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Asa Akira

So much happened after our cousin’s wedding. I’ll take a minute to catch you up…

The day after the wedding, John and his Mrs had a huge argument about the affair he was meant to be having with that bridesmaid. John ended up moving out of their house and moving in with me.

As much as I loved my brother, he was a pain to live with. He was messy and never cleared up after himself. The fun we had together made up for the mess though.

Things between us were getting even better. We were closer than ever, I’d moved past just brotherly love.

I think we are all caught up now.

We’d had sex almost every night in the couple of months before this all happened but this was totally different for us. We found our kinky side…

John was walking out of the bathroom as I walked upstairs. I had an amazing view of his butt as he made his way into our bedroom. I followed slowly behind him, almost involuntary.

In the bedroom, I crept up behind him and planted a soft kiss at the bottom of his neck. John jumped a little, having not heard me stalking him. Fresh from the shower, he smelled amazing.

I wrapped my arms around him, placing my hands on his solid abdomen. John placed his hands on top of mine, sliding his fingers between mine. He leaned his head back, resting it on my head. Having him naked and that close, made my cock twinge.

Egged on by my semi, I freed my hands and gently ran them up John’s six pack. John shivered as I made my way to his chest, connecting with his nipples. His left nipple was pieced, which I’ve always loved.

I teased his right nipple, lightly brushing my finger tips over it. I don’t know why I did it but I suddenly squeezed it hard. I was expecting him to turn and slap me playfully but he loved it. He hissed as if it hurt then hummed with pleasure.

The hand not playing with his nipple found its way down to John’s crotch. I’d expected to feel a semi cock but he was throbbing. His dick jumped as I pinched his nip once again.

My own cock was now fully erect, motivated by my brother throbbing in my hand.

I loosened my grip and moved to stand in front of him. Looking into his beautiful green eyes, I saw the hunger. I knew he needed to have me as much as I needed him.

“I have an idea baby.” I announced, with istanbul escort a little concern that he wouldn’t like it.

“What’s that sweetheart?” He asked, brushing my cheek with the back of his hand.

“Come here.” I almost demanded, as I took him by the hand.

I walked him across the room and stopped beside the bed.

“Lay down on the bed.” I ordered with a stern voice.

“Yes sir.” He responded. He meant it as a joke at first but I loved it, it turned me on even more.

I went to my knees and pulled my black box from under the bed. I saw John trying to see what I was doing, peaking over the side of the bed.

“Oi, close your eyes bitch.” I snapped with authority.

“Yes sir.” He said as he relaxed his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Taking the lid off the box, I revealed all my toys and accessories. In the box there were dildos, whips, and other things. None of which I had ever used since getting them.

I reached into the box and pulled out a pair of leather handcuffs and a red silk tie. Items in hand, I stood and looked at him for a few seconds. The sight of my brother laid out for me really had my heart racing.

After climbing onto the bed, I straddled John’s waist. I planted my butt right on his fat cock, tormenting him. I rubbed against his meat as I reached up and placed his hands above his head.

Using the black leather cuffs, I tied his hands to the bars in the headboard. I gave him one gentle peck on his soft lips and sat back up.

I lifted myself off his throbbing cock and stood to the side of the bed.

“Fucking tease.” He said, almost sounding annoyed.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” I snapped as I slapped the right side of his face.

“Yes sir.” He said.

Using his hair, I pulled his head up and wrapped the tie around his eyes. After making sure that he couldn’t see anything, I started to undress.

Once naked, I reached over and took hold of johns cock. He was so hard, it felt like he was about to explode. I started stroking his meat slowly.

He began to bite his lip, when I picked up the pace. Gripping his cock tightly, I began wanking him off as fast as I could. I knew that he wouldn’t last long like that.

As his avcılar escort moans got louder, I knew he was getting close. I stopped playing with cock and loosened my grip. He let out a little growl of frustration.

I bent over and reached back into my box of tricks. I found a short riding crop and pulled it out the box. I teased him with the crop, brushing his face and body with it.

I raised the crop into the air and quickly brought it back down, connecting with his chest. He jumped and hissed at the “pain”. I whipped him a few more times, on his chest, abs and his thighs.

John must of been loving it. His cock started leaking pre-cum onto his abdomen. I couldn’t control myself, I had to have a taste. I Climbed onto the bed, in between his legs.

“Oh fuck.” John moaned as I slid my tongue up his shaft.

I connected with the head of his cock, instantly getting a taste of his juices. His pre tasted so sweet, as his cum always has. I was so turned on, my own cock began to leak.

After licking and sucking his cock clean, I was even more turned on. I moved up the bed, kissing up John’s body on the way. I positioned myself so my crotch was right in John’s face.

“Open your mouth bitch!” I ordered.

Without hesitation, he opened his mouth wide. I stuffed my pre covered cock into his mouth. He gagged when I shoved my whole cock into his mouth and down his throat.

“Choke on it you fucking Fag!” I tormented.

I began to fuck my brothers mouth hard and fast, filling it with more and more pre. He gagged and choked each time that I went balls deep. I felt the pressure building within my cock, I was gonna cum. I pulled out of his mouth quickly, managing to back it up and stop myself from cumming.

I Climbed off John and got off the bed. Looking into the black box, I saw a toy. It was a vibrating butt plug. I had never got to use it before, this seemed like the perfect time.

I grabbed the plug and a bottle of lube from the bedside table. I went back to the position between his legs. I lifted his legs, arching them, revealing his gorgeous butt hole.

I squeezed some of the lube onto my fingers, making sure that I had enough. I slid my wet hand across John’s hole, making him gasp with pleasure. I felt him opening for şirinevler escort me as I slid two of my fingers deep inside him.

After playing with his hole, opening him up for me, I grabbed the butt plug from beside me. I pressed the tip of the cone shaped hole against the outside of ass. His amazing hole opened up, accepting the toy.

His ass opened more and more as I worked the plug inside him. He moaned loudly as he reached the widest part of it.

“Good boy” I said, as I pushed the last inch of the toy inside him.

On the base of the toy, there was a power button. I turned the toy on and it started to vibrate at its highest setting. John was almost screaming with pleasure at the sensation.

I pulled is legs back down the bed, making sure that the toy stayed deep within him. His cock was leaking much more than it had before.

I sat there for a few minutes, watching him enjoy the butt plug. He wiggled and moaned as I teased his balls with my fingertips.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I had to cum. I positioned myself so that out cocks were meeting. I took hold of both our cocks in one hand. The toy was so power I could feel it vibrating through his cock.

I started to rub out cocks together, wanking us both off. I knew it wouldn’t take either of us long to cum, I picked up the pace and stroked fast and hard.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

“Me too sir” he replied, gasping for air.

We moaned loudly as we both came at the same time. Both cocks shot a huge load over John, covering his abs and chest in our juices.

The last of our cum dribbled onto my finger. I released our still stiff cocks raised my hand up to John’s face.

“Open your mouth!” I demanded.

Still behaving, John opened his mouth. I slipped two fingers into his mouth, feeding him the cum that had landed on them. He licked at my fingers, cleaning them. He hummed, enjoying the taste.

I sat back up, lifted John’s legs again and pulled out the butt plug. His hole stayed open a little after having the toy.

I was still horny and hard. I pressed my cock against his hole, which seemed to swallow my cock, pulling me into him. I started to fuck Johns ass hard and fast.

“Oh fuck me sir!” He moaned, grinding his butt.

The toy had made his insides cold. This just made me very sensitive. I came in no time, shooting another huge load deep inside of him.

After pulling out of him, I dropped myself onto the bed, and lay beside John, both of us trying to catch our breaths. I cuddled up to my brother, leaving him tied to the bed and covered in our cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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