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I walk in with a loud group of friends laughing and talking. From across the room, our eyes meet almost immediately. Your penetrating stare takes my breath away and I’m momentarily speechless. I quickly tear my gaze away from you, only to return to the same brown eyes.

My friends pull me back into their conversation, but it’s hard to concentrate on my friend’s story. Suddenly, the chatter and the laughter stop. I know it’s you. I can feel you standing behind me even before you reach out to me. Everyone is staring as I slowly turn around. You smile as our eyes meet.

“Hello, I’m pretty sure I know you from somewhere.”

My heart stutters. Smiling, “Yes, you do.”

Your head leans to one side as you contemplate my answer.

“It’s been several years, peaches.”

Blushing, you know I remember all too well. Memories of online bubble baths, Yahoo messaging, shower pics and friendship flash between us.

“It’s been too long, Rob.” You slowly nod your head in agreement.

We settle into the bursa escort usual back and forth banter that always came easy between the two of us. The night moves quickly and my friends are ready to leave. I’m torn. I don’t want to leave you. As I say goodnight, I quietly mention to you where we are staying. You nod and smile. Our eyes speak while our lips remain quiet. I take one last look back as I leave the bar.

A couple of hours pass and my thoughts wander to our chance meeting. It was so good to see you again. We still click even after all these years. A soft knock on the door pulls me from the past. I jump up to open the door, half expecting to see one of my friends, and there you stand.

A look of uncertainty crosses your face, then a grin slowly forms when you see your favorite smile on me. We stand there staring at one another. Oh, the rush of memories!

Then your strong arms wrap around me and pull me against you as your lips touch mine. Tenderly you kiss me, then with much urgency our kiss intensifies and bursa escort bayan we fall backward into the room. Our hands pulling, tugging, unbuttoning the fabric that separates our yearning bodies. Your mouth travels from my red lips down my neck to my exposed breasts.

Goosebumps decorate my skin. My breath hitches as you pluck my nipple with your teeth. My hands travel from around your neck, down your torso, to your long hard cock. My fingers softly dance up and down your cock.

You turn me and lay me down on the bed. Your lips trail kisses from my breasts all the way down to my peach. You inhale my fresh scent for the first time.

“Warm vanilla sugar,” you whisper with a smile.

I nod ever so slightly. A low groan sounds deep within your throat. You hold my right leg up in the air and kiss along the inside of it until you reach my peach again.

You catch my eye while your tongue runs between my wet lips. A soft moan escapes my lips as you find my clit no longer soft. The room turns fuzzy and begins escort bursa to spin as you make me scream in ecstasy over and over and over again.

“Rob! My turn, please!”

You stand with a grin and extend a hand to help me upright. I lick my hungry lips. You take a small step toward me. Your cock directly at my eye level.

My hand wraps around your shaft and gently tugs your pulsing cock. I lean my head toward your cock. Looking up, I catch you watching me. My tongue licks circles around your tip, then down along the underside and back up. My soft lips wrap around your tip and I begin to suck your hard cock.

Up. Down. My tongue flattens along the underside of your cock. My fingers slowly find your balls and massage gently. A deep moan escapes my lips and vibrates along your cock as I continue to suck up and down, back and forth, faster and faster until your body trembles.

I hear your carnal moan and satisfaction shoots through me as you shout my name, “Amy!”

We collapse on the bed. Your arms tightly around me. Our breathing slowing as a smile appears on both of our faces. You lean down and kiss me.

“Now that we have that out of the way,” you whisper.

I know neither one of us will be sleeping much tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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