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They were alone now. They only had each other now. But, for Tess and Jo, it was enough, it was all they needed….

“Thank you, thank you for coming to say goodbye to them,…..” the, almost, identical words flowing from the sibs’ mouths as they bade the well-wishers farewell, thanking each and every one, a ‘well attended service’ the newspaper would say in the write-up.

Robert and Chris, their wishes followed to a ‘T’, were creamated and, true to their Irish roots, both had decreed a service of celebration of their lives, not a mourning of their passing. Their ashes, at a later date, would be interred in the Clancy masoleum in County Cork, the land of his birth, the land of his wife’s parents’ birth. Jo and Tess would see to it, making the trip themselves to get it done.

Jo and Tess, loving daughters that they were, followed the directives of their parents, their ‘Celebration of Robert and Chris’ a true, ol’ sod gathering, the food and drink seemingly unending.

“Thank you Sissy, your people were absolutely fabulous; thank you for all of your help,” Tess said, thanking the caterer and her crew, the mess cleaned up, the trash removed, the last guest gone.

“That’s it?” Jo asked as she walked up to her step-sis, laying her head onto Tess’ shoulder, their arms around each other’s waist.

“That’s it….have a glass with me?” Tess questioned her sib, walking to the wet-bar of the house, their house now, free and clear thanks to the mortgage insurance Robert and Chris had taken out when they married.

Pouring a glass of Sherry, the Clancys’ favorite afternoon drink of choice, for she and Jo, they silently tipped the rim of their glasses to each other’s.

“To dad,” Robert’s birth-daughter toasted.

“To mom,” Chris’ birth-daughter toasted.

“To great parents,” Robert and Chris’ daughters toasted, the ‘step’ part of the family dynamic only being a legality, never an impediment to their happiness as a family unit.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you,” Jo said to Tess, “I’ve gotten the leave extension that I requested from the Army. I’ll be able to stay and get the legal issues handled, meet with the lawyers and the Trust people at the bank, okay?”

“So, you want me to go back to school after New Year’s? You’ll be able to get it all done without me?” Tess asked as she, like Jo, kicked off her shoes and put her feet onto the coffee table in front of the couch they sat on.

“One more semester, sis, the ‘rents would’ve wanted you to do it, you know that,” Jo said tenderly.

“Yeah, I know but…but it just seems like I’m laying all of this stuff on you, not pulling my weight with getting all of this settled,” Tess protested, truly feeling that it was so.

“Baby, come on, you KNOW its what you need to do; don’t worry about the rest of it, mom and pop were smart about their stuff, set it up to minimize trouble for us; it ain’t no big deal, okay?” Jo replied to comfort Tess’ feelings.

“‘Course…if you don’t trust me…….” Jo jokingly teased her sib.

“With my life, you know that,” Tess replied solemnly, no joking for her about the issue of trust between she and Jo. Both felt the same. Both would lay down her life for the other knowing that the other would do the same.

No doubts. Ever.

“What about the house when I’m at school? When you’re at your base?” Tess asked anxiously when the thought appeared out of nowhere.

“We’ll hire a property management company that will take care of security monitoring, on-premise checking of the house, forward our mail as needed, all of it,” Jo explained.

“Only thing is that we have to let them know when we’re coming home so that they can adjust accordingly with the security people’s monitoring. Be a bitch to be busted as you unlock your own house, wouldn’t it?” Jo joked, attempting to get a smile on her sister’s face.

“I’m tired, think I’m going to bed,” was the only thing Tess said in reply.

“Me too, babe, I’m bushed,” Jo agreed, joining her sib as they secured the house for the night.

The girls trudged up the stairs, each step harder for them to take as the fatigue from the day rushed to capture them both.

“Sleep with me, please?” Tess asked Jo when they reached the top of the stairs.

“Was already planning on it, babycakes,” Jo said with a smile to her baby-sib, placing a soft, tender kiss to Tess’ cheek.

They did. They cuddled in each other’s arms for a while, just holding the other, both in their private thoughts. Flipping her body to the other side, Tess backed up her body to Jo’s, the spooning of their bodies almost automatic when they slept together.

Feeling Jo’s nakedness against her own, Tess thought the moment to be the only bright spot of the day. She fell asleep quickly, soon after she felt Jo’s arm pulling their bodies closer together, the act making Tess feel safe, secure, as it always did…..

“Is that the last batch?” Tess asked Jo as she shook her writing hand to get rid of the cramps from writing soooo many thank-you notes.

“Yep, illegal bahis no more, thank God,” Jo answered as she rubbed the wrist of her writing hand as well.

Robert and Chris would be proud. The Clancys valued the most basic of kindnesses, both feeling that common decency to fellow humans a thing quickly fading from modern society. Hand-written and personal thank-you notes from their daughters would have, indeed, made them proud.

They did a good job of raising their children.

And Jolene and Tess were paying attention as they did so.

It was almost two weeks since the accident, almost ten days since the service. Christmas had come and gone a few days ago, no holiday cheer to be found at the Clancy home this year. New Year’s Eve was a couple of days away but not really weighing heavy on either girl’s mind, as it would have, any other year but this one.

“I think you should go forward with your plans for graduate school,” Jo said as she handed Tess a beer from the fridge.

“I think I will make that decision after we see how we shake out after taxes and stuff, after the estate is settled,” Tess countered.

“I’m sure we’ll be alright; mom and pop were ‘money-smart’, we both know that,” Jo countered back.

“Yeah, they were,” Tess conceded.

“What about you? Going to stay in the Army?” Tess asked after a long pull at her ice-cold long-necked Corona.

“Don’t think so. Gotta’ couple of things that I’m bouncing around in my head right now,” Jo answered as they plopped onto separate overstuffed chairs in the den of the home.

“Between High School ROTC, College ROTC, and active duty, overseas, in a war zone, I can resign my commission, honorably, and receive my full vet benefits, so, I’m leaning heavily towards getting out,” Jo said further.

“Then what?” Tess asked Jo, returning with two fresh cold beers for them from the wet-bar.

“That’s what’s bouncing around in my head,” Jo replied, taking the offered beer from Tess, “Got a few things I’m thinking about.”

“Like what?” Tess probed.

“Let you know when I’ve narrowed it down,” Jo answered with a chuckle.

“One thing I can tell you though is that I want to be near you, living together, if at all possible,” Jo said to her sister-lover.

Hearing those words from her Jo caused Tess’ eyes to well up with tears, the sound of the doorbell being the only thing that stopped Tess from sobbing at her joy upon hearing her Jo say those words.

Wiping her eyes quickly with the back of her hand, Tess answered the door, opening it to find Megan standing there, Meg’s eyes red, wet, and puffy.

“Oh Tess, I’m so, so sor……..” Megan tried to say but falling apart before she could, bursting into body-wrenching sobs, almost falling had Tess not grabbed her and kept her almost standing.

“I should’ve….but, I couldn’t, I didn’t know how or what………… know I should have been here but I couldn’t,” Meg babbled almost incoherently as Tess led her into the den.

“Oh, Jo…..Jo, I’m so, so, sorry,” Megan blubbered when she saw Jo sitting there, rushing to hug Jo.

“Shhhhh, shhhhh, Megan…….here, baby, sit down before you fall down,” Jo comforted Megan, Tess helping Jo to put Meg sitting on the couch.

Slowly, Megan regained her composure, somewhat, her tears finally stopping after a short while. Looking to both Jo and Tess sitting across the room, she said, “I’m so sorry. I should have been here for you Tess and, you too, Jo. But, I just, I just……” Megan’s voice said, trailing off into silence.

“It’s okay, Meg, it really is. You KNOW that I know you care….that’s all that counts, Meg, both Jo and I know you care and we appreciate it, we appreciate you and your friendship,” Tess replied to her friend/lover, her voice soft, full of caring for the eighteen year-old.

“Thank you,” Megan said, after a short while, finally able to smile at the step-sibs.

“Here, I think one won’t do you any harm,” Jo said as she handed a beer to Meg, another one to Tess and kept one for herself, “help you relax, okay?”

“Okay…thank you, I think you’re right,” Megan conceded, the ice-cold beer feeling so very right in that moment when it touched her lips.

They talked, keeping the conversation light, catching Jo and Meg up with each other’s lives, mostly, since Jo hadn’t seen her for a few years. Tess tossed tidbits, here and there, into the conversation but mostly, she just sat back observing Meg and her sis jabbering with each other.

“So what are your big plans for New Year’s Eve?” Tess asked Meg when the conversation paused for a moment between Meg and Jo.

“I wish,” Meg said a bit dispairingly, “Nothing planned; you?”

“We haven’t really talked about it, but I think, this year, I’m going to stay in. Too many drunks on the road on that night,” the mention of drunk drivers driving a knife into the hearts of the sibs when Tess said it.

“Roger that!” was all that Jo said in comment.

“Yeah, I can see that,” Meg agreed, “Well, illegal bahis siteleri look I’ve got to run to orchestra rehearsal; call me before you go back to school?”

“Yeah, for sure, I will, Meg,” Tess said as she rose from her chair to hug her friend/lover goodbye.

“Say… Meg? You don’t have anything going on for New Year’s, right?” Jo asked suddenly, as if a thought had popped into her head.

“Riiigght…..” Meg confirmed, drawing out the word, curious about the question.

“Want to hang out here, with us? Spend the night so nobody has to drive? Give us all a chance to get loose and seriously fucked-up without having to worry about it?” Jo asked further.

“Seriously???” Meg asked as she looked between Tess and Jo, her eyes wide with surprise, happiness, and God knows what else.

“Seriously,” Tess said, confirming her agreement with Jo’s sudden thought, pretty sure she knew where Jo’s head was going with the idea.

“I’ll have to ask my parents since, even though I’m eighteen, I live in THEIR house, live by THEIR rules,” Meg’s frustration with those realities obvious to a blind man, “but, yes! Yes, I’d love to.”

“Then, consider it a done deal and I’ll make sure the hottub is up and running. If we’re lucky, we can have snow falling on us as we sit in the hottub, welcoming in the New Year,” Tess added, providing further confirmation that she was on-board with the idea.

The trio hugged and the sibs stood at the door, watching, as Megan drove off to her rehearsal.

“What brought that on?” Tess asked Jo while still watching the tail-lights of Megan’s car get smaller as it drove away.

“Just thinking it to be a good idea,” Jo said in reply, not giving up anything further to Tess.

“Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that neither of us has had sex in a couple of weeks, would it?” Tess probed further, closing the door behind her.

“Maybe,” Jo replied, a smile on her face that Tess couldn’t see as Jo walked towards the den ahead of Tess.

“So, you thinking that we can get little Megan into a threesome? Knowing that she’s only just had a couple of romps with another girl for the first time in her life? Just a few weeks ago, at that? That what you thinking?” Tess said, pressing Jo for answers.

“Hey! It’s us! The Dynamic Duo! How hard do you think it’ll be for us to do that?” Jo answered, turning to face her sib.

“Not very, actually…..” Tess said in answer, knowing the answer to be right somehow……

“Actually, I’m very proud of you; that you would give up your New Year’s Eve to help those poor girls through this terrible time is admirable, Megan,” Mrs. Franks was saying to her one and only child.

“Well, it’s not that BIG a deal, mom, really….when they invited me, I could see that they were both hoping I’d say yes, that they wanted someone else in that big house to take their minds off of all of the sorrow of this Holiday,” Megan answered.

And, hopefully, they’ll ravish me with kisses and tongues and who knows what, is what Megan was thinking.

“Well, whatever…I’m proud of you,” Mrs. Franks said, kissing her daughter sweetly on the cheek. Walking away, Mrs. Franks felt absolutely full of pride that it was she that had brought about this new found friendship that Megan seems to have developed, first with Tess, and now, with Jolene. She was glad that she had set up the campus tour for Megan with Tess through her step-mom (RIP, Chris), crossing herself afterwards.

Be careful what you wish for, could come back to bite you in the ass……jus’ sayin’.

Megan was all a-flutter with excitement, finding it hard to think of anything else but the ‘possibilities’ from an overnight visit with the Clancy sisters. I mean, she already knew that Tess liked girls, liked her, but what if the stories about Jo weren’t true? What if Jo wasn’t the lezbo that the rumors said? Well, thought Meg, if that were the case, she was sure that she and Tess, at some point, would be able to fool around.

And Megan really wanted that, to fool around with Tess, if not both of the step-sisters. I mean, she had never had a threesome, of course not, but she knew what it was, I mean, she wasn’t a dummy for God’s sake.

Megan thought all these things as she showered, getting herself squeaky clean, you know, ‘just in case’. Taking the razor in her hand, she carefully shaved what little pubic hair she had, shaving the hard-to-see blond pubes into a landing strip just like Tess had. She had liked Tess’ landing strip the first moment she saw it on that night of her seduction by Tess.

Looking at her handiwork with a hand-held mirror, she admired the job she had done, hoping that Tess would notice and like it as well.

Throwing some things into a small overnight bag, Megan picked out the sexiest underwear that she had, feeling all sexy and stuff as she put her bra and panties on, admiring herself in her full length mirror, getting a bit turned on, actually. Slowly running her fingertip across her mons, through her panties, canlı bahis siteleri damn if she didn’t feel a small shudder of orgasm, a teeny one for sure, catching her by surprise but making her smile.

Oh yeah, Megan decided, this will be the best New Year’s Eve of her young life. She would damn well make it so, that’s for sure, she thought as she closed her bedroom door behind her, skipping downstairs in her skirt/blouse combo, bag in hand, lust in heart…….

Jo had left the door up to the three car garage of the house for Megan to pull into, Tess’ instructions to Meg to use the wall switch, by the entry door to the house, to put it down after she’d arrived.

“She’s here,” Jo called out to Tess.

“Yeah, I heard her car,” Tess replied, her hands doing the ‘messy’ work of combining the ground meat with Lord knows what, whatever it was that Jo had added to the mixture. Jo had never shared the secrets of her gourmet hamburgers, much like her mom had never shared the secrets of her delicious meals.

Genes are funny things, aren’t they?

“Wow,” Jo commented, whistling afterwards, “Don’t you look pretty,” admiring Meg’s outfit, nodding her head appreciatively at the High Schooler’s outfit.

“Thanks,” Meg replied, her inside doing a flip-flop at Jo’s compliment of her choice of outfit. Meg’s skirt was mid-thigh, showing off her swimmers’ legs, still tanned, and toned. Her blouse was a simple one, low-cut enough to show the hint of cleavage from her B-cups that her lacy, push-up bra produced. Her hair was pulled back into a pony-tail, simple, yet producing the image of a gal much younger than her actual eighteen years.

Damn, Jo thought in the moment, finding the ‘look’ very arousing, very ‘hot’. Getting ‘freaky’ in my old age, the twenty-four year-old soldier thought in the moment. Taking Meg into her arms for an embrace of welcome, Jo kissed Meg on the lips, just a little peck, afterwards.

“I want one of those,” Tess cried in a mock voice of jealousy, her hands still a-mixing, her head extended towards the smiling Meg who obliged Tess by giving the younger sib a quick peck to her lips as Jo had done to her.

“Well, as you can see, you are overdressed, Megan,” Tess said as she finally finished her chore, washing and rinsing her hands repeatedly as she smiled at the teenager. Both she and Jo were in oversized tee-shirts, shorts worn despite the chilly December weather.

“I can change; I can dress-down,” Megan joked back to the sibs, all of them laughing when she said it.

“No, we’ll dress up,” Jo said, “it is New Year’s Eve, afterall.”

It was late afternoon, the Winter sun barely hanging onto the day as it slowly set in the southwestern sky.

“Gotta’ treat for dinner,” Tess said as she cracked open three beers, handing them out, “Jo’s making some of her incredible ‘burgers for us tonight, complete with fresh home-fries,” those also a secret from Jo’s book of many secrets.

“It’ll be the best burger you’ve ever had, I promise you,” Tess said further to Meg as the three girls walked into the den, Jo poking and tending to the warm fire in the large fireplace.

“Looking forward to it,” Meg replied, standing at the huge window-wall of glass that was the outside wall of the den, wisps of steam vapors rising from the hottub on the deck.

“Don’t know if we’ll get snow though, looks like clear skies,” Meg observed further.

“Just gotta’ have faith, girl, that’s all,” Tess commented on the subject.

“Where should I put my bag?” Meg asked the sibs as she drained the last of her beer.

The sibs sorta’ glanced at each other when Megan asked the question, both of them knowing that they’d probably all wind up sleeping in the same bed.

“Throw your stuff in my room,” Tess said, “you remember where my room is don’t you?”

“Come on, Meg, I’ll walk you upstairs as a PROPER HOSTESS should,” Jo said, her remark a joking ‘dig’ at Tess’ social gaffe.

“Well, excuuuuse the fuck outta’ me,” Tess joked back as the other two women started up the stairway to the second floor.

Watching as her friend/lover and her sister/lover made the trip up the stairs, Tess felt content, truly feeling that perhaps it would be possible for normalcy to return to the Clancy house after the terrible events of the past few weeks.

Normal for she and Jo, that is, whatever that might be.

“I’m going to clean up and put on some decent clothes,” Jo said to Megan after she had led the younger gal to Tess’ bedroom chamber. Pulling her tee-shirt off of her body, exposing her lovely D-cups to the teenager as if she had done it a million times before, Jo padded down the hallway of the second floor, towards her own bedroom and bath, to do just that.

Meg stood, staring at Jo’s muscled, toned upper-body as it disappeared into the older sib’s room, Meg finding herself actually licking her lips as she replayed the mind-flash of seeing Jo’s girls in her head, a small flush of heat flashing through her nether-region when doing so. Damn, Megan thought to herself, both of the sisters had gorgeous titties, amazingly perfect titties. Smiling, Meg dropped her bag onto the floor of Tess’ bedroom, returning to join Tess in the den while Jo did her shower and dressing-up thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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