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We didn’t sleep together that night. I think we were both quite drained by everything. The next morning I stood looking at the woman in the bathroom mirror. I just stared at her reflection for ages, until that little doubt hit me, the one in which you stare into your own eyes, and think it is not quite you looking back, that always made me shudder. Just waiting for something to burst out of the face in the mirror and attack me.

I passed Adam’s bedroom door, and then I went back and stopped to hear his gentle breathing as he slept. One minute I wanted to rush in there and wake him with a blowjob. The next minute I wanted to go and tell him no more drawings, and no more sex. The thought of people finding out what we were up to made me feel sick. But the excitement the drawings and the sex gave me was out of this world.

I sat in my dressing gown sipping coffee and looking at his latest drawing. I don’t really know who was more perverted, my son for drawing it or me for getting off on it!

“Mum, are you okay?” a little voice asked from behind.

“Adam, what we are doing is, well, it is.”

The words evaporated in my mouth as he gently kissed my neck. Why couldn’t I tell him?

“You are not making this easy for me, are you?” I croaked.

“I can’t pretend it never happened. I feel guilty like you do, but if we are careful we shouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out.”

“Don’t you want someone your own age?” I panted, as his fingers went into my dressing gown and rolled my breasts.

“Mum, I would crawl over 10 naked girls my age to get to you.”

“I’m not your girlfriend, I’m your mother. Can’t you see how wrong this is?”

I tipped my head slightly to one side. His soft lips and searching fingers had me squirming in my seat. I never did have much willpower.

“God is going to strike me down you know?”

“Well, he’ll have to get past me first,” he replied with a chuckle.

He walked round next to me, and there it was, that bloody thing all hard in his shorts. I batted it lightly, but my fingers soon gripped it gently and I pulled it through his shorts.

“Don’t you ever go down?” I asked with smile.

“Nope, not even when I’m sleeping,” he joked.

I stood up and looked deep into his eyes. I gave a defeated sigh and hugged him. He pressed his erection into my pelvis. I opened my dressing gown and trapped his hard dick between my thighs. He groaned a little, and I hugged him tight. I kept my legs together, squeezing his hot cock with my thighs. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I wanted his cock in me, in my mouth and in my pussy.

“Will you suck me off?” he moaned.

Deep down I knew no was the answer I should give. But the light pressure on my shoulders was all it took to have me dropping to my knees.

“Jan is coming round at 9. We haven’t got time,” I mumbled.

“I bet she would suck me off. She gives me some strange looks now and then.”

My mouth clamped to his cock and I started sucking. My head filled with thoughts of my neighbour getting her fat mouth around my son’s dick. Adam started bucking his hips. His short gasping breaths gave the game away, and he held my head firmly as he pumped into my mouth.

Looking up at him from down on the floor seemed to be quite apt, was I really his mother or his willing sex slave?

He pulled me to my feet and we looked deep into each others eyes. The taste of his hot spunk still hung in my mouth. I took a deep breath.

“If we are going to carry on like this, then I need time to think. Go out or something, just give me some space.”

He nodded and smiled.

“I’m going to spend the day in the park, drawing you.”

Just his sexy smile had me wanting to drag him up to bed. The thought of me in his drawings flooded my head again. As he turned to go out of the kitchen I called him back.

“Adam, I don’t care what you draw me doing, anything, really. Just draw me with big tits again, please?”

“You know you are giving me permission to be really rude? Maybe I’ll show you the third prostitute drawing, the one where you hand the money over to Ruby?”

I gulped and felt my face flush.

“Was she the girl with the whip?” I asked softly.

“Why not, if you want?” he replied, deliberately putting the ball back in my court.

I called Jan and put her off. With everything that was going on I just wanted time alone. The next few hours I spent doing housework just to keep myself occupied, but my mind was never more than a few minutes away from my sexy son, and his drawings.

I ended up stripping the sheets off my bed. They stayed on the floor for the next hour as I shuffled through Adam’s drawings. Even now my fingers trembled at seeing them again. My bloody pussy was going to start complaining soon if I didn’t leave her alone!

It had been 4 hours since Adam had gone. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he was drawing me doing. I fought with the quilt cover. I never liked changing the bedding on my own. bahis firmaları Still, perhaps Adam would help, seeing as how he would probably spend more time in my bed than his own. I laughed, calling myself a sick bitch, but we both wanted it, but for how long?

I thought of a thousand things to do to make him feel special. In the end I settled for doing nothing. He would get burger, chips, and beans for tea. No sexy little dress, no makeup, just mum. Tonight he would get something special, when we went to bed!

He came home just after 5 o’clock. We gave each other, a little knowing smile.

“Do you want to see my drawings?”

“Later, when we go to bed,” I said, watching the excitement grow on his face.

We ate tea and washed up. I made coffee and we sat watching telly. We found ourselves just grinning stupidly at each other from time to time. I looked up at the clock.

“I suppose it is a little early to go to bed?” he asked.

“It’s nearly 8 o’clock,” I replied with a chuckle.

He stood up and reached for my hand, I took it and we walked up the stairs.

“Mum, these are really strong drawings, are you sure?”

I slipped my hand under the sheet and gave his cock a little squeeze.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said with a nervous chuckle.

He opened his folder and handed me the first drawing.

“The first two are from ages ago,” he said quietly.

I felt my son’s lips on my shoulder, as my eyes cast down to the first drawing.

I was totally naked, apart from a pair of black high heels. I was bent down on all fours with my head tilted up. My mouth was stretched around a huge cock, probably bigger than any woman could take in reality. The hard dick belonged to nobody in particular. Adam had just drawn the guy as a faceless man. Behind me was the torso of man, his hands were on my hips and his cock was, I guess, buried in my pussy. My body was in normal proportions, by that I mean no enormous tits, and no long flowing hair.

“Well, what do you think?” Adam asked, as he kissed my shoulder.

“It is far more artistic than the rest. It is still porn, but quite arty really.”

He handed me the next drawing. It was almost the same as the first, but with several mammoth differences, and with much more detail. I was still on all fours sucking and being fucked. But this time my tits were massive and I had my nipples pierced. Chains hung down from each piercing, and went to shackles in the floor. I suppose my nipples were stretched to 4 inches long, judging by the over all scale.

“Well, this is more like your usual stuff,” I mumbled.

I gulped at the rest of the drawing. This was where things had my heart racing, and me feeling a little uncomfortable. Even so I was wet, very wet.

My hair was long again, but the changes to the men were far more significant. The man I was sucking was dressed in just a dog collar. I recognised him as the local vicar from the church down the road. I didn’t even know his name, but there he was with a handful of my hair, grinning down on me. He had such a wicked look on his face, whatever he was thinking must have been really disgusting. So, there I was giving him a blowjob, and struggling to accommodate his massive cock, much to his delight!

The man behind me wasn’t now just a torso. He was the old man from over the road. Now I know that doesn’t mean much to you, but to me, it was quite a shock.

The man was well into his 60’s and Adam had given him the body to match. But this was the man who I fell out with around 5 years ago. Adam and his mates were kicking a ball around in the street. The ball ended up going through the old man’s window. I stood at the door with Adam, about to make my son apologise. The old man came out and started yelling at us. He grabbed Adam’s arm and I pulled my son back. We struggled for awhile and somehow my blouse got caught up in the scramble. As Adam ran off I realised my blouse had been torn wide open, and the old man was getting an eyeful of naked breast! He just gave me such a bloody sick grin, and licked his lips. I covered my breast as best as I could. I took some money out of my purse, intending to give it to him to pay for the broken window.

The old man lunged at me, taking me completely by surprise. He pinned me against the wall, and pushed his clammy hand in my blouse and on my bare breast. His full fat weight pinned me to the wall, and his mouth covered mine and he kissed me hard. I struggled and twisted but just couldn’t get away. By now my skirt was up round my ass and his grubby hand was fighting to get in my panties! He groaned with excitement as his tongue finally got into my mouth, and his hand got into my pussy! I managed to get my hand up and yanked him hard, by his greasy hair. As his body moved back a little my knee went into his fat gross groin. He stumbled and that was when I managed to get away.

“You are a disgusting little man!” I snapped, as I hurried down his path.

I didn’t tell my husband what had happened, kaçak iddaa just that Adam broke his window, and I had sorted it.

So, there I was in Adam’s drawing, down on all fours, sucking the local Vicar and being fucked by the local pervert!

“Why did you draw him?” I asked faintly, still staring at the old man.

His lips brushed my shoulder.

“No real reason, well, just that now and then I see him watching you, when you are out in the front garden.”

I gulped and stared at the grinning face of the old man on the paper. I knew he watched me from time to time. I was bloody angry to start with, but, for some reason I would find myself bending over in my tight shorts, giving him the view he wanted. The thought of him actually getting to fuck me, seemed to be mirrored in the drawing. I bet he would savour every second.

“Here, these two I did in the park today. Are you sure you want to see them?”

My mind was racing with what my son would draw next. I was a little shocked by the last drawing, but me being me, I was getting too turned on to care. I wish he had a thousand sketches to show me. I just wanted more and more, I couldn’t help myself now, and I think Adam knew it also.

I picked up the next sketch, as Adam pushed his hand under the sheets and rested it on my bare thigh.

In this drawing I was fully clothed. I had a wedding dress on that was so short it didn’t even cover my white stocking tops! The veil was down over my face. Adam drew it so my face was a little fuzzy because of the veil, but it was definitely my features underneath. I had my arm through the man’s in the suit next to me. Adam hadn’t drawn his face. He hadn’t given my new husband any features that I would recognise. Again I had huge tits and long flowing hair. But what really caught my eyes were my tiny panties that Adam had drawn pulled down to the just above my knees! I stood there, clutching my posy marrying this man who had no face, in a white mini dress with my bloody panties down to my knees!

“Who, is he, who am I marrying?” I mumbled, not sure if I really wanted to know.

Adam’s hand drifted between my legs. I opened them slightly, and his fingers found out just how wet I was.

“Oh god, Adam who is he?” I choked, as he fingered me more forcefully.

“Who do you want it to be?” he replied.

I closed my eyes as my shoulders shook. My mouth hung open panting and swallowing. Under the covers I could hear my wet fanny squelch. I opened my eyes and look at the faceless man. My orgasm hit me as I thought of every man I knew. The old man across the street, imagine that! Me marrying that dirty old pervert with my panties already down waiting for him! Adam’s face took over, god, could I really marry my son!

My breathing had become hollow little grunts, as I looked at my belly. Adam had drawn me around 8 months pregnant!

Slowly I fell back on my pillow. Adam pulled his fingers out of me and I closed my eyes. I could feel my bare chest rising and falling.

“Do you want to see the next drawing?”

“Fuck Adam, I need to rest first. Why, why did you draw me pregnant?”

“Why, did it turn you on that much?”

I felt him kiss the top of my head. I smiled with my eyes closed still getting my breath back.

“You really are disgusting, aren’t you?” I said with a chuckle.

“It gets you hot though doesn’t it, like your old boss at the café?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. How did he know about that? My fat Greek boss used to give some of the girls a bonus, if they turned a blind eye to his wandering hands. He gave me lift home one night, and I sat with him in his car. His hands were all over me, down my blouse, and up my skirt, while I jerked him off. I just kept my eyes focused on £50 on the dashboard, as he kissed and groaned in my ear. As soon as I felt him shoot in my hand I grabbed the money and jumped out of the car. Still, I wasn’t as bad as Claire. She would stay behind and let him fuck her. She got paid like I did, but I think she actually loved getting some action, with her husband away in the navy. I don’t know why we all put up with him. It wasn’t as if he was nice. He was fat, crude, and so bloody difficult to work for. But he seemed to have a knack of knowing which one of his girls was vulnerable, either that, or he just tried it on with all of us!

So Adam did see that night. I saw the curtain twitch as I got out of the car. Even if Adam didn’t see what happened he would have noticed his mother doing her blouse back up.

Adam came back from the loo and got into bed.

“How much of it did you see?”

He smirked.

“Everything, when you pulled up in his car I saw him put the money on the dash. Even from my bedroom I could see you fretting over whether to do it or not. You just sat there as he put his hand up your skirt. He was grinning the whole time. Was he really that arrogant he knew you would do it?”

I ignored his question, but he was right. I had little money at the time, and going from 10 quid kaçak bahis for a grope as usual to 50 for a hand job was always going to swing it.

Adam placed the last drawing in front of me. I looked it over and then looked Adam in the eye.

“Mum, I know you are a little submissive. Okay you probably don’t like to admit it, but I used to hear things.”

I looked back at the drawing, and then started remembering back to what Keith and I used to get up to. I used to love dropping to my knees in front of him. I would drag his zip down with my teeth. We would play games like that a lot. Sometimes he would just walk up behind me and take me. Other times he would stand there and jerk off over my face. Either way I loved it, and I loved it when he denied me an orgasm for a few days. Little did I know that when he teased me saying, he was getting it somewhere else, the bastard actually was!

Yep, stupid little me I guess. I thought it was all part of the game, but he was doing that fucking tart, while keeping me horny at the same time!

So, this next drawing was pulling at all the strings in my heart, and my head. I had told Adam to draw whatever he liked, and he had. But this drawing was so true to my past, in a way I couldn’t believe it.

I was stood in a garage. Adam must have listened at the bedroom door the night Keith told me this fantasy. I was naked and my hands tied up above my head. My tits were again huge and my hair very long. Behind there was a guy bending into the engine of a car. Next to him two men were talking, and looking at a clipboard one of them was holding, the other guy seemed to have his hand behind me, touching my ass. A middle aged couple were walking past the garage doorway. They were both looking me with little sniggering grins. By my side holding a phone to her ear was a young woman. She looked sexy in a tight fitting blouse and short skirt. Her blonde hair was up in a neat ponytail. As she talked into the phone she was holding the biggest vibrator I had ever seen, it had lumps and ridges all over the thing. It was covered in juice, and a strand stretched from the tip of the vibrator to my pussy!

All over my body I could see grubby hand prints from the mechanics, but at my feet lay 10 condoms, all used! Next to my left foot was a sign, ‘free sex for every car serviced’ so, I guess I was an incentive. I looked back at the girl on the phone, yes, it was Ruby.

Slowly Adam pulled the drawing out of my hand. He placed another one in its place.

“I thought you might like something normal,” he said.

I took a deep breath, just composing myself after the last drawings.

There I was stretched out on the bed, naked, with my head tipped back and my legs open, my right knee was bent with my foot on the bed, and my left leg straight out. My left hand was mauling my left breast, and my right hand was buried deep between my legs. The sketch was drawn from my bedroom door looking in, and on the door frame was a hand.

“Is that you, watching me?” I asked faintly.

He nodded and smiled.

I put the drawing down and reached under the covers. My hand found his hard cock and I pulled him on top of me. He eagerly pushed into me as I relaxed my head onto the pillow. His hips started moving in a slow rhythmic motion.

My head was again full of his drawings, only the last one more than any other. The thought of my son watching me while I was unaware, was quite something.

I started flexing my hips meeting his full slow thrusts. This was probably the first loving fuck we had managed, even so I sensed Adam wanted to let go. But maybe he was doing this for me now.

We looked into each others eyes, and I could see the passion and the fire in his.

“Is that nice my baby?” I cooed.

“Fuck, yeah,” he mumbled.

“What about this then?” I asked quietly.

I pulled my legs together a little, and my pussy tightened on his hard dick.

“Awesome,” he panted back.

His thrusts became more urgent and much deeper. His head fell slowly forward and buried itself into my neck. I closed my arms around his back and clung to him. His grunting became more urgent, and I could feel his body quivering over mine.

“Go on honey, let go, give it all to mummy,” I whispered.

I felt his cock twitch and his body jerk. I closed my eyes savouring the feeling of him shooting into me.

As the days past we carried on fucking each other. Adam carried on drawing me in a range of poses and situations. I’ll admit that some of the drawings I was a little uncomfortable with, but, at some point each drawing became my favourite as I played with myself. After two months I had little or no guilt about what mother and son got up to. But often the fear of being found out worried me.

I let Adam go on holiday with my ex and Ruby. But I felt quite smug about Adam telling me he would rather stay with me. Still, I had a surprise for him when he returned home, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

My ex husband gawped, and his stupid girlfriend looked positively jealous, even Adam took a while to recover, but he soon gave me a little smile. I stood in the doorway waving my ex off down the road, with Adam’s hand resting on my ass out of view of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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