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A lot has been going on in my life since i posted my last story. More then I care to talk about. While unpacking from moving I found a note book with stories I had written but never type up, including one I never finished. So here is the first of my baker’s dozen. I hope you enjoy them…if not oh well…can’t make ever one happy. Can only make myself happy and I am.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie

Now on to the story;

I was in bed with my twin sister enjoying the sweet sensation of her hot wet sex around my cock,when our mother simply walked in on us. My sister and I had adjoining bedrooms with shared bathroom and a door separating us. We had been sneaking into each other’s room for the past few months ever since our eighteen birthdays. We knew our folks were going to know soon enough that we had a incestuous sexual relationship going because a home pregnancy test had told us why my sister had missed her period, She was pregnant. We thought it would be hard to explain it to Mom but her walking in on us made it pretty easy.

Dad was gone, a two-week business trip had taken he out of town, when mom walked in on us. She had heard my sister moaning and was worried she was having discomforted because of her period, when in fact she was groaning because my thrusting had her on the verge of an orgasm.

There was no way I could have stopped, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. So I pushed deep into my sister’s spasming pussy to pump yet another load of my seed into her vagina. Seeing her children locked in passionate embrace of lust, Mom just stood there in silenence. When I stopped moving and lay there on top my sister, our mother found her voice and asked us want the hell were we doing?

My sister being her smart assed self said, “I’m getting my brains fucked out!”

And that made me laugh.

Mom couldn’t believe us, saying that we had gone crazy and acking if we had the common sense to using a condom. I gave her our asnwer to that when I withdrew from my sister, Mom stared at my still hard cum covered cock. I believe I was able to stay hard in the face of our angry mother as I was naked, and when a guy fucks his own sister how could he not have thoughts about fucking his own mother. Plus I was turn on by the fact Mom was staring at my cock with a strange look of disbelief and desire.

In the next few moments, I explained to Mom I didn’t need a condom as my sister was already pregnant and I was the father. Mom stammered that she’d have to get an abortion but my sister spoke up telling her that she was having my baby and if mom made any trouble that she reveal who the father of her child was to everyone and ruin the family’s good name.

Defeated, mom agreed not to cause trouble but we had to tell Dad the truth when he came home. With that Mom went to her bedroom and went to bed. As I sat holding my sister I told her about my recent fantasies involving our mom, and asked halkalı escort her if she would be mad if I tried to make it happen.

My sister laughed and said, “Go for it! I could use a break, you horny pig!”

I kissed my sister and then I walked naked into my Mom’s bedroom, turned the lights on. Mom was sat up in bed. It looked like she was about to start crying. Seeing naked, my hard cock sticking straight out she stared at my bobbing cock as I walked over to the side of the bed. For several long moments she stared straight at it then finally she looked up into my face.

She asked “What you thinking impregnating your own sister?”

I stood there and told her, “Honestly we weren’t thinking. We’re two horny teenagers that needed and wanted to fuck, so we did. And the more we did it, the more we realized we how much we loved our incestuous affair. So we were happy about getting pregnant and no one will ever be able to tell us that it was wrong.”

That was a lie, I had taken my sister, forced her to accept my cock the first three times I had fucked her. When I came the fourth time she willing spread her legs. Claiming that only the moral outrage of incest had kept her from willing accepting me our first few times together but the pleasure my cock gave her meant more then want people though.

Mom looked stunned and asked, “Can’t you at least put on some clothes or do you get off on showing your own mother your hard cock?”

“I don’t see the point!”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because why get dress, only to get undress!”


“Mom, please you can see why I here. It clearly obvious what I want and from how you can’t take your eyes off my cock it clear want you want. So I’m going to do what we both want. I going to fuck you silly.”

I throw back the covers. Mom had changed for bed, into what she always wore to bed a short night gown the fell to the middle of her thighs. when i threw the covers back she moved away from me, making her gown raise up and she wasn’t wearing panties. I stared at the dark curls covering her lips that hide her sex. Even as she told me to get out, I got into bed with her. She made a move to stop me as I lifted her night gown up but still it found it way to the floor. She struggled as I took her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers. Then I shoved my tongue into her mouth and my hand between her thighs. At first she resisted try to push me back but as I diddle my finger tip over her clit, the pleasure became to much then suddenly she was kiss me back. Her arms and hands were no longer pushed back but pulling me to her and against her.

I kissed my way down from her neck to suckle on her erect nipples for a moment before continuing my journey downward kissing along her belly. A suddenly though hit me, I had no ideal if mom was using birth control and since I wasn’t planning to wear a condom, I wondered if I could make taksim escort my mother abdomen swell with a child like my sister.

I took in the sight of her swollen lips covered in her soft curls before I buried my face in her hairy bush. I sucked on her pussy lips, licked her slit, and tongued her clit. I assaulted her sex with only one purpose to make her cum, to make my own mother orgasm in blissful incestuous delight.

When mom’s body shook and I knew I had succeeded then second later I was reward to the sweet wetness flowing into my mouth. I lapped at her flowing love juices. Drinking down the sinful offering of proof, that I had pleasured my mother in a way till that moment; only my father had. I moved up between her thighs my cock a rigid pole sticking straight out. My mom didn’t look at me as I pushed my cock head to the entrance of her sex.

She said one word, “Please…”

I didn’t knew if she meant, please don’t or please fuck her. I didn’t care as I mounted her, penetrating her, her wetness allow me to pushing my cock deep into her.

It was obvious that Dad hadn’t been taking care of business with mom. Maybe it was due to the fact he was much older than Mom almost twenty years, maybe it was his long hours at work. What ever the reason after about a dozen strokes, mom turned into a sex-crazed whore, talking dirty, begging for it hard, telling me to pound her pussy, humping her hips up to met my downward thrusts. As much as I like fucking my sister this was truly the best fuck of my life. Mom had another orgasm with my cock imbedded in her. Feeling her pussy gripping my cock was too much I pushed as deep inside her as I could and filled her cunt with my fertile seed.

We lay in bed, exhausted for a few minutes, before Mom turned to me and said with tears in her eyes that she was so wicked for loving ever moment of our fuck. Then almost in a whisper she asked if I had the energy to go again.

Of course, I said, “yes!”

She asked me to wear a condom but I pointed out that if she wasn’t on birth control it might already be too late so why bother with one now. She gave up after I made it clear I wasn’t going to wear one. Arguing over the condom had deflated my cock. So I asked her to blow me. As first she refused, claiming that was it enought to make her love being fucked by her own son that she ask me to do it again. Did I have to humilate her by making her act like a common street whore.

So I grabbing a hand full of hair and pushed her face down to my cock. I rubbed my cock against her tightly closed lips and cheek. I told to her to suck my cock to get it hard if she wanted me to fuck her. If she didn’t want to I just call my sister to suck it and I fuck her right here in her bed and she could watch and dream about my cock.

She called me names as she opened her mouth. I pushed on the back of her head making her deep-throated me. I ordered her to lick my cock şişli escort and balls and to even take my balls in her mouth. The sweet treatment she was giving my shaft, it didn’t take long for my cock to be fully erect again. Once erect and standing tall, i told her if she wanted it she have to ride me. Mom protested only a little before straddling my body, lowering her cum creamy cunt onto my cock. She rode up and down with small strokes at first but as her pleasure increase she began to buck and ride me with longer strokes that had her tits bouncing and her whip her head around. Throwing her head back she screamed as she climaxed and I grabbed her hips and held her tight against me, as I pumped my hot seed up into her love canal.

I remained in her bed all night, fucking her twice more before the break of dawn adding two more loads to the two I had already filled her with. The next night she told she felt my cum leaking out of her all day. For the next two weeks, either woman bothered with clothes when we were home together which helped to keep my cock in a constant state of hardness. I took turns pleasuring them. To my great surprise when I need my rest to recover my twin sister and mom found pleasure in each other’s arms.

Having found this incredible sexual incestuous bliss, things really couldn’t go back to the way they were before even after Dad returned. With Dad home, I went back to doing my sister at night after our parents were asleep, and pleasuring Mom filling her cunt with loads of semen during the day, while he was at work. Two month after our first fuck mom missed her period and a home pregnancy test informed me that I had fathered a second child. We hadn’t told Dad about my sister yet, so we had to confess to a double whammy.

Dad was shocked when Mom, Sis and I gave him the news. At first he was angry then i pointed out that if he had been taking care of mom’s sexual needs she would want me cock and maybe if he had been home more for his daughter and me that he would have seen the signs and stopped us from fooling around.

Then he confessed he wasn’t really was interested in sex anymore, being both too tired and so much older than mom. So he gave his blessing to mom and me to continue our affair. He even moved out of the bedroom and into the guest room so I could have the bedroom with mom.

My sister gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl and she decided to go on birth control after that. Saying she might want more children later, but for the moment one was enough. Mom gave birth to a boy but really enjoying the feeling of a baby growing inside her decided to not take any precaution to prevent her from getting pregnant again. So sure enough two months later she was pregnant. That time she had a baby girl.

That was a few years ago, I decide to share my story as mom has just dropped the news that we are expecting again and this time she having another set of twins growing inside of her. I love my Mom, who is now acts more like my wife. My sister and I still fuck but only now and then as she engaged to be married a nice guy she met at work and is now living with. Dad is even happy, loving the role of grandpa to the children. He is happy to watch them, while mom and I are busy in the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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