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Many thanks to Bryan for his great editing work.


I am Stephanie, 51years old, and my husband Robert is 63.

This story begins three years ago after my husband’s retirement.

Since he retired, we have moved to live in a small place by the sea, we have a very lovely house and life is delightful there.

No traffic, great sea food, cool air, nice weather.

Sometimes our married daughter comes to stay with us with her family. She is a mom of two and I adore my grandchildren. When they are with us, I am so happy and we have a great time.

Yes, it is a delightful place to live. But there is a ‘but’. Life it is also a bit boring there when summer has passed by. I realized this as soon as we moved there. It was January.

Bob, my husband, is mad about fishing and every day he went to the shore with his equipment. Gumboots, waterproof garments, sailor cap. He went out at 8am coming back home in the afternoon.

I had plenty of friends before we moved, but they were all 200 miles away. I was alone with nothing to do apart from setting up the new house to my satisfaction. I put up curtains, draperies, I hung paintings on the walls, I positioned ornaments. Then I placed ornaments in a different way and hung paintings again in a different place. I even rearranged the books in the bookcases too.

It was Winter of course, with clouds, north-winds, heavy sea and rain. Stormy weather. I had to remain home and read books. I listened to music also. I love opera and listened to a two hour opera three times a week.

Late afternoon, with Robert coming back from the shore chilled, I prepared him a warm bath and sometimes I bathed with him. Once or twice, I sucked on his cock and he fucked me from behind saying. “Oh, Steph you have a great ass as always,” as I bent over the sink.

It was okay but by the time a month had gone by I was bored.

On a sunny day I walked to the village, a very nice sea village indeed with 2000 inhabitants during the winter. Walking to the harbour I came upon a sailing school and read an advertisement on the front door. ‘We are looking for a part-time secretary, call number etc… ‘

I read the advertisement without really taking it in and continued on my way to the harbour.

In two minutes, I arrived at the pier and sat down on a low wall. Imagine that I was in a painting by Monet. A lady sat on a wall in a seascape with boats rocking lazily in still waters.

But I was not a painted lady in a beautiful picture. I was alive.

And I was a bored lady. So, I found myself thinking about the part-time job as the sailing school secretary.

I said to myself why not. It was a good way to kill the time maybe, and on the way back home, I walked past the sailing school and took notice of the number.

I rang up that afternoon and a man with a warm voice answered. He was the boss (and the owner) and offered me an interview the next morning. Not bad! In the evening I discussed the idea with my husband. He had no objections so I put on my best dress and attended at the time agreed.

Andrew, the school boss and owner, was a very handsome man with kind manners. 45 years old, blue eyes, long grey hair tied in a pony tail and strong hands.

The job consisted of recording and banking cash and cheque payments from customers, answering the telephone, helping Andrew plan sailing courses, dusting off desks and generally keeping the office clean and tidy. Not a big deal because there were only two desks, Andrew’s and my own. Working days were Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Of course, I accepted and my job as a secretary began.

Usually, Andrew was at his desk when I arrived at 10 o’clock. We went through what was happening with the school, we chatted about all manner of things, sometimes we had a coffee together then he left, coming back in the early afternoon.

In a month we were friends and sometimes we had lunch together. He was a gentleman and once drove me to a very nice restaurant some twenty miles away.

Coming back to the school I asked him in joke “are you wooing me, Andrew?” and he said “maybe”. We both had a little laugh and that was all that happened.

I was flattered. Being wooed is an ego boost for a mature woman and Andrew intrigued me being so kind and charming, and single, too.

Two months passed by and spring arrived. No more nasty wind and rains. Going to my part-time job was a pleasure for me as the harbour was lively with boats coming and going all the time and many people visiting our Sailing school or calling seeking information about sailing courses or how to rent a boat. I was very busy. Life at home was still repetitive but I didn’t mind it as much.

I was happy to see Andrew three times a week and work part-time for him.

That Friday morning hubby gave me the usual little kiss on the cheek leaving for bursa escort fishing at 8 o’clock and I remained lazily in bed.

My mind wandered absently, thinking about men. Bob is a good husband, I am mostly a good wife and we are a happy, settled couple. But I had been naughty twice in the past.

Bob, my husband is the real man in my life and I could not compare him to any other man in the world. But when I was about 35 years old Bob was giving his priority to his job and I felt neglected particularly because we rarely had sex any more.

Well, he was busy but I had a strong sexual appetite and maybe my slutty side came out. I started to go out alone resulting in some serious flirting and exchanging numbers with other men.

I was unfaithful for the first time with my daughter’s literature teacher. I knew him from parent’s evenings and I must confess I came into school a few times under various pretexts because I found him sexy.

One evening I had booked to go to the theatre with my husband Bob but he was very busy as usual and called saying sorry Steph, I am working late tonight, I’m not able to make it.

I answered, “shit, Bob, we planned the evening a month ago, you can’t do that.”

“I really am sorry dear.” He said. “I can’t do anything about it. But don’t miss the performance, go on your own, I’m happy for you to go.”

I told him I would, put a nice dress on, called a taxi and went.

At the theatre I bumped into Henry, my daughter’s literature teacher.

We had a talk before it started and met again during the intermission between acts. The show was rubbish so he suggested we leave the theatre and go to eat something. I accepted enthusiastically.

Helping me to get in his car he complimented me on my elegance and my slender legs. I thanked him and avoided cuddling up to him but his compliments had made me rather excited.

I suppose he must have had an inkling about my feelings because he asked me if I preferred a restaurant or cheese and wine at his place.

I took a moment to answer taking a deep breath first.

“Well, I’m very curious to see your place.”

He said okay then and in five minutes we were there. His house was nice but something very different from cheese awaited me.

First of all, he poured wine and we sat together on the sofa. Then he snuggled into the corner and pulled me against him.

He started caressing my arm with no objection from me as he got close, then he began to kiss my neck and my lips. I returned his kisses and he tried to remove my dress several times, but each time, I stopped him. He persisted though and finally I let him undress me. He also undid his own pants.

I’d intended to keep it to heavy petting only (as it was my first time doing this much with another man). I gave up on this idea, wanting more. I allowed him to unclasp my bra and kiss my nipples then his hands started to caress my belly. He licked my pussy and I played with his cock – a nice bar of hard flesh by the way – then I figured “why not” and laid back.

He took the cue, removed my panties, spread my legs wide and positioned himself between my thighs. I felt him slip inside me. He fucked me right there on the sofa giving me a great orgasm. The day after that I went to him again and we repeated the fuck. So, Henry became my lover and I started my life as a cheating wife.

My affair with Henry lasted one year and half and came to an end when he moved to another state.

We kept in touch and I met him again in a motel half way between our houses. We fucked there for the very last time. He was a very good lover and time was never boring with him. He loved my sucking talent and I was not bashful at all satisfying his needs. Sex was great with him.

Three years later I had a torrid affair with a divorced doctor whose name was Ross. He was a friend who frequently played golf with my husband. Then he started to ‘play’ with me.

At forty and in my prime, having crossed the line once already, I had moved into a place in my mind where I was on the lookout and ready to be promiscuous.

Ross had a crush on me telling me I was the sexiest woman he’d ever met. He fucked me two or three times on each date making a mess of my pussy. He was also fun and shameless, and a great lover I must say.

We had intercourse at his place, at my house, at a suburban house that my grandma left me and we slept in the same bed twice when I accompanied him to a medical convention far from home.

He also loved sex in risky places and I allowed him to take some liberties, like the time he had me in the lavatories of a museum.

On another occasion I gave him head in his office at the hospital. A female friend told me she had a health problem and I persuaded her to be checked out so I fixed up a medical appointment with Ross and offered to take her to the hospital.

After bursa escort bayan the examination my friend went to have further checks done. I remained alone with Ross in his office. Being at the end of his duty he locked the door and relaxed. It wasn’t long before he started to kiss me.

As usual he had a hard on and wanted to fuck me there and then but I stopped him.

“Do you want this respectful lady being caught while you are fucking her in your office? How scandalous and naughty you are, doctor Ross,” I giggled. But I was excited too and offered Ross some mouth relief instead.

“How about a fast blow job on my knees rather than a dangerous fuck on your desk?” I giggled again kneeling in front of him and unzipping his fly.

He nodded enthusiastically whispering “oh Steph, you make me die with excitement”, so I took his hard cock in my mouth sucking him swiftly so he unloaded lots of sperm, which I engulfed in a mouthful.

We composed ourselves just in time. My friend arrived back at his office after being checked out. We said goodbye and thanks. Whilst driving home with her in my car, I was still able to savour Ross’ sperm in my mouth. It has a nice salty taste.

Sex was amazing with him but I had to stop our affair after three years and half because Ross kept asking me to leave my family for him and he became more and more insistent as time went on.

My husband heard about my affair with Ross but behaved like a gentleman about it.

One evening he brought it up and said “I don’t know exactly what is happening between you and Ross. Maybe the two of you have sex, but that’s not so important. I am an absent husband and you are a lovely woman. I understand and you don’t have to come to me with apologies. I don’t need them. You are a good wife and a great mom to our daughter, so I’m sure you don’t forget about your family. I love you, Steph.”

I embraced my husband tenderly, whispering. “You are a wonderful husband, Bob.” I kissed him deeply. That conversation definitely slowed down my affair with Ross and my tendency to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

In the last years I had been a chaste wife having sex with my husband only but that Friday morning I was thinking wild thoughts of infidelity again…

Still in bed I thought lazily about Henry’s rather withdrawn nature and Ross’ mad passion for risky sex and I shook my head smiling to myself.

I had to go to the sailing school so I got out of bed and ate breakfast. Later I showered and looked at myself naked in the mirror. Ok, medium sized saggy tits (Ross had called them “my sweet and small pancakes, good to eat in a mouthful”), okay, a bit of cellulite on my ass, but long legs and nice face with very few wrinkles, short grey-blonde hair, green eyes and an open smile. Not bad for a mature lady.

I like to dress youthfully so I chose denim miniskirt and horizontally striped tights. They made a very good match with my long legs. I hate hosiery that forces you into contortions when you have a pee. So, I chose an open crotch pair of tights and to keep my modesty I covered my hairy pussy with a thong.

Then I chose a cotton singlet for the upper part of my body. I wasn’t sure if I should go braless so I checked in the mirror both with a bra on and without. As I was feeling sexy, I decided “fuck the bra”. My boobs swung free at every move and my nipples seemed to pierce the fabric so I put a patch-work cardigan over them.

Light make-up, sun glasses, and training shoes completed my attire and I was ready for my walk to the sailing school.

I arrived dead on time and Andrew was at his desk as usual.

He made a wolf whistle and said “what a babe you are today,” I thanked him, not in the least bit offended.

Over the last few weeks, a relaxed familiarity had been growing between the two of us. This included a small amount of bodily contact coupled with light hearted sexual remarks.

I gave him a peck on the cheek and he patted my bum, then we had coffee and started to work. I had a lot of admin to catch up on and Andrew wanted to buy another boat so we were both very busy getting on with the necessary jobs all morning.

At midday he said “That’s enough for now.” He suggested we go for a meal to the very nice place twenty miles away where we’d been before. I was glad to accept his invitation because the food is excellent there and there’s a terrific view across the sea. I also had a nice relaxed feeling as if this was a date.

On the way to the restaurant our conversation was light and cheerful.

“I love you in short skirts, babe! Your legs are magnificent. Not bad for your age, Stephanie”. This is a sort of game that Andrew and I play sometimes with him making cracks about how I’m getting older.

“You make my day, Andy” I answered calling his bluff and winking at him.

I added escort bursa “thank you” and blew a kiss to him.

He winked back and made another silly comment.

“You look so youthful in those striped thighs. Maybe a bit too girlish for a woman of your age.”

I frowned at him, hissing “grrrrrrrrrrrr!.” I gestured with my middle finger, laughing. I was in the mood to be a bit naughty saying “How many girls can show thighs like this, Mr. Pain In The Ass?” I raised my miniskirt exposing part of my nylon clad thigh.

I also crossed my legs teasing Andy a bit. My miniskirt slid higher up and he tried to put a hand on my leg but I pushed him away punching his arm. We had another laugh just as we arrived at the restaurant.

Andy found us a nice table on the terrace with a wonderful view of the Atlantic. We ate our food under a bright sun. The meal was absolutely delightful. Andrew told me he’d found a boat to buy at Nantucket and asked me if I didn’t mind going with him next week to look at it. I agreed willingly and we planned the trip whilst eating our delicious lobster.

Being warm I first unbuttoned my cardigan then I decided to take it off completely. I was a little self-conscious in just my singlet. But I wanted to tease him as I did in the car so I relaxed. I even leaned forward giving him a glimpse of my braless nipples.

My teasing hadn’t finished. By making small moves with my shoulders, I made my tits jiggle. this time he kept silent and stared into my eyes for a long time.

We’d stayed too long in that pleasant place so glancing at my watch and acting the perfect secretary I reminded Andy it was time to go. He settled the bill and drove us back to the school.

As soon as we arrived, I had to piss and went to the loo. When I was done, I unlocked the door and refreshed my make-up. Looking in the mirror I realized that Andrew had entered the toilet and stood behind me. I said “hello, I didn’t see you come in.” But he kept silent so looking at him in the mirror I said, “something wrong, Andrew?”

“You drive me crazy, Steph. I’ve never met a woman with such style and sex appeal,”

“Thank you, Andrew, you are such a gentleman but I am just an older woman,” I giggled.

“Oh, I want to have you badly, Steph, your age doesn’t matter to me, you are so attractive,” he said warmly but his face was serious now.

“Don’t’ say that, Andrew, it’s only a joke, a little tease between friends,” I said.

This time Andrew remained still but placed his hands on my ass. It was not the first time he had done that half-jokingly making me giggle, but his intentions were different this time. I smiled trying to play down his words and actions, refusing to take him seriously.

“I know you have a thing about my bum, but don’t do that, ah… you are a devil today”. I pushed his hands way and turned to face him.

Andrew is a tall guy and encircled my body with his arms. I tried to say “Stop it” but he gave me an ardent kiss. This took me by surprise but feeling his warm body against mine excited me and I kissed him back.

We embraced passionately exchanging tongues for five minutes. Andrew ran his hands all over my back groping and caressing everything. My hands wandered over his body reaching for his hard cock.

I rubbed him through his clothes then he raised my miniskirt and I stripped my singlet off. I was now naked to the waist. His lips grazed my nipples and he took them into his mouth while I shivered with lust unzipping him and stroking his hard rod. I must say he was huge. He pulled my thong aside and I helped him to enter my pussy with his cock.

He fucked me standing against the sink while I lifted my leg around his waist to improve contact between our bodies. I was vocal with pleasure and moaning until I cried out as a big orgasm hit me as he filled me full of his sperm.

We composed ourselves and went back to our desks. Fortunately, the afternoon was quiet and we had the time to discuss what happened in detail. At five o’clock Andrew locked the front door and invited me to follow him up to the first floor where there was a large sofa. There he had me totally naked and fucked me properly for an hour.

As we rested on the sofa between fucks we planned to see each other again for another love making tomorrow morning figuring it as an extra time at school.

Coming back home I was a bit late and Bob, my husband, was sitting quietly in the lounge watching TV. He kissed my cheek and showed me his best fishing catch of the day. It was a 4 pound striped bass. He was very proud and I complimented him saying

“What a wonderful fish, Bob”.

He was happy like a child. With bright eyes he sentenced.

“Oh, this striped bass will make a delicious meal, why don’t you cook it court-bouillon with potatoes and mayonnaise, Steph? We can invite Andrew, your boss, to eat it with us on Sunday!”

I smiled and answered. “Great idea, Bob. I’ll be seeing Andrew tomorrow morning as he’s just asked me to work overtime! I’ll tell him then.”

Yes, life is just delightful there with a part-time job and a lover.

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