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This is a work of pure fiction. Please take the time to let me know what you think. Constructive comments are welcomed.

It seems like an age ago, the world was vastly different in those days and as kids growing up in the 60’s we were not nearly as “street wise” as the kids today. My story took place in the mid 1960’s, I had just turned 18 and growing up in a small town my sexual experience was almost limited. As boys we had shared books giving us the basics of sex education but few of us had ever tried them first hand. Of course most of us had daily masturbation sessions that we had been convinced was a mortal sin. I guess I had a rebellious streak as I was prepared to throw caution to the wind and enjoyed these sessions thoroughly.

Growing up in South Africa during this time made it even more difficult. For those who are not aware we had very strict censorship laws that made any pictures of breasts or genitalia taboo and being caught with pornography in ones possession was a guaranteed prosecution. Once again this did not stop the majority of schoolboys from circulating well-thumbed copies of European magazines like Penthouse, Playboy and Mayfair. I will always remember seeing a picture in one of the Mayfair’s of a woman squatting; she was wearing yellow see-through pair of panties. I am certain that this was the start of a long and happy panty fetish.

Six months after I turned 18 my 2 girl cousins came to stay with us. My older sister and cousins were roughly the same age. Every school holiday they would visit during the summer holidays. During this period 2 events took place that significantly changed my life!

To describe the girls for the reader: My sister Joanne was about 5ft 9in, had shoulder length brown hair and fairly large breasts. My cousin Eve was about 5ft 5in, long blonde hair and beautiful small breasts. My cousin Jill was about 5ft 7 with short brown hair and medium sized breasts with huge nipples. Of the 3 of them Jill was the quiet shy one.

A few days into one of their visits, my parents were both at work that meant that we were all alone at home during the day. We used to pack sandwiches and drinks and head to the beach. I was keen on snorkeling and spent most of my time exploring the beautiful marine life in the rock pools. I had also found that this was an ideal opportunity to take a good look at the girls’ bodies underwater without them knowing.

I can remember floating in the warm water looking at Eve’s bikini clad body. I still get hard at the memory. She always wore white bikinis. (I had often heard my parents talking about how inappropriate her bikini was.) As she waded in the rock pools I could see her nipples clearly through the fabric of the bikini top, being a true blonde I couldn’t see any traces of her pubes although I could see the shape of her pussy lips.

On previous visits I had had fun with their panties, trying to imagine which panties belonged to which girl. I guess I will never know if I was right but had a lot of fun enjoying their pussy scent.

On one particular afternoon Jill was not feeling well and decided to stay at home, leaving Joanne, Eve and I to go to the beach. While lying on the beach I saw the girls kept whispering and giggling amount themselves. Eventually Eve crawled over to where I was lying.

“How much do you know about sex?” she asked. “Enough” I was not keen to discuss sex with these girls. “How far have you gone?” she persisted.

I could see she was blushing while asking me these questions. My sister just lay back listening to our conversation without comment.

“I have only ever felt a girls boobs,” I answered, (my turn to blush) “Joanne and I want to see your penis” she said. “Here!” I asked indignantly. “Let’s bahis firmaları go up into the bush and find a secluded spot,” she suggested.

I was in the ultimate dilemma, I was really keen to see her naked but was not that keen to get naked myself, added to which showing myself to my sister just didn’t seem right. My own curiosity and sexual urge got the better of me and I eventually agreed. “Only if you show me,” I answered. She just nodded.

We wandered up the beach and found a secluded spot amongst the bushes. Others had clearly used it as the ground was cleared and condom wrapers littered the bushes. We spread our blanket down and sat down.

“Who goes first?” I asked

Without a word Eve looked across at Jo and slowly pulled her bikini top up, freeing her small breasts. She had the most beautiful pink nipples that by now were nice and hard. I could see the indecision on Jo’s face but with some prompting from Eve she slipped the straps of her one piece from her shoulders and pulled it down clear of her breasts, they were really beautiful. Firm 32 C with the longest nipples I had ever seen. My cock was now straining in my trunks.

“Your turn” Joanne said quietly, breaking her silence.

I slowly pulled my trunks down freeing my cock from its confines. I am not extremely large; I measure 6 inches but nice and thick. I could see both girls staring at my cock.

“Your turn” I said. I could not wait to see them naked.

Jo was the first to respond and stood up and pulled her one piece down. My eyes were glued to her pussy as it became visible. She had a full pelt of hair, but with her hair being damp I could clearly see her pussy lips. I looked over to Eve; without hesitating she slipped her fingers into the sides of her bikini bottom and slipped them off her hips and down her legs. I think I nearly came when I saw her pussy! Her hair was sparse and really light and I had a clear view of her vulva.

The girls sat down in front of me and we sat quietly looking at each other’s naked bodies.

Eventually Eve broke the silence “Can I take a closer look?”

I shifted over and knelt in front of her. She hesitantly took my cock in her hand and gently squeezed it. I put my hand around hers and helped her pull my foreskin down, exposing my purple head. My juices had started to ooze and pre-cum was oozing from my slit. Jo moved over and took my balls in her hands, gently squeezing and caressing them. Eve started to stroke my cock up and down and it wasn’t long before I could feel the familiar sensation of my orgasm approaching; this time it far more intense. I gave her no warning until with a loud moan I started to shoot my cum over her tits. I sank back onto the blanket and watched as they took a beach towel and moped up the mess I had left. They seemed very much at ease as they rubbed my cum from each other’s bodies.

Eve lay back on the blanket and opened her legs. “Let me show you where to touch a woman” she said.

Her fingers spread her lips open and I could see her clitoris red and swollen under its hood. Her juices were oozing from between her lips and onto the blanket. I moved closer and lay on my stomach until my face was inches from her pussy. She started to rhythmically rub up and down her pussy lips, lightly pressing against her clit and then once more down until the tip of her finger slipped into her pussy. I could smell her arousal and the familiar scent I had enjoyed on her panties filled my nose. I looked over at Jo and could see that she had wasted no time in slipping 2 fingers into her pussy. Unlike Eve she was not rubbing her clit but rather had her fingers buried deep inside her. Eve touched my shoulder and motioned my head down to her pussy. Without saying a word she guided kaçak iddaa me down until my tongue settled on her pussy lips. The taste was indescribable; infinitely better than the taste of her panties, the smooth texture of her pussy juices coating my face.

I could hear Jo was getting more and more vocal until with a load cry her body started to spasm and shake. I guessed that she had cum. I continued my oral onslaught of my cousin’s pussy.

“Please put your finger inside me,” she gasped.

I obliged by slipping my middle finger between the folds of her wet pussy. I will always remember the warm, velvety smooth feeling that enveloped my finger. Eve started to buck against my face; I was having a tough time to keep up with her. She became more and more vocal until with a loud cry her orgasm wracked her body. I could feel her pussy juices flowing freely from her pussy, I was licking frantically but couldn’t keep up and the excess juice slid down her ass cheeks and onto the blanket below.

I rolled away and lay on my back. By now my cock was once again as hard as a rock, I was uncertain of how to continue. Joanne took the decision from me as she straddled my body and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy. I don’t think there are words that could describe the feeling as I slipped between her pussy lips and my cock was enveloped by her velvet glove. I had a strange feeling that this was really wrong but the pleasures my body was feeling quickly overshadowed this and I started to push back at her. I was no longer a virgin!

Once again it was not long before I could feel my balls tighten and my orgasm approach. Once again I gave her no warning and with a load moan came deep inside her pussy. She did not flinch and continued to ride my hard cock until it softened inside her. My cum oozing from between her lips.

I lay back as she rolled away and lay next to me on the blanket. We lay quietly for about 5 minutes, I may have even dozed off; I remember being brought back to reality by the girls starting to stir.

I lay back and watched as they wiped themselves clean with a towel and slipped their bathing suits back on. They seemed so familiar with each other’s bodies.

“How long have you guys being doing this?” I asked. “Joanne and I have been playing for a while” Eve answered, “We haven’t included boys in our games yet”

My mind was racing had they been just masturbating together or actually been playing with each other?

We ended up going for a swim in the sea to clean the traces of our afternoon fun from our bodies and made our way home. We were all pretty quiet, the magnitude of our afternoon pleasures catching up with us.

We ate dinner that evening and it was not long before we were all chatting and laughing as though nothing had happened. By now Jill was feeling better and had joined in with us. Our busy day had drained us all and we all ended up going to bed quite early.

I had a flat attached to the main house and as it had the largest room my sister and cousins had moved in there and I was sleeping in my sister’s room. A bathroom separated our rooms, with my parents’ room on the other side of the house.

During the night I woke up to use the bathroom and without thinking made my way back to my room. It wasn’t until I slipped between the covers of my bed that I realized my mistake. I was looking at the back of Jill, my cousin who was using my bed. The movement had woken her and she rolled over to face me. She was wearing a light cotton nightdress and in the darkness I couldn’t see much.

Before I could stammer an apology she pulled me towards her and kissed me on the lips. “I believe I missed all the fun this afternoon” she whispered. Please be my first!”

Her hands kaçak bahis slipped under the waistband of my shorts and I could feel her warm hands start to fondle my rock hard cock. As she slowly pulled my cock up and down I quietly slipped my hands under her nightgown and took her firm breasts into my hands. I wriggled down until my face was lying between her breasts. I took her hard nipple between my lips and started to suck and lick them rhythmically. As I sucked her tits she ran her finger through my hair pulling my face firmly into her chest. Being young and impatient I started to move down until my head reached her panty-clad pussy. I wasted no time in slipping my fingers into the waistband and slipping them down her legs. She showed no hesitation and helped me by lifting her bum from the bed. I threw her panties to the floor and with no hesitation buried my head between her legs. I could smell the wonderful aroma of her pussy. My tongue snaked its way through her matt of hair and slipped between the lips of her pussy. I took her clit into my mouth and started to slowly suck. Her arousal was almost instant and I could feel her hips start to rotate and thrust against my face. I had seen how my fingers had taken Eve to another level and slipped them between her legs and into her hot pussy. She felt even tighter than Eve had felt. My fingers explored the inside of her cunt while my tongue licked and caressed her hard clit.

I thought I had done something she didn’t like as she gently pushed my head from her pussy. “I want you inside me” she whispered shyly.

I knelt between her legs and slowly pressed the head of my cock between her lips. “Please go slowly,” she said, “this is my first time”

As I gently pushed myself cock into her I once again I felt the hot smooth feeling of her pussy enveloping my cock. I felt my cock reach a restriction; this was obviously the hymen I had heard about. I wasn’t sure how to progress and hesitated. “Just push into me,” she gasped.

Without waiting I increased the pressure. It felt initially unyielding until I felt the pressure release and my cock slip all the way into her. She gasped in pain and her body stiffened; I immediately stopped pushing. We lay in that position for a few minutes until I could feel her body slowly relax. She slowly started to push her hips against my cock, signaling me to continue. I slowly withdrew my cock and pushed into her again. We continued like this until I could feel her pussy start to clench. She was trying hard to keep quiet until with a muffled squeak she came. I wasted no time in following her lead and squirting my cum into her.

I lay on top of her for a while until my cock softened and slipped from between her pussy lips. A mixture of my cum and her juices with a faint trace of blood oozed from her lips onto the sheets.

“Thanks” she said, “it was far better than I expected. All the girls at college have told me how painful it was, but I don’t think it was that bad.”

We lay in each other’s arms until I realized that I should get back to my own bed. I didn’t think that my parents would be very happy to see my lying in bed naked with my cousin. As I got out of bed I looked across and saw that Eve and Joanne we wide awake and lying in each other’s arms. I guess that what I saw answered my earlier question.

The remainder of our summer holiday continued to be a summer of sexual exploration. I watched as the girls played with each other, they tried a number of things with me including some of the most memorable blowjobs I can remember.

Once the summer was over we never spoke of this again. We are all grown up, and married with kids but I am left with very fond memories of our summer.

My pleasure is now limited to the occasional pair of their panties I can get my hands on when they visit. One sniff of their panties and the memories come flooding back.

I would welcome your comments on this and all of my stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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