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Sadhana’s baby was still fast asleep as the train moved in a snails pace inching alongside the platforms. A sense of unknown excitement went through her as she was restlessly thinking when the train would eventually halt. She looked through the window to check where Ramani, her brother was standing on the platform. Her eyes were lit with joy immediately after seeing him standing close to the main entrance and she began waving her hands at him. Ramani who kept scanning the compartments as they went past him, smiled with relief to see his sister waving from inside the compartment and began moving fast, keeping pace with the slowing train. Sadhana could see her brother almost jumping through the door even before the train stopped and within seconds he emerged from the passage with a smile that has always been synonymous of him.

“Welcome,” He greeted as the train neared its halt with a loud noise of wheels screaming against the rails.

“You could have waited till the train stopped,” Sadhana gently admonished her brother although with a smile.

“Don’t bother,” Ramani brushed her off and leaned forward to have a look at the little child who was still sleeping.

“Hello queen!” Ramani called out loudly. “Wake up, your empire is here.”

The child kept sleeping in spite of all the noises that one can hear in any railway station after a train arrives. Ramani decided not to bother the child anymore as he began picking up his sister’s luggage and began walking towards the door. The child continued its sleep on Sadhana’s shoulders as they began squeezing themselves out of the crowd.

It was Sadhana’s first visit in almost two years. The last time she had visited was for her first delivery and since then she simply couldn’t make it. Her eyes widened in excitement immediately after exiting the railway station as she could see the same palm trees on either side of the road leading to the railway station. The gentle breeze which normally blows during this part of the year looked as though it was greeting her and her child. Ramani quickly fixed up an auto rickshaw without much hassle and soon the three-wheeler began its jumping journey on the humpy road. Sadhana could see the dense coconut groves in the distance standing like tall fences to the green paddy fields spreading over a few hundred acres of land. The breeze began to blow heavily as the auto rickshaw took a turn and began speeding on the highway.

“Our town has not changed a bit,” Sadhana said smiling all the way.

“True,” Ramani admitted and quipped at once. “But you have changed a lot.”

“Is it so?” Sadhana queried as though she couldn’t believe what her brother had just said. Ramani just nodded his head as he began looking out watching the greeneries.

“What is the change you see in me?” Sadhana giggled as she asked her brother somewhat curiously.

Ramani turned for a moment and said with a broad smile, “I have always seen you in sarees. But you seem to have switched to churidars.”

“Oh. I find sarees are uncomfortable especially while traveling,” Sadhana replied at once although she was surprised to hear her brother make a comment about her attire. Ramani has never been the sort of the guy who makes any mention about women’s attire. She presumed it could be a very natural reaction from her brother after seeing her in an outfit that was almost unknown in a town like where they belonged to. She wrapped her child with the blanket as the wind was blowing very hard. She could see through the corner of her eyes that her brother turned occasionally to have a glance at her. He smiled at her every time their eyes met and she kept reciprocating.

Ramani, the eldest of nine children in the family was in his early forties. In sharp contrast to their father who remained irresponsible to the core, Ramani had taken up the huge responsibility of the family on his young shoulders even while he was in college. He had managed to find out some part-time jobs with which he was substantially supporting the family monetarily. Their father who worked as a Village Development Officer, retired almost five years ago and since then Ramani has been the head of the family in every sense. He had forgone higher education although he topped the ranks at college; he had even forgone marriage. Of course, it had become a bit too late for him to even think about marriage after he had struggled to ensure a steady life to all his brothers and sisters. Ramani was always held in high esteem by one and all amongst the friends and relatives and rightfully so. He had never shown even a hint of selfishness all these years.

The rickshaw eventually entered the village and Sadhana began watching the streets like a kid. There were no signs of urbanization as the village looked as it was decades ago. She remembered those days when she learned bicycling on the same street where the rickshaw was riding at that moment. The annual festival in the big temple of the village always remained a great feature with thousands of pilgrims thronging in from various parts of bostancı escort the state. Sadhana’s heart began to beat faster as she could see their house in the distance. She could see her father standing out as if he was awaiting her arrival eagerly. The moment the rickshaw stopped, she hurriedly picked up her child, got out of the rickshaw impatiently and rushed towards her father.

She watched her father’s eyes glitter in joy after seeing the child. After a few customary exchange of greetings, she got into the house, jumping two steps at one go like a little school girl. It has always been an emotional moment whenever she met her mother since her marriage. She knew that her mother had undergone a knee replacement surgery and it wasn’t easy to conceal her shock looking at her mother who seemed to have weakened since she met her last. The child woke up soon and the grand parents soon became preoccupied with the little visitor.

Sadhana realized that Ramani had gone upstairs immediately after reaching home. The upstairs almost belonged to Ramani for more than a decade now. Ramani had a nice collection of books in various subjects and had a hi-tech music system, perhaps the only one in the entire village. She knew that he used to read till late night listening to ghazals, bhajans and light romantic songs. He apparently found relief upstairs and hence other family members preferred not to disturb his solitude.

The rest of the day was reasonably hectic for Sadhana as she had plenty of visitors from near and far. The entire house was filled with laughter till evening. The dinner session wasn’t quite either as everyone had something to share with each other while the child kept blinking all the way unable to gauge what exactly was going on. Sadhana felt a little bit amused to see her parents glued to the television watching some tearjerker. The long journey and the resultant exhaustion forced her to go to sleep much earlier than usual. She preferred to occupy the room at the far end of the house where she can’t hear the television. The child slept almost immediately and within a few minutes her eyes swirled sending her into a deep sleep. However, it didn’t last long as she suddenly woke up sensing something odd. Her eyes opened to see Ramani sitting very close to her and staring her through the little bit of light in the room.

“What?” She fumbled although her voice had an overture of surprise. “Nothing,” Ramani smiled as usual. “I was just watching the kid sleeping.”

He kept smiling although Sadhana wasn’t convinced if he was really looking at the kid. Pushed hard by some intuition she glanced over her body and was shocked to see that her dress had gone ajar while she was sleeping. She had been unknowingly disclosing her body a bit too much and more importantly it was her own brother who had been staring at her. She immediately plunged into disgust unable to think that her brother had been watching her with ulterior motives. Ramani stayed there for a while, smiling as ever before and keeping his eyes pinned on his sister unmindful of the spark of disbelief overflowing through her eyes. Even after Ramani stood up and left the room, Sadhana’s body was experiencing mild shivers for a few more minutes. She began feeling uncomfortable in a house where she had spent most of her life. However, she didn’t realize how events were about to unfold the next day.

Sadhana took charge of cooking and almost pushed her mother out of the kitchen. Her mother pulled up a chair inside and began giving instructions to her dutiful daughter. Soon the worried mother started lamenting about Ramani’s life which suddenly brought the dreadful moments of the previous night to Sadhana. However, the hatred for her brother did not last long as her mother began narrating how Ramani was toiling to ensure a comfortable life for the entire family. Sadhana was almost shocked to know that Ramani had taken huge loans for her marriage and also for her parents’ treatment.

“His life is going nowhere,” Her mother said with a sigh. “I have had my first attack and your father’s health isn’t all that well either. He is going to be left alone in this huge world once we depart.”

It was a moment of dilemma for Sadhana as she sincerely sympathized with her brother although she couldn’t digest his indecent gesture the earlier day. She was truly concerned about whatever her mother said but she was determined never to let her brother get anywhere closer to her with ulterior motives. She was proud of her husband who always ensured to make her comfortable in spite of his limited means. He was equally caring on the bed as well where he always respected her emotional involvement more than anything else.

“Why don’t you give Ramani another cup of coffee?” Her mother spoke to bring her roaming thoughts back into the kitchen.

Ramani, like most south Indians has always been fond of coffee. Had it been earlier, Sadhana would have rushed upstairs to hand over a steaming cup of coffee to her beloved brother. fatih escort However, she was left with no alternative as she knew her mother can’t climb the stairs. Somehow she gathered the courage, made a cup of filter coffee and reached upstairs with her heart beating fast.

Ramani looked fresh as always since he had the habit of taking bath well before sunrise. She could see his eyes widening immediately after she entered his room. She forced a smile and went close enough to hand over the coffee cup.

“Sit down. Sadhana,” Ramani ordered with a mischievous smile on his face. Sadhana almost dropped the coffee cup on the table.

“I just came to give you coffee,” Sadhana tried to speak firmly as if to indicate that she wasn’t interested in whatever nonsense her brother might be having in his wicked mind.

“Just a couple of minutes,” Ramani leaned forward, gripped her right hand and unexpectedly pulled her towards him. Her worst fears had become true the very next day. Sadhana suddenly found her sitting on her brother’s laps while his hands were holding her waist very hard indeed.

“What are you doing? I have lot of………………………….”

Sadhana could not complete as Ramani’s lustful mouth devoured her lips and began chewing them vigorously. Sadhana struggled to get away but only momentarily. She closed her eyes in disbelief and disgust while she could feel her brother’s tongue popping out of his mouth and teasing her inside her. She felt her brother’s hard right in between her butt cheeks and heard him breathe hard in excitement. Ramani got bolder as his right hand came from nowhere to get inside her nightie. His fingers were exploring in between her left breast and her bra and soon they found her puffy nipple. His left hand began rolling her nightie upwards, well above her waist as she helplessly watched her brother seducing her unmindful of whatever little protest she was showing. Ramani ended his prolonged kiss soon and rested his lips on her shoulders.

“Sadhana,” His voice sounded full of passion. “You have become so beautiful after marriage.”

Sadhana felt it disgusting listening such things from her brother as his left hand motioned as though he wanted to pull off her nightie through the top.

“Ramani Please,” Sadhana pleaded but wasn’t doing enough to resist whatever he was trying to do. Ramani almost gave an opportunity to get relieved as both of his hands began caressing her shiny thighs. However, Ramani got smarter as his hands regained her breasts yet again. Ramani’s dhoti had gone ajar and as such she could feel the hair on his upper thighs on her soft skin. It was perhaps the most delicate moment of her life, feeling the body of a man other than her husband. She never had the slightest clue that her brother would be so strong. While his hands strayed all over her breasts and stomach, her mind began showing signs of a probable defeat.

Ramani’s fingers soon made an entry underneath her panties and she jumped again feeling his hard fingers brushing her hairy womanhood. His palm kept caressing her clit and occasionally his fingers were attempting to explore the lips.

“It isn’t proper,” she murmured faintly while his fingers began their rapid action on her clit. Sadhana was still positioned on his laps with her legs raised above the floor and hanging in the air. Ramani’s dick was hardening and lengthening as seconds ticked and Sadhana’s body trembled every now and then feeling his big head pressing under her butt cheeks. Ramani’s left hand was still holding her left breast firmly while his thumb was pressing hard on the nipple.


A loud call from downstairs shook both her and Ramani as the motions stopped instantly. It was their mother’s voice who sounded like calling from just close to the staircase.

“Let me go; mother is calling me,” Sadhana managed to get herself relieved from the clutches of her lusty brother and began setting her clothes straight before she walked towards the staircase. It wasn’t just the feeling of disgust which had engulfed her mind as she did turn around to see her brother still sitting in the same position with his eyes glaring at her.

She felt it extremely difficult to shrug off whatever happened for the rest of the day. She also realized that her body had defied her reluctance while her horny brother was using her. The sense of outrage which had settled into her mind since the previous night had vanished without any signs. She shook her head in disbelief unable to realize that she had preferred not to resist as was expected of her. Every time she closed her eyes, she visualized her husband’s smiling face forcing her to open at once and admonish herself for letting the events take place.

The next couple of days weren’t different as Ramani never seemed like letting any opportunity to go unutilized. He was more into prolonged kissing, teasing her womanhood, caressing her skin, playing with her breasts and occasionally trying to go for the real thing. Sadhana considered bağcılar escort herself fortunate enough; somehow they never had a real, complete sexual intercourse. Ramani kept whispering into her ears all sorts of dirty things which she had never heard. He was making vivid descriptions about every organ of her body whenever she found herself in his grip. He even unveiled his plans about how he would like to have sex with her with elaborate details about the positions he liked. Her body got stiffened in expectation as he expressed his desire to fuck her doggy style just to watch her breasts swing in the air. To be fair to Ramani, he had surely awakened her curiosity about committing something which she wouldn’t have even dreamt before. The wait wasn’t longer!

The eventful day began with Sadhana’s parents decided to go for a marriage in the nearby town. Ramani cleverly had hired a cab with an escort to take care of the aged couple and somehow prevented Sadhana from accompanying them. She was convinced that the inevitable was about to happen and honestly speaking, she was almost prepared. Her efforts to postpone the eventuality actually didn’t work as Ramani came downstairs impatiently.

“Please go upstairs and wait,” Sadhana pleaded. “I will come once the child sleeps.”

Ramani did agree although with a bit of suspicion in his eyes. While she began tapping the baby gently to sleep, a series of thoughts were going through her mind. Finally she made up her mind and after verifying that her child was fast asleep she slowly started climbing the stairs.

As expected Ramani was waiting gleefully for his sister. He had arranged the bed right on the floor and she could smell the freshness of the room spray he seemed to have done just before she arrived. He rushed towards her, hugged her hard and took her to the bed with unparalleled curiosity. His impatience and desperation was evident as he began stripping her in haste and watched her naked body with widened eyes. He stood up as though he had forgotten something and hurriedly undressed to stand naked to the hilt in front of his little sister.

Sadhana lying naked on the bed stared at his dick which kept rising in the air. Suddenly Sadhana began moving her left hand on her pussy. Her right hand reached on to her left breast and began kneading her nipple. Ramani couldn’t help holding his dick in his hand and stroking it gently. Sadhana signed to Ramani to get closer to her which he obeyed sheepishly. Sadhana elevated her head up with the help of a pillow and resumed playing with herself.

Ramani began kissing all over Sadhana’s body while his hands kept caressing her shiny skin. Sadhana’s body shook immediately after his fingers brushed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Ramani continued kissing her abdomen, inner thighs before eventually settling on her womanhood. The young sister’s body repelled feeling the brother’s lips. As Ramani motioned his body upwards and downwards as he kissed along, Sadhana reached out to grab his long hard dick.

“Wonderful,” Ramani exclaimed with closed eyes enjoying the feel of his sister’s palm on his dick. He almost fell back when Sadhana, to his sheer surprise planted a gentle kiss on the head of his dick and began moving her mouth around it. His head jerked backwards as Sadhana held the hard meat firmly and began taking the whole length inside her mouth with closed eyes. She began sucking and licking like an expert of the art. Ramani had never known how it felt to have the dick inside a girl’s mouth and here he was getting a blowjob of his life from his own little sister. Sadhana wasn’t letting him burst inside her mouth as every time he looked like climaxing, she withdrew momentarily, only to resume after a few seconds later. As Ramani was about to climax again, Sadhana stopped although she didn’t resume this time around. Ramani gently pushed her on to the bed again and got as close he could. He began kissing her lips which was smelling his cum and soon the siblings got into one more prolonged kissing session. Ramani, like all these days behaved very passionately with her wonder breasts as he began playing with them using his fingers and lips.

“Spread your legs,” Ramani ordered and got in between her widened legs. Sadhana looked down eagerly realizing that her brother was about to reciprocate the oral pleasure which she had provided before. Ramani began rubbing his cheeks on her pubic hair to begin with and soon planted his mouth on her moistened mound. His fingers soon began the intervention into the slit and after a few gentle thrusts, he quickened the motions hard enough to send her to the first climax with her brother. Ramani looked up as her juices began flowing while Sadhana gestured as if to say she wanted him to gulp each and every drop of it. Ramani began lashing his tongue and licked just about every drop of her juice as she swirled and screamed in pleasure.

There was a pause for a couple of minutes when the room was filled with just the sound of the siblings taking deep breathe. Ramani mounted on his sister and his hard dick was raring to go deep inside the wet pussy of Sadhana. He groaned in excitement the moment the head of his dick eventually managed to thrust a bit inside his little sister. He moved his body back and forth until his long dick finally plunged into her clit.

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