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With us kids upstairs, I heard mum open another bottle of wine as her and Alan chatted and laughed. They had retired to the lounge by this point but had left the door open.

I made an excuse to go downstairs for a drink and saw them sat together on the sofa drinking wine and looking through photos from the coffee table drawer.

I headed back upstairs and sat on the top step from where I could clearly hear all their chatter. I must have sat for half an hour or so listening intently, unsuccessfully, for anything risqué, when I heard mum excuse herself to check on the children and go to the little girl’s room.

I scurried back to my room and got under the covers to feign sleep as I heard mum head for the bathroom. I listened intently as she sat on the toilet and piss flowed from her vagina. Oh, how I wish it was flowing over me at that moment.

When she’d finished I heard her come into my room and felt her kiss me on the head before going to my sister’s room to do the same.

As she headed downstairs, I heard her say to Alan that she would fetch another bottle and be back shortly. I quickly took up my position at the top of the stairs again as mum returned to the lounge with the wine.

I heard the cork pop as it was opened and mum told Alan that the kids were fast asleep. As the wine flowed, their conversation turned to Madeira and how much mum had enjoyed going there earlier in the year.

Alan regaled her with various stories of their lives there over the last eight years, it sounded like a good lifestyle but the conversation was about to get a whole lot more exciting.

From what they were saying, I gathered they, along with my dad, Alan’s wife and others, had enjoyed a weekend beach party.

As they compared notes on the event, the tone of the conversation moved up a gear when Alan said, “I was surprised you went topless in front of so many people you didn’t know.”

Mum replied, “It didn’t bother me, it was no different from going topless on a holiday beach where I didn’t know anyone; besides, I don’t like coming home with white bits.”

“But you kept your bikini bottoms on though, don’t they give you white bits?” Alan asked.

“That’s a very naughty thing to say, would you like to have seen me without them then?” mum replied.

The conversation was definitely hotting up and I was hoping for more as my cock stirred to full erection again.

“I certainly enjoyed the view I got,” he said, to which mum replied,

“and I enjoyed giving it to you.”

By now I was sure my theory was right, mum was out to seduce him but had started in Madeira months before?

“Did you do it just for me then?” Alan asked in an almost arrogant tone.

“Maybe,” mum said cheekily.

“Well, I’m flattered I’m sure,” Alan replied delightedly.

Mum repeated her earlier question, “What about seeing me without my bottoms then, you didn’t answer me?”

Alan tried to avoid a direct answer by saying, “What man wouldn’t?”

“In a round about way then, it seems as though you’d like to have seen me naked,” mum probed. My theory was right, she was definitely leading the seduction.

Alan again avoided a direct answer, “Well that was then and you’re not on holiday now,” came his reply.

Mum continued her salacious flirting by telling him she’d been sunbathing nude in the garden and swimming naked to avoid the white bits. “I don’t just strip off on holiday,” she said.

This kind of flirtatious and suggestive behaviour was a side to my mother I’d not seen before. I was surprised and enjoying it in equal measures.

“Are we going to swim tonight then,” Alan suggested, with a new found boldness?

It was now half past ten, surely too late and too dark to be swimming, I thought?

Mum’s voice sounded excited as she called his bluff, saying, “Well I hadn’t planned to but as you’ve suggested it, let’s go for it.”

I don’t think mum’s response was the one Alan was expecting and he was quick to come back with, “Nice idea but I’ve got no trunks.”

Mum’s reply was equally as quick, “You don’t need trunks, we can skinny dip in the dark; let’s face it, you’ve seen me topless before.”

Judging by his side of the conversation, it seemed to me as though he was half- heartedly resisting her seduction. I only wished I could see what was going on as well as hear it.

As I wondered what would happen next, mum suggested they strip to their underwear, leave their clothes inside and then strip naked outside in the dark.

Ordinarily, I guessed that would be no different to wearing a bikini and trunks but I knew what she was wearing under her dress and I wondered how Alan would react to such a magnificent sight. It didn’t take long for me to find out!

“Could you undo my dress zip, it’s under the flap at the back,” mum asked.

I could faintly hear the zip being undone before Alan’s voice exclaimed, “My god, you look even more amazing than you did on the beach.”

“Thank you Alan, do you like my underwear then?” eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar came mum’s reply.

“Like it? I love it; I only ever see outfits like that in books,” he said.

As my cock strained in my pants, I wondered how far this would go. All the way I hoped!

Alan’s words were now getting braver as he asked mum if she was going to take off her camisole top for a repeat of the beach party.

“I’ve got a better idea,” she said. “Why don’t you take it off for me?”

“But I think we should close the door first, in case of unexpected visitors.”

By this I guessed she meant me or my sister. Clearly she meant business and I wanted to be witness to it.

I heard the door close and wondered if there was any way I could get to see what was going on behind it. The cottage style door latches were loose fitting and would possibly allow a limited view but I quickly ruled this out as it might rattle.

The lounge had two windows onto the garden and either of these would give a perfect view into the room. At the bottom of the stairs was the door into the garden and on such a warm evening, mum had left this open.

My perfect route to the window without needing to make a sound, I thought. I donned my trainers and tiptoed down the stairs only to be greeted by the disappointing sound of the curtains rattling in their track. I guessed proceedings in the lounge were reaching a point where privacy was required.

I continued downstairs in the hope that only one window would be covered. Stepping through the open door and onto the terrace I was disappointed to see both sets of curtains drawn although a small shaft of light made me think it had been a careless effort.

I tiptoed across the terrace to the light source and, sure enough, the curtains weren’t drawn over each other. I had a grandstand view of the room. And that view was one which delighted my senses, my cock reacting in unison.

There in front of my eyes was my mother standing in the lounge in camisole knickers, a camisole top, stockings and suspenders while another man was kneeling in front of her kissing up her legs and caressing her back with his fingers.

Mum’s facial expression was a delight, her head was thrown back and the look of pleasure on her face was a picture of ecstasy. I wasn’t sure what had happened to the skinny-dipping idea but I didn’t care; this view was far more exciting.

As I watched in incestuous awe, Alan’s kisses had turned into a tongue caress of mum’s thighs while his fingers had moved to her silk clad breasts. Her nipples stood out like wheel nuts as his fingers enveloped their stiffness.

I imagined her neatly trimmed vagina must be dribbling with love honey by now as she looked to be almost panting with pleasure.

I could see Alan was stripped down to just a pair of boxer shorts and, like mine, they were tenting under the strain of his erect penis.

The seduction balance had clearly shifted as Alan’s hands moved from the silky material hugging mum’s breasts to the real thing as he pushed his left under her camisole and made busy kneading her pert orbs.

Meanwhile, his right hand moved to her bottom as he slipped it under the silky panties to caress the crack I’d so enjoyed seeing close up the week before.

Mum was starting to gyrate with the pleasure her face was so clearly showing. And at that point, she raised herself up on tiptoes and her mouth opened in what I imagined was a gasp.

Alan had entered her body, I could see a profile view of his hand in her panties, clearly pushing his finger or fingers into her love hole.

She turned her back to me, bent over and rested one hand on the sofa arm. With the other, she tugged down her panties giving me a perfect view of her open womb as Alan repositioned himself. She really was making herself sexually available to him.

To my relief, he didn’t blocked my view by getting behind mum, he removed his straining cock from his shorts, sat on the floor facing towards me and positioned himself between her legs.

Although mum’s bottom blocked the view of his face, it was clear he was feasting on her vagina at the same time as finger fucking her, a view I did have and was thoroughly enjoying.

At this point I could see her camisole top was pulled up and her pendulous orbs swung like low hanging fruit as she rocked back and forth in rhythm with the thrusting of Alan’s fingers.

Then, all at once, mum threw her head back and her body shook as what I imagined was an orgasm took hold of her. Oh, how I wished the window panes didn’t obscure the sound. I wanted to hear her pleasure as well as see it.

The excitement of the scene was too much for me and as she climaxed, I felt my cock spasm and shoot my seed into my shorts. It was the most amazing sensation I’d ever experienced and the first time it had happened without manual stimulation.

Mum collapsed onto the sofa, kicking her panties off her ankles and sitting back panting. sincan escort bayan Her lover got off the floor and joined her in a passionate embrace on the sofa. As their lips locked, he pulled off his shorts, he was now naked with an impressive shaft of solid veiny flesh sticking out in front of him.

Breaking off the kiss, Mum moved her mouth to Alan’s manhood. She kissed the end, glistening with pre-cum, and gestured her lover to lay on the floor.

I couldn’t hear the conversation but actions spoke louder than words and as he lay naked on the carpet with his prong reaching for the sky, I watched as mum sat astride his face, bent forward and took him into her mouth to complete the 69 position.

From my vantage point, I had a clear view of her bottom sat over her lover’s face. His hands parted the globes of her cheeks as his tongue greedily explored the pink delights of her juicy, open vagina.

By the movement of his head, I guessed he was tonguing all the way along her slit, from her love hole to her love bud. I could see his nose millimetres from her puckered sphincter, a most delightful sight from my secret viewpoint.

Mum’s head was bobbing up and down as she deepthroated him in what was by now a mutual feasting extravaganza.

Alan’s vigorous tonguing increased in pace as mum writhed over him and I imagined one or other, or maybe both, were about to cum. He was jerking his pelvis upwards to meet mum’s mouth and after a few seconds relaxed back on the carpet.

I guessed he’d filled mum’s mouth with his warm seed. I think I missed her climax before I watched her climb off his face and sit on his lap, leaning forward to kiss his lips.

Through open mouths, their tongues danced together as they kissed for a few minutes before he gently laid her back against the sofa and moved his mouth to her nipples.

Her eyes closed and a look of absolute contentment came across her face as her lover eagerly kneaded her ample bosom and sucked on her erect teats, alternating between them.

Their foreplay was certainly a spectacle to behold and I wondered when, if at all, they would consummate their adultery. It certainly wasn’t going to be immediate, or so I thought, as I watched them both get up and put their underwear back on.

I was beginning to feel a wave of disappointment sweeping over me as I watched them re-dress. This was short lived though as I watched mum move the chair from the door, open it a little to peer around it. I guessed she was checking the coast was clear before opening the door and leading Alan by the hand into the garden.

My heart beat fast as I realised my escape route was now blocked. Although I was crouching in the darkness, if they switched on the outside lights I’d be caught like a rabbit in headlights. I breathed a sigh of relief as my eyes followed their shadowy figures skipping to the pool.

At the edge, I could just make out the sight of them removing each other’s underwear. Once naked, I could see them kiss before they slipped into the water.

I was now in something of a dilemma, as I couldn’t see the lovers’ faces I had no way of knowing whether they’d see me if I went back into the house. Without the lights on, I was not easily visible if I stayed where I was. I’d never explain it if I were caught though and, despite my mum’s infidelity, I didn’t want to look like an incestuous, perverted voyeur.

Although, for the time being, I was trapped outside with no escape route I did have an opportunity to move closer to the pool. Behind me was a large herbaceous border with a path on the opposite side of the pool. My vision would be a little limited but in the dim light this didn’t matter.

I weighed up the options and decided that being less visible but within easy hearing range was the best one. I could hear muffled giggling from the pool and I crept along the path hoping not to crack a twig or lose my balance.

My sortie was successful and I was now within fifteen feet of the pool. My eyes adjusted to the low light and I could make out the lovers standing in the shallow end kissing. In the dim light I could see Alan’s hands fondling mum’s breasts as his mouth broke away from hers and made its way down her neck to her shoulders, eventually settling on her nipples.

Mum threw her head back and quietly asked him to bite on them. She was obviously loving the attention of his mouth and I wondered if the arm movements I could see her making were a reciprocal rubbing of his cock?

My question was soon answered as I heard her say, “Oh my God darling, I love the feel of your anchor, promise me you won’t leave before I’ve felt it pushing deep inside me.”

I guessed she was referring to his cock, ‘Anchor’ wasn’t a word I’d heard her use in reference to a penis before.

His reply was quick and assertive, “There’s no way I’m going anywhere until I’ve taken you to bed and fucked you senseless; you’re just so sexy, I need every part of you tonight.”

Wow, I thought, gölbaşı sınırsız escort that isn’t a word my mum uses or even likes to hear. I concluded that the combination of hedonistic infidelity and the wine had loosened her thoughts.

Listening to mum’s new vocabulary was such a turn on, “That sounds too wonderful for words darling, you took me to the edge of heaven earlier and I want to go back there over and over again,” she purred.

Mum’s instructions were clear, “Push you finger inside and tease me with what’s to come.”

Alan’s left hand disappeared from her breast and I heard it splash into the water as his fingers sought out mum’s wanton vagina. His mouth found hers again and the passion of their kissing resumed while I watched his arm moving vigorously.

As I watched in awe, it wasn’t long before I heard mum gasp as another orgasm hit her. The water did nothing to hide the shuddering of her body as the pleasure took hold.

As the aftershocks subsided she broke away from the kiss saying, “God almighty, that was fantastic, you’re fantastic; take me to bed and fuck me, give me what I’ve needed for months, the thing I’ve been fantasising over while I’ve played with myself.”

Not wearing a watch, I had no idea of the time but guessed it must be about midnight by now. I was in a world I never thought existed. My mother was behaving in a way I’d never imagined she would, using language I’d not imagined her saying and she was cheating on my dad with a family friend.

And here was I hiding by a darkened flower bed when the normal world were in bed asleep. I’d become an incestuous pervert, a voyeur deriving pleasure from my own mother’s naked infidelity. I was stealing her soiled panties to smell her vaginal discharge and feasting on her taste while masturbating. Whatever world I had entered, without doubt it was immoral but not one I wanted to leave.

Suddenly I was brought back to my senses by the sound of water as they climbed out of the pool and retrieved their undergarments.

As they approached the house, I could see Alan’s erect cock sticking in front of him, silhouetted in the dim light. His hand was feeling my mother’s bottom as they walked naked through the door.

A feeling of panic overcame me as I realised I would be locked out if they closed it behind them. What if mum went and checked on me, I wouldn’t be in my bed?

To my relief, they turned left and went back into the lounge. I darted back to the window to check what was happening and to my relief they were putting on their clothes, giving me time to creep back to my room.

I waited a couple of minutes and took a final peek before making my escape, only to see the scene had changed. Mum and Alan were both naked and she was on her back, laid along the length of the piano stool with her legs wide apart.

It was a no holds barred look as her fingers held open her labia. For the first time I could actually see her sex hole gaping open. A dark and inviting cave I so wanted to enter.

Alan’s cock was at full erection as he approached the piano stool and, without a pause for breath, he plunged it into mum’s vagina.

The look on her face was one of abandonment as she succumbed to the consummation of their adultery, two married adults illicitly fornicating behind a barricaded door. My day was getting better and better.

Mum’s legs were wrapped around his back as I watched him thrust ten to the dozen inside her. This is just what I wanted to see and the prize for my patience.

I’d seen my mother giving and receiving adulterous oral sex and had hoped to see her fornicating with her new lover. But now, as I watched the unsheathed, bulbous purple head of his penis entering her vagina, I also wanted to hear them.

My mind was conflicted, if I stayed where I was I’d have the perfect view, if I stood by the door I’d probably hear them as the stool was just behind it. I contemplated the options: watching in awe while Alan’s manhood pistoned in and out of mum’s love hole as her legs gripped her lover’s back or hearing it but missing the view.

I gambled on being able to hear them later, if they fucked behind closed doors and I stayed where I was. I wasn’t disappointed as I watched mum sit up to be fucked over the edge of the stool.

Without removing his cock, Alan picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He sat on the stool and keeping mum on his lap, used his hands to rock her up and down on his prong.

Mum’s face was a picture, she was obviously loving their sex, an expression further enhanced when he took her nipple into his mouth.

It wasn’t long before he was cumming inside her and I hoped she was doing the same. Their movements intensified for a few moments before both relaxed and mum brought her mouth to his before climbing off his lap. As she did so a long string of sperm dribbled out of her vagina and stuck to her leg.

Having just witnessed the most exciting scene of my life, I scurried off to my room as the lovers reached for their clothes.

Back in the sanctity of my bed, with only seconds to spare, I heard mum come into my room presumably to check I was still asleep.

Having fooled her of this again, she must have signalled for Alan to follow her up as I heard both of them tiptoeing down the landing to the bathroom.

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