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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the tenth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last five years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


I had just spent the day with Rose and Lilly’s mother, Emily. After dinner Lilly snuggled up next to me on the couch.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Lilly asked as she nestled in tight.

Lilly gave me that wicked smile letting me know she was on to me about something. Just then Rose came bounding in the room and sat down beside Lilly.

“Mom told us you took a shower with her.” Rose squealed ducking under Lilly’s arm.

“She told you?” I asked turning red.

“She’s our mother Parker. We have no secrets.” Lilly smirked.

“Of course you don’t!” I replied exasperated.

“She said you came to her rescue at lunch.” Rose mentioned.

“Well I don’t know about her rescue. I just took her back to the table.” I explained.

“Yeah well she didn’t throw anything at these guys this time!” Rose laughed. “That’s an improvement.”

“We’ve never seen her happier.” Lilly giggled. Thank you Parker. Maybe the next time you will let her help you too?”

“Wait a minute, are you telling me …”

“Parker, we love you, give her time and Emily will too!” Lilly stretched up and kissed me.

It was a significant and poignant moment. Against Lilly’s objections, Emily and I had an important meeting in the morning, so I headed to bed early. Lilly snuggled up to me, Rose snuggled up to her on the other side. Lilly pulled my cock free from my shorts and stroked it lazily. She knew I loved her doing this. She kept me semi hard never letting me get too worked up. Beside her Rose was caressing Lilly’s breasts just as tenderly.

“Do you really need to go Wednesday?” Lilly whispered.

“I do.” I looked over at both of them. “You’re invited to come with me.”

Lilly looked at Rose to see her response. I had seen glimpses of the Rose I first met before she returned to California. The confident and self-assured woman was still in there, but here with Emily it was Lilly that seemed the more confident of the two.

Emily was like kryptonite for Rose. I realized since I spent the day with Emily there had not been one outburst or condescending word spoken in the house. Based on this, I again had a sense my being here was no accident. I realized I may have underestimated Lilly, I hope to not duplicate that mistake.

Looking over at Rose I could see the conflict she was struggling with.

“Rose, you are welcome to come home with us. You don’t need to answer now.” I said.

I looked at Lilly to see her turn and kiss Rose. It was fitful night of sleep as the weight of the situation churned through my brain. I had come here to bring Lilly, and if possible Rose back home.

I wasn’t even sure why Emily even wanted to go see this Baxter guy. From what I could see she didn’t need the money. When I suggested a lawyer attend Rose explained Emily despised them ever since her divorce.

I had told Rose what I knew but she explained Emily insisted on going anyways. Even though this wasn’t my area of expertise, Rose insisted I accompany her mother.

I had one day to fix this problem and after that I still wasn’t sure what would happen.

Just the thought of losing Lilly weighed on my mind. I got up earlier than even normal. I headed out for a jog to clear my thoughts. I had studied that file over and over. Read every book and article Emily wrote that Rose supplied.

I had my research and had checked it several times. One wrong accusation could be construed as libel, a situation that could be catastrophic for me, and my career. Returning to the house I called the office and talked to Lenny to see if there were any new developments.

We talked for a few minutes and he explained what he had learned. In the end I was to continue just as I had planned.

I entered the shower alone. Mentally I was going down my check list when the door opened.

“Mind if I join you?” Lilly giggled.

I didn’t even answer, instead offering her my hand.

“What brings you here?” I teased Lilly as she gripped my cock.

“I have a favor to ask.” Lilly pressed against me.

We kissed as the water cascaded over us both. I caressed her shoulders as she gave me a sultry look.

“What kind of favor?” I asked.

“A big favor.” Lilly batted her eyes. “But a pleasurable one.”

“I’m listening.”

“I’ll tell you when you get back.” Lilly stroked my now hard cock. “For now I want to leave you with a little incentive to say yes.” istanbul escort

Lilly dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock. For the next ten minutes Lilly proceeded to torment and pleasure me. Each time I reached for her she stopped and warned me not to touch her.

Lilly looked at me the whole time her mouth gave me oral pleasure. There was love in those eyes, Lilly wanted me to know she was willingly doing this for me. I reached the point of no return.

“Lil!” I warned her.

She continued to work her magic. I thrust forward when the first burst was on the way. Lilly pulled off my cock and pointed the spewing geyser to her face. The volley hit her squarely in one eye. The next clung to nose. The third her neck, after that I couldn’t be sure.

My eyes closed she pushed me back under the water and pulled me down for a kiss rewarding me a second time. Lilly held me as the tingling in my body sadly melted away. I wrapped her up in my arms.

“Lilly I can’t lose you.” I whispered.

“This will all work out, you’ll see.” Lilly pulled back and looked in my eyes. “It has too. I can’t lose you either.”

We finished the shower, Lilly and I savoring each minute together. She was like a little pixie squealing one minute and cooing the next as my hands roamed her body. We emerged taking turns drying each other off.

“Maybe I should stay?” I teased.

“You’ll have time for that when you get back!” Lilly teased me slowly stroking my cock. “Promise me you won’t ask her until you get home.”

“What if she brings it up?”

“Don’t worry she won’t, she wouldn’t risk losing Rose.” Lilly became serious.

“Surely you don’t mean that? She loves you too.” I assured her.

“Oh it’s not that she doesn’t love me any less or any more. Don’t you see why I can’t leave Rose here? They’re too much alike.” Lilly explained. “Now you know why I took Rose away yesterday? To show you that mom and Rose can’t live together. Rose still feels guilty our father left, Rose thinks if she leaves she will be abandoning mom too.”

“So Rose comes home but then she is miserable.” I added.

“Then mom gets mad and the cycle repeats itself.” Lilly threw her arms around me. “So you see Parker, I do love you, but we can’t leave her here.”

“But why make me spend all day alone with your mom?” I asked.

“Because Rose needs you to prove something to Emily.” Lilly looked up. “And maybe to her too?”

“Prove what?” I asked.

“If you’re the man I think you are, you’ll know.” Lilly pulled me down for a passionate kiss. “Now you better go before I make you stay!”

I came into the kitchen wearing my suit. I checked my briefcase one last time and called Lenny to make sure I was still covered. Lilly was in the kitchen, Rose was still in the bedroom. Their Aunt Tori was at the table finishing breakfast.

“Well aren’t you looking all professional?” Tori looked up.

“No more so than you!” I teased her.

Tori was dressed for the office as well. Since circumstances had limited our contact we had seen very little of each other. About all we had been able to say since I arrived, was good morning, and goodnight. That said, I liked her and sensed she liked me.

“Well you know what they say dress for success!” Tori smiled and winked.

Just then Emily walked in. I looked at Tori and she back at me and we both started laughing. Emily had on a spaghetti strap white tee shirt with no bra and a mini skirt. Her nipples were clearly protruding and you could see the faint outline of her areolas. If she coughed you would know what color her panties were or if she was even wearing any.

“That’s a look!” Tori teased her.

“Mom you can’t wear that!” Lilly scolded her.

“Why? It’s comfortable.” Emily argued.

I stood and took Emily’s shoulders and stopped her. “Today you wear a dress, mid-thigh or longer.” I informed her. “And a bra!”

“Says who?” She challenged me.

“Says the man that flew out here on his own dime to attend this meeting!” Lilly stated in my defense.

That wasn’t really true but I wasn’t going to correct her.

“I didn’t ask him to come! It’s none of his damn business what I do with my money!” Emily protested. “He can stay here and fuck you all!”

“Not me. I’m saving myself for someone special!” Tori joked.

“Mom we’ve already been down this road, if you’re going, Parker is going with you.” Lilly stated. “Now come with me, we don’t have much time.”

Lilly marched her mom, none too happy I might add, back down the hall.

Tori looked at me and kind of cocked her head and smiled.

“Who are you?”

“I’m sorry?” I replied.

“Less than two days and you have all but tamed that wild filly.” Tori grinned. “Rose knew what she was doing when she found you. If Lilly is smart, and we both know she is, she won’t let you go.” Tori said.

“You approve?” I questioned her.

Tori stood from the table then moved in front avcılar escort of me. She studied me closely as I studied her.

“I may not see you before you leave tomorrow. May I give you a kiss goodbye now?” Tori whispered.

She reminded me so much of my sister Daisy. Not just her build, but the way her eyes were always searching for something. Without answering I bent down slightly, her hand slipped behind my neck.

Tori kissed me firmly, not so much sensually, more lovingly.

“I do Parker.” She whispered in this sultry voice. “I do approve. I know we will see each other again. Maybe soon.”

I was taken in by not only her kiss but her confidence.

“It would be my pleasure I assure you.” I replied.

There was an awkward pause, I thought of kissing her again. Just then Emily came out with Lilly. Tori and I looked at her sister and back at each other. It was hard to believe it was the same woman.

Emily had on a blue dress that looked like it was painted on her. More casual than formal it was none the less classy. Above mid-thigh but not much, clingy it followed her petite curves. She had on high heels making her toned legs look even longer.

The top of the dress was thinner clearly showing she had on a black bra, the scooped neck exposed just a touch of the lace trim inside. Lower a wide belt accentuated her narrow waist. The bottom half was lined or heavier since you couldn’t see her panties. There was a hint of makeup and Lilly had done up her hair by tying it back making Emily look years younger.

“Well who have we here?” Tori teased her sister. “You look hot!”

Emily brushed off her sister’s remark and glared squarely at me.

“So?” Emily snorted. “What does he think?”

Referring to me in a way that confirmed how upset Emily was with me.

“Dressed for success!” I replied not daring to say what I really thought.

Lilly looked at me in a telling way. She knew what I was thinking. That wicked smile crossed her face. She slowly nodded approvingly. She too was happy her mom was looking sexy.

The drive took longer than I thought, California traffic is just deplorable. Lilly warned me as much and because of that Emily and I arrive well ahead of our appointment.

Rose had tried to talk Emily from going to see Baxter ever since she came home. Emily refused to listen to Rose even after I passed on some concerns.

Knowing I had a captive audience in the car, I started to explain the research I had done on Baxter’s company. I acknowledge that I had little tangible proof, but the FBI and SEC who are responsible for investigating these accusations, confirmed my suspicions.

“You don’t need to come, this is my money.” Emily argued.

“It is, but I need to see for myself what he is saying and offering. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he has changed?” I offered.

Again Emily refused to discuss my concerns. She was a stubborn woman this one. Refusing to talk about it anymore, Emily tried to change the topic. Mostly she just listen to the radio.

I piloted the Jaguar looking over at my restless passenger. Emily squirmed and shifted in her seat struggling to find a comfortable position. She kept pulling at the scooped collar of her dress and adjusting the cups of her bra.

“I need to take this off, it itches.” Emily complained.

“Not until after the meeting.” I replied firmly.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment!” Emily glared at me.

“You look beautiful.” I truthfully answered in response.

“What do you know?”

“I know what appeals to me.” I answered blushing a bit saying it to her.

“And what I had on earlier didn’t appeal to you?”

“Maybe in the right setting, but this …” I scanned her body slowly smiling broadly. “…I would take you anywhere.”

Emily seemed flustered but appreciative of my compliment. I pulled in the parking structure and opened her door. She turned to get out and her dress rode up exposing her panty covered pussy.

They were black lace, her furry bush clearly on display behind the see through mesh. She looked up at me making no effort to hide her charms.

“You’re panties are quite sexy, does the bra match?” I asked not looking up from her crotch.

“Wouldn’t you like to know pervert?” Emily took my hand as I helped her out.

I opened the back door and grabbed my briefcase. Seemingly over her tirade from earlier Emily reached over and took my hand. I looked down, she didn’t even look up to see my reaction, instead looking straight ahead. I could just tell by her gait she was happy I accepted her subtle sign of affection.

Just down the hall from the main lobby we stood at the elevator waiting for it to take us up to Baxter’s office. As the descending numbers showed us the car was moving closer to the ground floor, Emily started to get more nervous. With a loud ding the doors opened and we stood to the side allowing the passengers to depart.

Emily hesitated as if she wasn’t going to get in. I squeezed her şirinevler escort hand firmly.

“He’s waiting for us.” I whispered. Emily looked up with pleading eyes. “Isn’t this what you want?” I asked.

Emily seemed miffed as we stepped in the elevator, I pushed the 25th floor and the doors closed leaving us alone together. I knew something was amiss but wasn’t sure what or why. Emily was adamant we come but now it seemed like she wanted to leave.

“How do I look?” Emily asked anxiously, as she moved across the elevator from me.

“Perfect!” I replied nodding in approval.

Emily reached in the top of her dress and shifted her tits in the bra once again.

“They’re too small and saggy.” Emily she said in a self-deprecating manner.

“There is no such thing as a bad boob.” I teased her.

“Men!” Emily replied finally smiling.

The door opened on a lower floor, two young men entered the car and pushed the button for the fifteenth floor. Emily was still on the other side of the elevator. Assuming we were not together, the two young men were clearly checking Emily out.

I nodded letting her know I wasn’t the only one that that thought she was desirable. Emily blushed letting me know she understood. The two exited as the door opened for their floor. Alone again Emily stood across the elevator and pointed at me.

“Why are you here?” Emily asked her mood changing 180 degrees from moments ago.

“Rose has concerns about this investment. I have concerns myself…”

“This is my meeting, it has taken weeks to get this appointment. I don’t care what you told Rose, YOU will not interrupt.” Emily glared at me.

“As you wish.” I lied.

Just then the elevator stopped and the door opened. Emily moved to me and grabbed my hand as we exited. And now 180, again. I noticed Emily was laser focused as we entered the lobby.

The receptionist announced our arrival, and after a short wait, were escorted into Baxter’s office.

It was absolutely the most impressive office I had ever been in. Massive in scale there was a sitting area to one side and a mini bar on the other.

In front sat a desk easily twice the size of any other I had ever seen. The paneling on the walls looked hand carved the large windows looked out on the city of San Francisco. Pictures of dignitaries from around the city and the country adorned the walls.

“Welcome! I’m Baxter!” He said with a polished smile thrusting his hand into mine.

“Parker.” I introduced myself. “This is Ms. Bowman.”

“Emily!” She protested in response to my introduction.

“Well Emily I am so glad to have you stop in.” He batted his eyes at her. “I don’t normally handle sales but Angela insisted. When she told me who you were I knew I had to see you personally.” He gushed.

Emily turned to me and gave me the wicked smile by now I knew all too well. Something just wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then turning back to Baxter she did something I never expected, Emily blushed.

“Why thank you Baxter.” Emily swooned.

Three minutes in and Emily acted smitten. It felt wrong to me, but I have to admit I felt sorry for anyone he wanted to turn his charm on, including me. If it weren’t for the facts in my briefcase I might have invested with him as well.

“May I?” I asked before setting my briefcase on the corner of his desk.

Baxter took no notice as he agreed with a sweep of his hand. His focus was not on me but the famous author and her no doubt considerable bank account. As I opened the brief case, Baxter wasted no time buttering up to Emily.

I let him go through his entire spiel touting facts and figures that were not only misleading but outright lies. I wanted to stop him so many times but I had an obligation to the F.B.I. and the S.E.C. to hear him out. Besides Emily had insisted I shouldn’t interrupt.

He was shorter than I expected, and bit heavier than his earlier pictures, but no less charismatic than his reputation. He was smooth and confident even as he rattled off returns of fifteen to twenty percent.

His speech was so rehearsed even when Emily did ask questions he had the answers at the tip of his tongue. I was impressed by Emily’s questions but then she seemed to accept unrealistic claims at face value.

Baxter leaned heavily on Angela’s referral spouting how she had been a client for some time and had made huge profits on her investment over that period.

Based on the pointed questions Emily asked just moments ago her next action stunned Baxter and me both

Emily pulled her check book out before I even knew she had one. Soon they started talking money, Emily suggested well into six figures to start. This was a sizable part of her portfolio. Concerned she might actually give him money, I knew I had to intervene.

“Excuse me, but I have a few questions.” I interrupted, having been silent for most of the time.

With the prospect of losing the momentum he so smoothly built up Baxter glared at me. Emily turned to face me and also let me know she was not happy with the interruption.

“Is this really necessary?” Emily challenged me.

“You did ask me to come along.” I glared at Emily.

Emily really hadn’t and we both knew it. Emily met my glare but then for some reason soften her stance before welcoming my interruption.

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