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Summary: Two powerful women seduce straight women in different ways.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the original idea to what turned out to be a very lengthy, complex NOVELLA, in the vein, I hope, of my Catching Mommy series (except without the incest (mostly).

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, Tenzin, Goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

Note 3: Update April 2016: Edited by H.S.

Note 4: Update September 2016: Edited Tex Beethoven

This was originally released a couple days ago, but due to my incompetence, I sent in a fix to correct a plot error before it was released and part way through the first day of release Part Two (unedited) replaced the original Part One.

So, if you have already read this… sorry. But I didn’t realize what the error was until after I got it removed. I then realized it was the right story for a day and then altered to the second chapter.

Confusing… I know.

Anyway, this is the original story corrected….

Two Mistresses: A Study in Seduction


Carolyn had not brought her assistant Carmen along on this trip. She had decided it was time to find some fresh, young meat for her household staff and planned on giving Carmen more responsibilities in the business.

Carolyn had been working so hard of late her sexual needs had not been met regularly, and now she was in Los Angeles. L.A. was known in some circles to be the city that was home to both the highest percentage and the highest number of lost women unknowingly looking for a Mistress. This was a very good place to begin her search for her next assistant; or at the very least a one-night stand.

Carolyn usually used her assistant Carmen to find young girls for her while they traveled, but today Carmen wasn’t with her; even before leaving home she had decided to go on the hunt personally this time.

Being the CEO of a major worldwide internet company gave her plenty of opportunity to meet women who were willing and eager to do whatever it took to climb the business ladder. This being 2016, women were just as likely, if not more likely, to eat a pussy as a cock to get ahead. Sex was money in the business world, and the more willing and skilled one was at using sex to her advantage, the more likely she was to reach the top of the business ladder.

Carolyn had no idea how many women she’d hosted between her legs, hundreds for sure, but even that ballpark was probably conservative. From the first time she had seduced a woman, her high school Biology teacher, and made her an obedient plaything for the rest of her senior year, she had practised and honed her skills for her trade… the trade of seducing as many women as possible.

Carolyn believed a few things about sex:

1. All women are sexual beings and have dark desires that are often kept hidden deep inside and never explored.

2. All women see sex as an intimate way to discover their true selves.

3. All women fantasize, regardless of how happy they are in their relationship. Of course single women fantasize too.

4. All women find other women attractive and if not consciously, at least subconsciously fantasize about Sapphic liaisons.

5. All women are looking for sex as an escape from their busy, overwhelming, boring lives. Most women work, and are expected to be both the motherly figure at home and the sophisticated lady at work and in public. Roles requiring very different skill sets.

6. All women who allow themselves to explore their true sexuality, live out their darkest fantasies, and accept their complex sexuality and plethora of needs, will be truly free from the male hierarchy most women are forced to submit to.

7. Almost all women are submissive by nature and by society’s expectations. Regardless of how hard women fight for true equality, they are biologically built to please, and their inner natures almost always follow along. The rare woman who isn’t submissive must guide her sisters to their true sexual identity and protect them from the predations and abuse of men.

Carolyn believed she was born for a great purpose… to liberate as many women from the chains of ludicrous male-imposed social morals that few men actually lived (cheating and promiscuous homosexual activity still rampant behind the scenes of the so-called business world while women struggled in vain to abide by the hypocrisy of a double standard… and find happiness?).

She had discovered through her years of experience that almost every woman will submit to another woman given the right circumstances and opportunity.

Sometimes Carolyn was sweet and tender; other times powerful and dominant; most often a balance of the two. Yet almost without fail, once Carolyn set her eyes on a woman, that woman inevitably ended up between her legs.

Carolyn had submissive pets in hundreds of cities who would meet her at canlı bahis a moment’s notice even years after their first encounter.

Her gifts of seduction and discipline brought almost any woman to her knees and made her a lifelong submissive to Carolyn and she commonly became an eager pussy-pleaser to other people as well. For life.

Over the years she had enjoyed many amazing encounters:

-A very famous princess going down on her during her brother’s coronation.

-The wife of the president of an important country and her daughter, who had regularly pleasured Carolyn together during his time in office.

-Nineteen Miss America pageant winners in a row (and over a hundred contestants)… as well as four Miss World winners.

-Her own mother when she had just turned eighteen (incest being just another of society’s judgemental moral views that were practiced behind the scenes more often than most people would ever know).

-Her entire college sorority including the den mother and a few alumnae.

-A couple dozen big name female celebrities (names not disclosed for obvious reasons)… her business giving her access to celebrity women in all fields of entertainment.

-Her brother’s wife before the wedding and again during the reception.

-Dozens of coeds throughout the years.

-Many other CEOs, and every female employee in her own company, as well as the majority of the designers scattered throughout the world who provided top of the line designs for her online store.

-Wives of many male CEOs as well as several of their daughters.

Carolyn’s biggest turn-on was turning straight girls regardless of their ages. She had seduced women from the ages of eighteen to sixty-three (and that one was special since she was an Oscar winner who had eaten Carolyn out just minutes after she had accepted the Oscar).

She loved seeing a woman admit to her long ignored sexual desires and curiosity.

She loved seeing a woman willingly drop to her knees.

She loved seeing a woman, hands often trembling, undress in front of her.

She loved seeing a woman, hands still trembling, undress her.

She loved the look in a woman’s eyes when she first became a pet the moment she tasted Caroline’s addictive honey for the very first time.

She loved the tentativeness of a new submissive, which was almost always followed by eagerness, and soon a final acceptance that at long last she was in her natural place… her years or decades of denied inner desire finally breaking through to the surface as passionate release.

Carolyn perused the hotel bar. A classy little place with a mandatory dress code.

Every woman there was dressed in a cocktail gown, but Carolyn noticed with a familiar disappointment that only three of the women had actually accentuated their attire with nylons.

‘What a pity,’ she sighed to herself. She had observed women getting lazier over the years. In the eighties when she was in high school, teachers always wore nylons (the women anyway, she couldn’t speak for the male teachers because they always wore long trousers), and many students wore them as well, herself included. Slowly this lovely item of attire, meant to enhance a woman’s legs, was being worn less and less. It was however still mandatory in most government positions, the royal family, all her own employees and of course her submissive pets.

She believed that nylons, pantyhose for her female employees (until they became pets… and they always became pets) and thigh-highs for her pets, were a symbol of sexuality.

In business, pantyhose are professional and still sexy.

In the bedroom, thigh-highs are sensual and allow ready access to the sweet honey that only women are given the gift to provide.

She was feeling horny; it was rare that Carolyn went two entire days without a pet between her legs, so she quickly made her choice. A young girl (she liked them young) was sitting at the bar by herself. She was also one of the three wearing pantyhose. Carolyn walked over to the black haired beauty and asked, “Anyone sitting beside you?”

“No, ma’am,” the girl responded, startled by the question, waiting for her so-called meeting.

“Ma’am,” Carolyn chuckled playfully, charm on full, “Please, I hate such terms, they infer age. My name is Carolyn.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she apologized. “My parents taught me at a young age always to be polite.”

Carolyn was already giddy at the obviousness that this young girl was ripe for turning. She agreed, looking into the unique not green not blue eyes, but a blend, perhaps best called aquamarine, “I must agree with your parents. But I’d still prefer it if you called me Carolyn.”

“Of course I will, it’s nice to meet you Carolyn,” the girl greeted, finding something very comfortable and attractive about this woman, even though she couldn’t describe it.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Carolyn smiled, taking her hand and shaking it, while moving her thumb ever so subtly on the young girl’s hand… bahis siteleri just a sly moment of intimacy. “I assume you also have a name.”

“Oh, sorry,” Mindy giggled like the Southern young girl she was. “It’s Mindy.”

“Texas?” Carolyn asked, pretty good at placing accents.

“Born and raised,” Mindy nodded, wondering if her accent was that obvious.

“May I buy you another drink?” Carolyn asked, waving her hand to the bartender.

“Um, sure,” Mindy nodded, never having had a drink bought for her by another woman. Many men bought her drinks of course, all with the same purpose, to fuck her. Mindy had come to Los Angeles like so many others… to be an actress. And although she had snagged a couple of minor roles in commercials and one music video, she had yet to hit it big.

Mindy was actually here, at this overpriced, overdressed bar, dressed in her most extravagant attire, to meet a movie producer who was supposedly interested in her for a lead role. That said, the last two times she had received such promises, one was for porn and the other time the guy wasn’t even a producer.

Mindy, doing her due diligence after the first two disasters, had researched the guy and he was legit… at least in the sense that he was a producer with one low budget movie under his belt. That said, he was an hour late.

Carolyn ordered the drinks, and noticing that Mindy seemed distracted asked, “Are you waiting for someone?”

“I am,” Mindy sighed, “but he’s an hour late.”

“Men!” Carolyn joked, although she meant it. Men were utterly useless to her except for a few designers, one straight and the rest gay. If it wasn’t for the invention of pantyhose by Allen Gant, Senior, and the need for their sperm to continue the human race, she had no use for them.

“Yeah,” Mindy nodded, as she finished her eighteen dollar drink, the only one she could afford to buy. Actually, she couldn’t afford even that one, but she needed to at least look like she belonged here.

“I’ll keep you company until he arrives,” Carolyn smiled, sensing a very vulnerable young woman just looking for a Mistress, even though the innocent young girl at this point didn’t have a clue.

“If he arrives,” Mindy corrected. It was nice to have someone to talk to.

“So tell me about yourself,” Carolyn probed, knowing that knowledge is power. She always tried to know everything she could about the people she was about to seduce, as well as her employees.

“Not much to tell,” Mindy shrugged. She explained her dreams of becoming an actress and being either laughed at, given a lot of pity, or told that what she needed was a real career. Actually those were precisely the last words her father had used when she left home.

“Oh, honey,” Carolyn smiled warmly, putting her hand on the young girl’s nylon-clad leg, the seemingly innocent, but perfectly strategic, touch. “I’m guessing you’ve been told a million times to stop trying to live the dream.”

Mindy was surprised by the sudden hand on her knee, but equally surprised by the accurate words of the woman. She nodded, “Is it that obvious?”

“I can tell by your tone you don’t want to be rejected again,” Carolyn said, giving a gentle squeeze on the prey’s knee and then moving her hand away to take a drink. Always leave them wanting more… and usually questioning themselves about why they wanted more, was advice given to her years ago by a very wise woman named Jasmine, and advice she had taken to heart.

“It’s a tough town,” Mindy nodded, feeling so safe and comfortable with this motherly figure… although she somehow knew this observant lady didn’t have any kids.

“The toughest,” Carolyn agreed, although truth be told New York was just as tough for different reasons. “Are you here alone in this wacky city?”

“Yes,” Mindy nodded. “I’m a long way from home.”

“Home is where you make it,” Carolyn said, spending half her year, give or take, in the finest hotels in the world.

“I suppose,” Mindy said, as the bartender returned with drinks. She took a sip and asked, “Are you from here?”

“God, no,” Carolyn responded. “I live in the other pretentious city in this country.”

“Washington?” Mindy questioned.

Carolyn couldn’t tell if she was serious or just witty, but she laughed, “Now, that is funny. I guess I live in one of the other pretentious cities in America: New York.”

“Oh, Houston is a pretty close fourth,” Mindy smiled.

“Well, I’m a lot of things,” Carolyn said, returning her hand to the girl’s knee, “but pretentious isn’t one of them.”

Mindy laughed, even as she felt a rush up her spine that didn’t make any sense, “Good to know.”

“Are you an actress?” Carolyn asked, even though the answer was obvious.

“In a perfect world,” Mindy admitted. “Although considering my length of unemployment, I can’t really call myself a professional one.”

Carolyn moved her hand away again, playing a classic game of cat and mouse. “Let me guess. You’re also a waitress.”

“Sadly bahis şirketleri so; it almost pays the bills,” Mindy nodded, impressed by the perception of this intriguing pretty woman.

Carolyn laughed, “I remember those days,” although truth be told, she didn’t.

“You were an actress?” Mindy asked.

Carolyn returned her hand to the sweet girl’s leg. “Oh sweetheart, all women are actresses.”

“Pardon?” Mindy questioned, confused both by the answer as well as the feelings of warmth that coursed through her when the older woman’s hand came back to her knee. Was she hitting on her? Or was she just touchy feely?

“Women are always acting. Playing their assigned role in a man’s world,” Carolyn responded. She was confident that pushing feminism while criticizing the sexist life of Los Angeles would pull the young woman even closer to her.

“I guess,” Mindy shrugged. Although in retrospect, the older woman’s words made sense, since back home, and definitely in Los Angeles, it was a man’s world.

“That’s one of the reasons I started my own business,” Carolyn nodded, next giving another hint of what she had in store later: “I like to be in control.” As she said those final words she again gave a squeeze on the sweet girl’s knee… and this time it had an undeniable meaning.

Mindy was confused. She wasn’t surprised to get hit on, that happened all the time… even a couple of times by women. But this was the first time she wasn’t disgusted and uncomfortable. Well she was uncomfortable, but that was because of her confusion about her own feelings, not from the very enjoyable presence of this captivating woman, even if she was hitting on her. It was uncomfortable but also very intriguing. This woman, this Carolyn, was stirring feelings inside her that she wasn’t at all used to. Without a word of psychobabble, this woman was challenging her to redefine her identity.

“What kind of business do you run?” Mindy asked, content to allow the woman to keep her hand resting on her leg.

“It’s an online store aimed at woman,” Carolyn said, her hand sliding, ever so slowly, like a lost snail, up the pretty girl’s nylon clad leg.

“Oh really?” Mindy asked, so intrigued by this woman that she wasn’t at all bothered by the gentle, intimate touch. She was also curious as to what kind of online store would be only for women.

Carolyn knew she had her. She had set up the seduction well and was well on her way to accomplishing her goal. Many people (female people) had asked her over the years how she was so successful at seducing straight women and also almost always having them coming back for more. It was actually quite simple. She had taken psychology in college as an elective, and what a great one it had been. It was there she learned of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and forever after had used it as her basis for seduction.

The five stage hierarchy was both fascinating and almost always accurate. The bottom element is the physiological needs. This one is obviously the stepping stone to the others. It is, simply put, the physical requirements for human survival. The need for a guarantee of clothing, shelter and food are incumbent to the ability for any person, man or woman, to allow themselves to take the risks needed to explore their true sexuality.

Almost invariably these needs were already being met for the women she was seducing, but for Mindy, Carolyn knew that she could enhance the sweet girl’s physiology by offering her a job. It was obvious she was struggling to get by and her physiological needs were not being met adequately. Her feelings of not being loveable, not truly belonging anywhere and her self-esteem were clearly at rock bottom or close to it, and Carolyn was confident she could provide all those needs for this lost young girl.

“Speaking of my business, I’ve just thought of something,” Carolyn said.

“What?” Mindy asked.

“I am in the process of creating some online commercials for a few of my new products and was supposed to be in New York on Friday for the auditions,” Carolyn continued, reeling the young girl in with a mixture of her words, her beauty, her captivating gaze and her slow tease as her hand slyly moved up again.

Mindy was overwhelmed. She felt the woman’s hand moving up her leg. She also heard the woman implying the possibility of a job. Yet she had rejected the sexual advances of men for jobs in the past. Trying to be noncommittal, she asked, “What kind of products?”

Carolyn answered, “A couple. A new line of lingerie from a young, hip lesbian from Paris, and,” she paused for dramatic effect, “a new line of sex toys for women, especially for couples.”

“Lesbian couples?” Mindy asked, her pussy undeniably wet.

“Yes,” Carolyn nodded. “A large portion of my target customer base is the growing lesbian market in the world. And for them, online is very convenient and very anonymous. Many lesbians have come out, but many others have not. So online is so very convenient.”

“Oh,” Mindy nodded, she noticed the woman’s hand was now at the hem of her dress and noticed with some slight surprise that she didn’t mind, simply wondering how far Carolyn would dare to progress in this crowded lounge filled with potential observers.

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