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A bliss never before reached.

She kneeled away from him, her knees on the bed and her face and arms into the pillows, her shapely ass in the air towards him. He moved forward with his hand midway up the shaft of his cock, the spongy flared head inches away from her pussy. He rubbed the head up and down from her asshole to her slit, moistening the head to ease his cock penetrating her. Slowly he pushed it at the spread lips of her tunnel. He knew it was going to be a tight fit as the head of his cock forced the outer and inner lips open. The ridge of his cock head disappeared into her as he continued to push in opening her wider, much wider than she had ever been before. His efforts were blocked by the shear tightness of the walls of her pussy, only getting the first two inches inside of her.

He rested there allowing her to get used to his cock for several minutes, making her pussy wetter as he stayed stationary. Her eyes were closed reveling in the feeling as her body began shaking with smaller orgasms. She had never had a man simply push in and not move, that would give her orgasms by the size of him as she slowly became more used to his cock. Her juices were frothing around the thick shaft poised just inside of her entrance. He rubbed the froth on his cock as she grabbed the blanket and sheets under her hands. When he did start to move, he pulled back until the ridge of the head was barely visible, then her would push back slow with only the two inches. He slowly began see-sawing just two inches in as more of her juices flowed wetting the thickness of his shaft. Then he pushed in a little further, getting another inch or so inside eliciting a moan from deep inside her throat as it spread her further apart. Her orgasms remained small but continuous, more juices flowed out around the tight seal her pussy formed around his cock. His stroking her insides began again as he slowly fucked in and out of her pussy. His hands rose to both side of her hips as her moved her back and forth on his cock.

Now with each stroke more of his cock entered her causing her orgasms to increase. His pulling and pushing her ass on him had garnered four then five inches, his cock slowly, deeply entering her. She looked down between her legs and could see that his cock was not even close to halfway inside her and her body was shaking the more of him she took inside. Knowing full well if her pussy was capable of taking his cock all the way inside, she would be in one continuous full blown orgasm. The slow and continuous fucking was bringing more of his cock inside, now six, then seven inches. Relentlessly his cock was going deeper, much deeper than any man had ever been before, now buried eight inches inside. She wanted more, she wanted him to fill her, to touch parts of her body never touched.

The longer he took them more her body was wrecked by her orgasms. Her insides forcing more juices then she knew possible. Just that beautiful cock being inside of her was making her wetter than she ever was in her life, until now. He pushed, now nine inches deep as he looked down, still three inches out of her pussy, the shaft impossibly wet from her creamy juices soaking him. She was tight, but her body was responding to the invading cock he knew she wanted buried to the root. He was purposefully moving slowly, if he went faster, the size might tear her delicate insides even though her pussy was the wettest he had ever had wrapped around his cock. His sawing motion was bringing the head out for him to see the flared head of his cock, only to push back in. Ten inches now, she was orgasming harder with each stroke of his cock inside. He felt the tip of it touch something deep inside her, he began to wonder if his cock would be able to reach fully inside of her pussy. He rested pushing the head against her cervix holding still.

She felt it hit too, making her whimper slightly. She wanted to feel him buried fully inside of her pussy. She wanted to know what it was like to have that much meaty shaft filling her pussy. She was thankful he rested but she didn’t know how to get the last two inches of his glorious cock inside. Finally üçyol escort she began moving her hips in up and down motions. They both could feel the inside walls of her pussy rubbing the head of his cock. She could feel the entrance of her womb create a void as it passed the tip. Minutes passed as she slowly fucked his cock up and down her cervix. Then she slowed even more, barely moving as her orgasm suddenly hit her hard, shaking her body violently, the feeling of release as juices filled her deep and started squirting around his cock where it entered her. She was cumming, much harder than she ever had as her pussy vibrated around his cock literally stroking him from the inside. He felt the muscles of her pussy stroking him. He controlled the urge to cum, his own body shaking from orgasm but he learned long ago how to refrain from cumming until he wanted to, which was after the women he fucked had orgasmed multiple times, sometimes, like the woman wrapped around his cock, tighter than any woman before, would orgasm continuously. She was cumming much harder and her juices were squirting out around his thick shaft spraying around soaking the bed and even some of the floor. His abdomen was streaked with her womanly cum, which was more erotic and made him swell with pride, and the need to cum, himself.

Her orgasm seemed to ease up but never fully released her as she shook. ‘God how she was shaking’ he thought. She wanted the last of his cock inside as she began again, rubbing her cervix against the head of his cock buried deep within her. ‘Not deep enough’ her thoughts speared her body suddenly forcing her back when she felt the void of her opening inside of her. He felt her push back suddenly, knowing she wanted the rest of his cock inside, he knew it. Immediately the head of his cock felt a tightness he had never felt before. The ridge of his cock’s head met resistance, then they both felt the resistance give way as her womb opened up for him, the last of his cock being forced into her. Her body reacted with another orgasm, much more violent than the last as his cock penetrated into her womb, passing through her cervix, finally relenting by her forcing herself back onto him.

She knew full well that he was buried, deeper than anything. She could feel the thick head of his cock push inside her womb. That fantastic cock buried to the base, she could feel his pubic hair lightly tickling the cheeks of her ass, his balls winging forward when she pushed, smacking her clit. The suddenness of it brought another orgasm as she came. Her ass wet from her fluids erupting around his cock. She felt it running down her legs, she felt his thighs now pressed firmly against the backs of her legs soaked. If she were to drown in her own cum, then she would drown happy, much happier than she had ever been.

Her entire body was orgasming now, they didn’t have to move. Her body was making his cock swell larger still, forcing her cervix wider, and the walls of her pussy wider. They both knew he was beyond controlling his own orgasm and cum from erupting. She felt his balls pull up against the joining of his cock buried fully inside of her. Just knowing he was going to explode sent her shivering into another orgasm, her body cumming again. She didn’t know how many times she had orgasmed, she didn’t care! If her life ended cumming as she was then she would gladly die.

His cock was swelling larger, even to his surprise. He felt the head expanding filling her even more. His hands and feet began to tingle, then his legs and arms. His own body was going to orgasm, he knew it, and she knew it. He was vibrating with her shaking with the need to release. The vibrations of his cock and his body made her orgasm increase in intensity. His head was swimming, he contracted his muscles, squeezing his being tighter than the grip her pussy had on him. Higher and higher they climbed as their bodies orgasmed causing the others body to respond in its own.

His body suddenly released, all his muscles now focused on cumming. The sensations were dramatic and continuous as stream after stream shot deep, splashing üçyol escort bayan the inside of her womb mixing with her juices. She felt completely filled with his cock, with her juices, and his cum, nowhere for it to go causing her lower abdomen to expand with the amount of cum inside her distending, swelling as his cock had. She was pulling at the sheets, ripping them from the bed as her muscles too contracted then release. There was no time, it had frozen from his cock being so deep inside of her, he had never felt this much release, and she had never had her stomach bloat with a man’s and her own cum. She reached back with her hands that were now sore from gripping the bed linens, she reached back to his muscular ass, pulling him into her, holding his magnificent cock buried into her soul. Again and again he came, more filled her insides, ten, eleven, and twelve times, not ceasing. More and more he came, now fifteen times he shot his cum inside of her. He felt the pressure on his cock, he didn’t care. His cock, his body didn’t want it to stop, her body was the same. They didn’t want their bodies to stop the glorious orgasm, one and the same they came together. Now passing twenty shots erupting into her, filling places inside, to overfull. Their combined juices flowing everywhere there was to fill, and more.

Finally his balls were drained, empty and completely as the eruption cease to a slow pouring into her. Their orgasms continued, they hadn’t moved, they didn’t want to. Shaking together in total, complete and final bliss. The release of sexual energy mad their bodies relax, made them fall ever so close to losing consciousness. They didn’t care if they passed out, they had spent every last bit of energy their bodies contained as they collapsed, falling together to their sides onto the soaked sheet underneath them. Still his cock remained erect, much harder then he knew. They both knew they had experienced something only few had the pleasure of realizing. Slowly he withdrew his cock, she felt him pulling out. She had men fuck her before and pull out, leaving a void inside of her, but not this time. She felt the fullness inside. He felt the pressure of their combined cum inside her. She was full, fuller than he knew a woman could be. When his cock swelled readying to cum, the seal had been complete. His cock’s swelling hadn’t diminished. Inch after blissful inch extracted from her past capacity filled pussy. She felt like his beautiful cock was still buried, she didn’t want to lose that feeling but knew when the bloated head of his cock reached the end of its journey through her inside that the release would come.

By now her body had started consuming the fullness of his cum, her cum. The excess would soon flood out in a tidal wave out of her. If her body was to have a child, she didn’t care, if it was his she would feel glorious in the remembrance of their embrace, their release, and the height of the sexual bliss their body reached this day. She didn’t know it, he didn’t know it, but with the amount of cum he had ejected into her depths had in fact given her not one but two babies. Each egg from emitted from the force of their fluids inside her.

Closer and closer his thick cock came to her opening. They felt her inner lips spasm and cramp around the large ridge of his distended head of his cock. He pulled back, her pussy only reacting by trying to pull him back in, he relented, resting his cock there with her pussy holding him tight. Her bodies response was another, though smaller, orgasm. He held her close as she shook lightly pushing his cock back inside. He looked down at the joining of their bodies as the juices seeped around the shaft of his cock the sheets below puddled with sexual fluids from both of them. Deeper he pushed inside, if her body didn’t want his cock to leave he would oblige. Ten, eleven, and twelve inches back into her womb, she felt him pushing inside again, she wanted it too as a smile of feeling her overfilled body pulling him back in. then they both felt something they didn’t know could happen, as he kept pushing in, they felt thirteen, then escort üçyol fourteen inches. Their minds in an incomprehensible position. His cock had grown, become longer still as it hit the far wall of her womb. She immediately ran her hand down to where she could feel his cock, buried impossibly deep. Her body began its journey again toward orgasm. Impossible his body, his cock could grow longer, impossible that her body would respond by accepting it.

Grow he did, his prostrate turning forward pushing more of his cock out from his body, the already taught skin covering his cock becoming tighter. His muscles forced to tighten as it extended taught causing more blood to be forced into each cavern of his cock and not released. The head became more pronounced as it too swelled larger with the increased amount of blood. He felt his balls swell too, getting themselves ready to cum again. She knew if he were to cum again she would burst, but she didn’t care. Her body knew what it wanted, his body knew also. Her cervix closing tight around the engorged head of his cock. When he tried extracting his cock from it, he felt a grasp from her insides as the cervix held tight to the enflamed shaft. This caused the head of his cock to grow impossibly larger which in turn caused her cervix and her womb to tighten around it.

Her body was in a continuous orgasm again, violently shaking and writhing in his grasp as he tried to hold her. She was on the verge of convulsing as their bodies climbed the peak of a sexual bliss not known, to anyone. His own body shaking with hers higher and higher they climbed. Reaching for a peak that hadn’t existed, until now. Their bodies were becoming one, in the same soul wrenching threshold of orgasm.

He couldn’t feel his extremities, neither could she, they had become numb. His arms wrapped around her pulling her back to him, her arms held behind her pulling him to her own body, time ceased to exist for them as they began a solid and forceful release of so much energy they had come to the very edge of existence, their existence. When their bodies collapsed again they fell into unconsciousness.

As the light passed into night, they lay there passing from loss of consciousness into a peaceful sleep. Their time slowly restarted as their sleep became deep and they both dreamed of one another. Dreams of their experience reaching a higher peak of ecstasy that had never been touched before. Still they slept, their bodies exhausted, muscles relaxed and sore. Minds in a peaceful awareness of the other. Connected by the peak they had achieved they thought together. They would never be the same.

As the light of a new dawn reached through the window, it shown on the two of them, still attached by their arms, their bodies touching, and his cock still inflamed buried deep inside her, his erection showing no relenting still swollen and locked by her cervix. The shaft below the interior muscles of her womb had grown soft and flaccid, yet above was still held in place, still engorged. As their eyes opened simultaneously, they realized his cock was still hilted inside. He relaxed every muscle he could, she did the same. Her stomach still bloated yet his cum and hers had flooded them both as his cock had lessened outside of her womb. He pulled back she pulled forward, the head engorging with the trapped blood, wider. Her cervix relaxed and finally relented giving way allowing him to pull himself out, blood rushing back into his cock swelling it with the release and the amount of blood that was forcefully held. He suddenly pulled out, the fluids of their joining spraying out landing where ever it could. As she sat up and they both looked down at his cock it lay there on his outstretched leg, now ten inches long in its flaccid state. His balls were relaxed and half again as large, spent yet moving on their own. Both their eyes widened at the realization that his cock, magnificent as it was, had become larger.

He looked at her, then she at him, both smiling, both knowing that they could not stop what they had started. They knew too that she was now pregnant. They didn’t know she would bare congenial twins, because the force they had cum together had made her bare two eggs, not one. They held each other, their bodies totally drained but blissfully sore.

She looked at him, deep into his eyes, he looked back at her. Then it occurred to her.

“What’s your name?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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