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This is the continuing story of Tony and Pamela.

Pamela and I have been living together for three months.

Christmas was around the corner. I went shopping for a special gift for her. She has good taste in perfumes, so I decided to get a bottle of her favorite perfume. I was truly hoping that she would like it. I wondered what she was going to give me. She usually gives me something totally awesome. The perfume was one of three gifts I’d gotten for her. The other two gifts consisted of a negligee that was very sheer to the point that you could see through it. And a terry towel wrap. This is our first Christmas together and I want it to be special. Getting this in the house without her seeing it will be a little tricky. I called to make sure that she wasn’t home. I’m glad she wasn’t home yet. This gave me time to wrap and hide the gifts. I’m sure that she has already hidden the gifts she has gotten me. Personally I adore her little surprises she gives me.

Looking out the window I see her pull into the garage, so I hurried to the door to greet her. When she came through the door I kneeled before her, undid her pants and proceeded to lick her clit. When I did that she started to tremble from the immense pleasure she was receiving. This is something we did all the time. If I got home before she did I’d lick her clit, or if she got home before I did then she would suck my cock at the door. Pamela tasted so good when she came. I just love her to canlı bahis death. We were made for each other.

“Well sexy I finished my Christmas shopping.” I said.

“So did I lover. I also have your birthday present too.” she said.

I was so worried about getting the perfect gift for Pamela that I forgot about my birthday. I hope she didn’t go through too much trouble to get me a gift for my birthday.

“Well whatever it is you know that I’ll love it, because it came from you.” I said giving her a long passionate kiss. Then we started to dance. I pulled her close, gave her a twirl. Kissed her neck and slid my hand between her legs to massage her clit and then her hole. I used her juices to massage her tits. Her nipples became hard in my hands. I started to nibble and suck her nipples. The longer I did that, the louder she would moan.

When we’re at home alone, we’d make love all over the house. Enjoying every touch, kiss and stroke that happened in the moment. We just can’t stop loving and fucking each other. Being nude in the house all the time just worked for us. A few days later it started to snow outside. It was a wonderful sight to see. We had the tree decorated and the lights plugged in. The scene was perfect. Two days later was my birthday.

“Happy birthday lover.” she said giving me a small box. In it was a bottle of cologne. There was a special cake in the kitchen. This cake was strawberry and shaped like a pussy. This bahis siteleri was an amazing cake. I wondered who she got to make it. Whoever it was did an amazing job.

“Thank you sexy.”

“You’re welcome lover.” I picked Pamela up slid my cock deep inside her pussy are carried her to the bedroom. As I walked my cock slid in and out of her pussy. She came twice by the time we got to the bed, but we didn’t care.

Once on the bed I continued to fuck her.

“YES LOVER STRETCH THIS PUSSY, AND WEAR IT OUT!” I did just that and made her cum. From there she drifted off to sleep. While she slept I put all of her gifts under the tree. When we got up Christmas morning we ran down stairs to open our presents.

Pamela opened her gifts and her face just lit up. When I opened mine I was shocked because she gave me a set of books which was a collection of short stories. I loved it. Next she introduced me to her 25 year old daughter April.

“April is part of your Christmas gift lover.”

I was confused at first.

“You will be able to fuck both of us all you want.” April said with a smile.

“I really want to see that massive cock of yours.”

I stood up and dropped my pants and let her see my cock.

“WOW mom you were not joking about his size. I want it in my pussy now.”

April bent over the arm of the sofa with her legs spread waiting for me. I slowly slid my cock deep inside April’s pussy.

“OH MY GOD bahis şirketleri DADDY IT’S TOO BIG. IT’S STRETCHING MY TIGHT PUSSY.” April yelled.


With that I fucked April hard.


And cum she did. April came so hard that she couldn’t stand up. I just kept fucking her. Just before I came I put my cock inside April’s mouth and then I came hard in her mouth. Like her mother she swallowed each and every drop.

“April who owns you now?”

“You do daddy you do. Tell me what you wish of me daddy. If you like I’ll suck your cock everyday when mom does. Abuse my pussy, ass and mouth just like you do with my mommy. You have two slaves at your beck and call now daddy.” April and Pamela started taking turns sucking my cock. They did everything I told them to do which included licking each others’ pussies as I fucked one of them from behind. April got used to walking around the house nude.

“What will you call us daddy?”

“You two are my little cunts now and forever.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Yes lover.”

Everyday when I got home, my cock got sucked twice at the door. My little cunts swallowed every drop of my cum. Pamela bent over in the same way April did with her legs spread waiting for my cock to slide deep inside her dripping wet pussy.


“April lick your mother’s pussy now.”

“Yes daddy.”

April licked Pamela’s clit and pussy. When we came April caught every drop of cum in her mouth without fail.

This was the best Christmas ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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