy thinking over his options then ever so slightly nod. He leant down and captured Nile’s lips with his own, feeling them, warm and soft. He tightened his hold on him and found Nile’s hands against his chest as he deepened the kiss, letting his tongue wander over the other’s lips. Seeking out that pierced tongue that he’d been imagining when he jacked off. Nile couldn’t believe he was kissing him again, he thought by getting with Melissa that he might have curbed his interest in Leander’s handsome friend. But now, pressed against him, he was totally enthralled. He moved his hands down his chest feeling the six pack that lurked underneath and felt a tingle run down his body straight into his groin. He gasped a little and Noah pressed into him harder, getting across in his movements what the pierced boy did to him. They kissed as they moved, the crowd keeping up its rhythm. Nile put his arms around Noah’s neck and let himself get lost in the kiss. Noah was a fantastic kisser, sweet and soft but at the same time he was firm and devouring. Nile had never been kissed like this, Noah’s lips and tongue were driving him crazy, he kissed him back never wanting it to end. When Noah broke away he spoke into Nile’s ear. “Come back to mine.” His eyes danced under the clubs lights. Sober Nile would have said no, hell, Sober Nile wouldn’t have let himself get into this situation in the first place. But Drunk Nile was in charge now and he nodded again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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