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Ahhh, my cousin Denise.

Where to begin a twenty year tale of rising lust and sexual longing?

Suffice to say that however the story begins, it ends with the two of us in a very large bed, using all of it while finally exploring each other’s every inch.

Before we get there, however, there’s the little matter of twenty years of foreplay.

The first episode began during a visit my family made to Denise’s house near the beach. I was 18. That’s the first time I recall really noticing her as a sexual being. Before that she was just my cousin, who happened to be a girl. I hadn’t seen her in a few years, since we lived about 1,000 miles apart. In the meantime, however, several changes had taken place, and I, as a horny teenager who already had a good ten years of masturbation behind me, noticed each change in a big way.

For one thing her tits had gotten much larger, seemingly out of nowhere, as I certainly didn’t remember them that big a few summers before. In addition, the curve of her hips had become more pronounced and several other curves I hadn’t noticed before caught my eye.

All of this was revealed to me during a beach trip on our second day of the vacation. As I sat on my towel dousing myself with suntan lotion, Denise lowered her jean shorts and took off her white tank top not five feet from where I was sitting. Underneath was a dark green flower print bikini that I tried very hard not to stare at. This was my cousin, after all, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to find her attractive. The kadıköy escort problem, of course, was that she wasn’t just attractive; she was downright hot. Long, straight black hair that fell midway down her back, deep brown eyes, those softball-sized breasts that really filled in her bikini top, and an ass that sent all sorts of filthy thoughts careening around my head. Add to that perfect tanned legs leading down to dainty feet with shapely toes and red painted toenails, and I was in total forbidden love.

It took me a full five minutes to get my erection to go down to the point where I could safely stand up and hit the waves. Throughout the day, I tried not to think of Denise’s body in the way that I had been, and was somewhat successful, until it came my time to shower up back at her house.

It was the empty suit that did it.

Her still-wet bathing suit was draped over a hamper in the upstairs bathroom. She had showered before me and had left the two-piece on the edge of the wicker basket to dry. I noticed a glowing ball of excitement in my gut, followed by a rising of my cock as I gazed at the thin fabric that had been wrapped around my cousin’s most private parts only minutes before.

I couldn’t resist. With a shaking hand, I reached for the bikini top and lifted it off the hamper. With both hands, I spread it open as it would have been on her chest. It was very damp, and the inside of the cups, where Denise’s tits had sat all day, was lined with white polyester-like üsküdar escort fabric. Standing there naked, my 18 year old penis fully erect now, I turned it over and lifted it to my mouth, holding the white fabric first to my nose, then my lips, imaging that I was kissing her actual nipple. The excitement was almost overwhelming.

I laid the top down and picked up the Holy Grail, her bikini bottoms. It took a few seconds to figure out which was the waist and which were leg holes, but the bottoms were lined with the same smooth white fabric. I held them in front of me as if she were wearing them, marveling at how small the waist seemed. I sniffed the outside first, where her pussy lips would have been only moments before. I had been staring at this very spot on the beach, and her pussy had actually been in it – right here! I turned the fabric over and sniffed the inside, goose bumps standing out all over me. It, too, was still damp, and I thought I detected a slight, unfamiliar scent. I was still a virgin at 18, and while I had played around with my high school girlfriend, I had never gotten as far going down on her, though not for lack of trying. I licked the fabric, imagining that I was licking some of my cousin’s actual juices off of her bikini.

It was about there that my other hand drifted down to my engorged member, and I casually began sliding my hand up and down the shaft.

At the time, I didn’t really have any knowledge that there was such a thing as panty-sniffing tuzla escort as a fetish, but I was sure getting an education in it. Then, almost without thinking, I draped the bikini bottoms over my cock, placing the purple cockhead where her crotch had been. I commenced to some serious jacking off then, sliding my cousin’s bikini bottoms up and down. The softness and wetness of the fabric felt incredible. Within 30 seconds I felt the familiar urgent pressure in my groin, and before rationality had a chance to take over I had spurted white cum all over the inside of Denise’s bikini.

I continued stroking away with the freshly lubed material until a wave of realization and guilt struck me. What had I just done? Have I violated my cousin? Certainly her privacy, but she must never know about this. And what now? Can she get pregnant if she wears these?

I panicked and started the shower, rinsing the bikini in hot water and rubbing the crotch with bar soap. I wrung them out a bit, then a moment of horror as I realized I didn’t remember the positioning of the pieces on the edge of the hamper. What if she noticed they had been moved?

I estimated the best I could and stepped finally into the shower. The guilt was soon replaced by the memory of how sweet that scent had been, and, my erection returned as I imaged having sex with my cousin in the shower, our slick naked bodies rubbing and slapping together. This thought was deliciously taboo, and I luxuriated in it as I stroked myself to another, almost painful climax

That night was a bit awkward for me at the dinner table, as I would forever see my cousin in a different light. Though I didn’t know it at the time, the next day would bring an even stronger and stranger episode in my long, slow journey into lust with Denise.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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